Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th September 2021 Written Update: Kajol Accuses Arjun For His Interest In Shreya

Kajol rejects Arjun’s call and recalls Shreya’s words. She begins to doubt Shreya-relationship Arjun’s after recalling Shreya getting her drunk and insulting her just before the wedding. Arjun, she believes, is a betrayal. Shreya enters Arjun’s room. Arjun asks that she leave. Shreya says, “I adore you.” Arjun informs her that Ayaan bhaiyya is after her and asks that she leave. Shreya asks if he came in Ayaan’s words and if he loves Kajol and is considering going back to her, convincing her, and marrying her. She tells you not to look at her for your own good. She says I’ll go there for a few days, but I’ll come back for you. Arjun says, “OK,” and adds that he doesn’t want any drama. Shreya advises Arjun not to marry Kajol or any other girl, claiming that this is a sign that they must remain together. Arjun makes a promise to her and asks her to accompany him. Shreya says I’ll be there soon, so keep an eye out for me. Arjun bids you a good night.

Kajol recalls Dr. Anurag informing Vishu about his deteriorating health. She recalls Rajesh saying that Vishu took out a loan and then mortgaged the printing press. She asks that Rajesh sell the car as soon as possible. Naina informs you that Baba’s final rites have been completed and that you wish to sell the car for monetary gain. Kajol says I don’t want to look at the car that stole my baba. She instructs Rajesh to find a buyer and inquires whether they can save the printing press by selling the car. He says, “What if we get a good buyer?” Kajol asks that he sell it.

Shreya and Ayaan prepare to travel to Rajasthan. According to Shreya, I will miss everyone. Arundita asks that Ayaan send Shreya to them. Ayaan says you can come if you miss her and me; it’s only a two-hour flight from here. He asks that Arjun go to Kajol and support her because she has become lonely. Arjun believes Ayaan bhaiyya is correct; I will persuade Mom and Dad and take them to Kajol’s house.

Kajol approaches Chandana and invites her to tea. The tea cup is thrown by Chandana. Kajol chooses the broken cup and proceeds from there. She enters Vishu’s room and recalls her baba’s words. Chandana appears and snatches Vishu’s kurta from her grasp. She inquires, “What are you doing here?” Pandit ji, according to Kajol, told us that we had to donate baba’s clothes to charity. Chandana says, “I’ll decide,” and asks her to leave. Pishimaa wonders how long this will go on. According to Shyam, we must pass this testing period. Arjun and his family, according to Apu, have arrived.

Arjun and his family are introduced to Kajol’s family. Arjun says that we couldn’t sit at home. He says that the wedding has been postponed rather than cancelled. According to Chatterjee, I never asked him to give up the car. He only called me once to inquire about the car color, and he says he never told me he couldn’t afford it. He says Kajol would have informed us. Tai ji says that we came here because Arjun and Kajol are in love, despite the fact that you are not of our social standing. Arjun says that we have too many cars in our garage and don’t need any more. Naina informs Apu that Didi must have put pressure on Baba. Chatterjee says Kajol insulted Arjun and that we have forgotten everything, and he asks them to do the same. Arjun inquires if he may meet Kajol. Kajol notices them and rushes over. Arjun wonders if Kajol’s love was so small that she doubted him. According to Kajol, he smells a conspiracy. Arjun says that I will not leave until our marriage is repaired. Kajol inquires as to whether he understands the meaning of marriage. Chatterjee says Kajol is still traumatized and asks them to make a decision. Arundita says that it was Mukherjee’s dream for her to be settled with Arjun, and we are also willing to get this for his peace of mind.

Pishimaa says they can make a decision after his seventh day of mourning because happy decisions are not made during mourning. Arundita directs Arjun and Kajol to go talk. In front of everyone, Kajol says whatever I want to say. Arjun says we can talk later and tells Kajol not to say anything because he is always there for her. Kajol inquires, “With what right?” She says she doesn’t want to see your face because you are not only my baba’s murderer, but also a betrayer. Chatterjee inquires, “What is your daughter saying, nonsense?” Chandana asks that she put an end to her drama. Kajol says they’re doing drama and that you don’t know how Arjun is. Arjun, she says, has shattered the foundation of our relationship. She says I ignored your and bhabhi’s relationship until everything fell apart, and she says you lied to her several times. She says you went on a date with Bhabhi, coordinated your clothes with hers during sangeet, and she picked up the phone late at night and said, “I remember everything, but I forgive you.” She says you want to marry a simple and good girl in front of society, but you really want to marry your brother’s wife. Arundita asks that Kajol refrain from involving Shreya in this matter.

Tai ji chastises her. According to Chatterjee, we have a good name and are respected in society. You didn’t see such things, according to Kajol. Arjun thinks you’re saying a lot. According to Kajol, a broken relationship can never be repaired. She asks him to leave and returns the engagement ring. Chatterjee informs Arjun that they have arrived, but that this girl has cut our nose. He says, “Not anymore,” and walks away. On Kajol’s behalf, Naina apologizes to Arjun. Arjun believes I will deflate your ego, Kajol. Episode end.

Precap: Kajol discovers Anjali’s photograph in Dr. Anurag’s home. Sharmila inquires, “Do you know her?” Anjali Maam was Kajol’s favorite music teacher in school, and I was her favorite student; she used to say that I was her reflection. Dr. Anurag notices her.

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