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Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 30th September 2021 Written Update: Dr. Anurag Helps Kajol Without Her Knowledge

Rajesh arrives at the printing press, claiming to have arrived from CA with an account details book. Kajol says, “I’ve never seen an accounts book, and I don’t think I can do this.” Rajesh promises to teach you everything, but you must come. He says that CA informed him that the press was mortgaged and that if we did not return the money, we would lose the printing press. He says that we must generate some revenue. Kajol says, “What are we going to do with the money lenders?” We have to give them some money, she says. She says I have to return all of their money because she doesn’t want to tarnish Baba’s name. She asks Rajesh to compile a list of old clients and informs him that we will meet with them in person. Rajesh says I’ll be on the list.

Naina arrives and takes a seat in Arjun’s car. She exsays, “Wow, what a nice car.” Arjun says it is my money. I know how capable you are, according to Naina. Arjun says I’m hurt because Kajol accused me. I know, says Naina. She asks if you still have feelings for me. Arjun considers Kajol to be his biggest mistake in life. According to Naina, “I’ve always thought Kajol di isn’t your type.” He inquires, “Who is your type?” Naina nods and smiles. Arjun says that Mom and Tai ji have always thought that I should have chosen you over Kajol. Naina inquires, “Really?” and “How about you?” What do you think of me? Arjun says it’s obvious that I trust you and feel at ease with you because I’m discussing all of this with you. Shreya calls Arjun and inquires whether he is attempting to avoid him. No, says Arjun. Shreya confirms that you visited Kajol’s home. Arjun says, “I’m sorry, I’m busy right now,” and hangs up the phone. He informs Naina that he received a phone call from Mummy asking if I had any food. Naina believes she is not Kajol, but Naina and I knew it was your Bhabhi’s decision, not your mother’s. She motions for him to pull over and says, “Let’s get some ice cream to cheer you up.” They get out of the car. Arjun inquires as to whether Kajol is aware of our meeting.

Dr. Anurag inquires of Rajesh whether Kajol is aware of our meeting. Rajesh says no; I told him I had a meeting with a client. Dr. Anurag hands over Senior Officer Bhowmik’s business card and introduces himself as an old friend and senior officer. He says I spoke with him and that he will begin an investigation into Vishwanath ji. Rajesh thanks him for his assistance. He says, “Perhaps I was wrong, but I have a feeling Uttam was behind the theft who gave money.” Dr. Anurag says that even the police are skeptical of him. Rajesh rises to leave. According to Dr. Anurag, money must be given to the money lenders by the evening. We’re trying, according to Rajesh. Dr. Anurag tells him that it is not grown on a tree and gives him money to give to the money lenders. Rajesh is moved and wonders what to say. Dr. Anurag advises not saying anything and just getting by. Rajesh expresses gratitude and places the money in his bag. Kajol dials his number. Rajesh says he came to the bank to make financial arrangements. Kajol invites him to join her and expresses her inability to meet with the client alone. Rajesh says, “I’m getting there,” and thanks Dr. Anurag once more. He walks away. Dr. Anurag examines Kajol’s photograph.

Kajol is in an auto when she notices Arjun and Naina eating ice cream. She asks the auto driver to stop and wonders what Arjun is doing with Naina. If Naina appears in his conversations, she believes she is immature. She steps out of the car. She receives a call from Rajesh informing her that he has arrived at Nandan’s office. Arjun and Naina get into their car and drive away. Rajesh believes that if Nandan gives them money, he will return Dr. Anurag’s money. Dr. Anurag hopes that Kajol’s life will be trouble-free from now on.

A girl exits the car and walks to Dr. Anurag’s hospital. She calls, but he is deep in thought. She hugs him and inquires about his health. He says, “I’m fine, I’m sorry, it slipped my mind that you’re going to the hospital.” She says you are responding coldly to an old friend and asks a tight hug. Dr. Anurag takes a look around. She describes you as awkward, mysterious, and quiet. I expected you to change a little. Anurag believes that if everything is going well, there is no reason to change. The girl arrives at his cabin and informs him that you have not changed and that there is no romantic angle. He recalls Kajol. She believes that a girl and love can transform a man. He begins to think.

Kajol arrives at the office. She inquires if you received the papers. Rajesh affirms. Kajol admits to being nervous. Rajesh says Vishu sir and Nandan sir have been working for a long time, so don’t be concerned. They enter Nandan’s cabin and hear him talking to someone about not bringing money and a business relationship. After that, he greets them. Rajesh says to be Vishwanath ji’s daughter. Nandan says so much for your marriage…and apologizes. Kajol says that if you support us, it will help us in business. However, Nandan says that the company was never mortgaged before. Rajesh says that if we get business, we will be able to get it for free and keep the same quality. He says he can’t give you a contract and that he’s already done one with someone else. He says that there will be a schism between Vishu and his daughter. Kajol begs him to believe her. He says it is a contract worth lakhs, not a charity. Rajesh invites her to join him. They walk away.

Rajesh buys tea while Kajol sits on the bench. When she opens the water bottle nozzle, the bottle falls and rolls over. Kajol recalls Vishu telling her to concentrate while riding the bike. Rajesh brings it to her and tells her not to lose hope because they have a lot of places to go. They meet with many old clients, but no contract is awarded to them. Thoda sa badal performs….. She sits on the bench, contemplating what she will say to the moneylenders. She wonders how I’ll manage without you, baba. She notices Vishu sitting beside her, and he tells her not to lose hope so quickly, that she is my brave girl, and to concentrate. Kajol smiles and nods. She answers Shyam’s call and looks around for Vishu, but he isn’t there. Rajesh asks that Kajol speak with Shyam. Kajol says exactly what I will say to him. Rajesh says I’ll talk to a few people and then come. Kajol inquires, “Where?” He tells you to go home, and he will go and tell you later. He believes Dr. Anurag made a promise to him and then stopped him.

Who will assist us, according to Pishimaa. Apu tells me what I’m going to do. Chandana says she has no idea what the money lenders will do and blames Kajol. She says that if we had Arjun’s support, he would have repaid the entire amount. Pishimaa says that if we get our daughter to marry him, it will be his money. Rekha informs Chandana that Kajol has gone to meet with the clients. Kajol waits for Rajesh and suspects that money lenders are on their way.

Precap: Arjun tells Naina, “I wish I had met you before Kajol.” We could have gotten married today. What didn’t happen before, she says, why can’t it happen now? At home, Kajol informs Naina that Arjun has destroyed their home and warns her not to make the same mistake she did. Naina says, your marriage fell apart, and now that we’re connected, you’re jealous because? Kajol becomes enraged and raises her hand to smack Naina. Chandana fills in the gaps. How dare you, she says to Kajol? If Naina wants to meet Arjun, she will do so. I’m right there with her.

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