Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 27th September 2021 Written Update: Dr. Anurag Feels Connected With Kajol

Kajol inquires of Rajesh whether a suitable buyer has been found. Rajesh says he’s talking to someone and that we’ll get a good deal. Kajol says the car is only 5 days old. According to Rajesh, it is now second hand, and its value decreases once it is removed from the showroom. He says that if we sell quickly, we will incur a loss. Pandit ji informs Kajol that whoever was present during the last rites will be present on the 13th day of Vishu’s death. Shyam says he’ll call them and tells Kajol that Dr. Anurag Basu has given Dada’s body a shoulder and that if he comes, Dada will be at peace. Kajol says I’ll pay him a visit. Kajol and Rajesh go to Dr. Anurag’s house. Sharmila motions for her to take a seat. Dr. Anurag has been a great help to us, according to Kajol, and if he can make it to the 13th day of Baba’s death, it will be good. Anurag, according to Sharmila, may be arriving at some point. We’re leaving, according to Kajol. Rajesh says I should take the rickshaw. Dr. Anurag returns home. Kajol takes a look at Anjali’s photo and says, “Anjali Maam’s photo is here.” Sharmila inquires, “Do you know her?” According to Kajol, she was my first and favorite music teacher in school, and I was her favorite student. She says Maam used to tell her that she is her reflection, and that just as Chacha ji taught me music at home, Maam taught me music at school, as well as morals and values. She says she loved calling me Mishti and asks if I can meet her if she is at home. Dr. Anurag wonders if I have a connection with Kajol as a result of this. Sharmila says to be my bhabhi. Dr. Abhishek says she was my wife, but she is no longer alive. Kajol inquires, “What?” Sharmila says Anurag died when she was ten years old. She notices Anurag and informs him that he has arrived. Kajol apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” She invites Anurag to her baba’s 13th birthday celebration. He says that I signed the medical certificate and that I am unable to attend the rituals because I am not licensed to practice medicine. Kajol says, “It was my job to invite you,” and walks away. Sharmila inquires, “What did you say?” Dr. Anurag believes he wants to say something else, but instead says the opposite. He enters his room and looks at Kajol as she rides in the rickshaw with Rajesh.

Arjun remembers Kajol’s accusations and believes he will rekindle their relationship; just wait and see. Kajol has returned home. Pishimaa inquires, “Did you invite Dr. Anurag?” Kajol says he didn’t say anything and that something strange occurred in his home. She says his mother is no longer alive, which explains Dr. Basu’s aloofness and arrogance, as if he can’t get over the loss of his mother. She says that only those who have experienced the same pain can understand. She says to have a sense that Baba is present. Pishimaa says that until all of the rituals are completed, Vishu’s soul will be present, looking at us and missing us. She invites her to eat. Kajol says, “No, Pishimaa, I’m not hungry.” Pishimaa prays to God and declares that someone will support her.

Dr. Anurag recalls Kajol’s words as he looks at his mother’s photo frame. He pulls out his mother’s diary and reads that today is her birthday, but Abhishek forgot and left, but she got the gift at school, today Mishti sang so well, and she has so much peace in her soul. She hopes to continue singing. Facebook has come to an end. Anurag believes Kajol knows something about Maa and plans to ask her, but he is afraid he will say something inappropriate. When will I learn to express myself, he wonders?

Kajol approaches Chandana and reminds her of her accusations. She proceeds from there. Chandana alters her expression. Kajol returns to her room. Pishimaa arrives. Kajol explains how to persuade Maa that I did not harm Baba. Your baba, according to Pishimaa, knew and understood you well. He knew that only you could handle everything and everyone, she says. She says she found it while cleaning his drawer and that he may want to give it to you before bidaai. Kajol reads his letter, in which he expresses his confidence that she will care for them even after their marriage, and urges her not to lose courage and strength. She becomes emotional and declares, “I will keep everyone happy.”

Rekha appears and asks Kajol, “What do you think of Arjun?” She asks if this is going to end, despite the fact that you love him. Kajol says that a lot has happened and that you are still thinking about Arjun and me. She says that I will never marry Arjun and that this is my final decision. Pishimaa says she will not make a decision in haste and asks her to do so later. Yes, says Rekha. Pishimaa says you adore him and wish to marry him. Kajol says that if my decision had been correct, Baba would not have abandoned us. She says, “I don’t want to be bound in a relationship based on a lie and a cheat; neither my heart nor my mind will agree.” I am unable to marry Arjun. Chandana arrives and says, “We were worried about your marriage, and when Arjun came into your life, we thought we’d be relieved of our burden.” Arjun, according to Kajol, is not a nice guy. According to Chandana, you knew him before he turned bad. She says you are only concerned with yourself. She says they are wealthy and would have assisted us, but she finds fault with them. She says that your baba did not die as a result of them. But because of you, and he says you’re a curse, he’ll stay with us. Pishimaa inquires, “What are you saying?” Chandana says I’m correct and that she’s cursed. Rekha follows Chandana. Kajol sobs and wonders, “What did I do?” Episode end.

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