Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th July 2021 Written Update


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Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On multidesidrama

Today Tujhse Hai Raabta Episode In Written

Episode Start: Aao sahib told him to hurry, Start the pherey, Godavari ask Indujee Why are you wearing these kangan?, If anyone sees it, there will be trouble. Kalyani asked Godavari to come with him because she has lost his sari, Godavari said that it is fine but kalyani insists on going over it, kalyani closed the door and slapped godavari. Why she is wearing the same kangan, godavari replied, she doesn’t know what she is talking about kalyani, kalyani insisted. On making jewelery like anupriya from aao sahib and then telling him that every jewelery prepared for his wedding has been stolen, so how did he get into the hands of indujee, Godavari says that indujee demanded to give him jewelery. If she wants to marry her son, that’s why she gave it to him because she wants to get married. You also come asking if she is ready, kalyani said that she is ready and can go for marriage, in the room kalyani thinks how malhar saw her hand and felt that it is anupriya, malhar asked that what happened, Kalyani replies that she got the real Jagam Shane, malhar is confused so kalyani rejects the whole situation, malhar says that is why she is trying to trap aai, and It all started when he caught the black money, kalyani asked him to arrest him but malhar says he has no evidence, Kalyani says. I will find evidence.

The family is constantly receiving gifts because of marriage because of marriage aao sahib and kalyani said that Indujee’s family is very respectful and they have a lot of gifts, malhar brings anupriya, Indujee asks That’s when they all promised to bring him. anupriya responds that she has just come to bless him and will leave with malhar after it is over. she blesses him and then her manager calls to say that she has stolen black money from the police. headquarters was taking and sending it as a gift to the wedding house, she can take a look and keep the money, on hearing this Indujee grabbed the knife and it looks like anupriya is trying to take it Is doing holding the hostage, he tells everyone to stay back and give anupriya his money or else she will kill him, kaka puts the gift in the car and Indo G goes away from the car, after some distance, he says that he has made his life easier by getting caught in a trap because he also got money because of it and even he had to be held responsible for everything.

Indujee opens the gift, she is surprised to see the note which says that he has found the real jagdam shanay, malhar is standing with the whole family, he asks if he thinks that he after committing such a heinous crime, she will run away from there. Anupriya got out of the car and was going towards her family. The blind man had a knife in his throat which was threatened to kill him, Anupriya said while beating him. That many women suffer because of their actions, he wanted to open an NGO for such women. So that they can live in peace, not like the fishmongers who died due to the actions of Indujee. Kalyani remembers Tujhse Hai Rabata she sees it. Anupriya goes to hug him, Indujee tries to run away from there but realizes there is no key, Malhar asks her an important question if she thinks she can run away so easily. If so, he asked Pawar Kaka to arrest Andhuji.

Anupriya apologizes to Kalyani, she asks why Aai thought she could not live without him and she can’t live with Anupriya, Kalyani replies that she can’t do anything without him Anupriya mentions that she does not want and wishes that Kalyani fulfills her responsibility without her help, Kalyani picks up the rock and kicks her fingers, they all run towards her until they meet Anupriya. She says she leaves but first her blood separates then she will leave, Anupriya started crying. And Kalyani said she can’t be complete without it and that’s why she needs to be with him always.

Anupriya is in the kitchen that this is what she wants, and this is the day when her NGO will finally start, let’s ask her where is her medicine, Anupriya sees her in the kitchen and takes her explanation She goes again, she forgot it in the kitchen, Aau Sahib asked her to make something sweet because Godavari is also coming home, Anupriya agrees. Kaka brings three different dresses in which everyone is having some trouble, he asks what he should wear, Anupriya advises him to go back to the room and she will be his in a minute, pancakes from Gungun Anupriya She comes to demand because she gets tired of eating the same dish.

Gungun thanked Aau Sahib. Anupriya went to the kitchen. When Kalyani was coming, the whole stove was turned off. Anupriya said that there is a lot of work. Kalyani says she will take care of everything while Anupriya should go and be ready. Because it’s really a big day for him.

Kalyani introduces Anupriya to the guests who have come to the opening. She asks Aai and Kaka to sit down. When Gungun tells Aai that she needs to go to the washroom, Kalyani asks Aai to sit down. When she introduces him to take Gungun before telling Malhar, he says that he never sees women like Anupriya who always cares and never thinks wrong of anyone, Kaka Yeh He also says that even if Anupriya was not married, he would always be ready to accept that Anupriya is a really strong women.

Reporter asks Anupriya if she thinks she is capable of accepting the responsibility of an NGO even at this age, Anupriya answers because one has to make a commitment to get something. Yes, and it was his dream to open an NGO. He asks if he will no longer work as a lawyer. Anupriya mentions that she feels that she has to join an NGO because of her profession She will be able to run better, she asks who she will help with her NGO, they answer that it is made for the NGO. Women who have no one to help them, Kaka said, should also look at the NGO, but Anupriya says they should wait for Kalyani and until then, reporters can ask more questions. Asked who was the inspiration, Anupriya says that Kalyani was an inspiration to the NGO as she is his daughter who always stays with him, without which she could not have covered such a long distance. “It’s just their thinking,” he said. Anupriya calls her the best daughter, she officially inaugurates an NGO called Tujhse Hai Rabta with Aao Sahib and Kalyani, Anupriya says that she was named after her relationship with Kalyani.

Episode End

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