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Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Arjun’s Family Visits To See Kajol

Episode Start: Naina asking Kajol whose call was it? Kajol says nothing. Her mother and Chachi get worried. Her mother asks if the call from sasural. Kajol says may be it was wrong number, someone was telling bad things. Chacha ji asks her not to feel bad. Baba asks her not to feel bad. Kajol gets tears in her eyes. Pishi Maa asks Kajol to give the call to her next time. Kajol thinks who was that woman, and what was she telling for Arjun. She thinks that woman must be jealous.

Arjun’s bhabhi asks her mother in law about giving diamond necklace to Arjun’s bride. She says you love her so much. Her mother in law says you know how much I love you, this is just a formality. Though Arjun has chosen middle class girl, but we can’t look low infront of them. Another lady comes and says we can’t look like beggars for them and shall keep up our respect and prestige. Bhabhi says I am giving her gold bangles as the muh dikhayi, thinks it might not need after her phone call. Kajol thinks of the woman’s words. PishiMaa asks her to come and asks Kajol’s father to do her tika. They make Kajol sit and do her tilak. Her father blesses her, followed by everyone. Pishimaa tells that don’t know if Kajol’s inlaws like music or not. Bhabhi tells that Kajol’s family will be shock seeing the jewellery and says Kajol is lucky to get Arjun

Arjun’s mother and Tai ji laughs. Arjun’s sister Amrita/pulki comes there and says even Bhaiyya is lucky to get Kajol happy. She says she is very sure that Kajol bhabhi is not interested in the jewellery, they will welcome us even if we don’t take this. She says she is amazing. Shreya says Arjun has decided and we are going there. Pulki tells that they have taken double for her when her marriage was fixed. Shreya says she had brought double things back. Arjun’s Tai ji praises Shreya and tells that there is no comparison between the two. Arjun’s mother also praises Shreya’s father for getting the grand marriage done and for giving gold coins even to guests. Tai ji says it is all your brother’s mistake. Arjun’s father comes there and says our Pandit has taken mahurat of 6 pm, we shall leave home at 5 pm. Shreya says what is the use of mahurat, when Arjun has decided. Arjun’s mother and Tai ji asks him to demand atleast a car from them. His father says he has thought what to demand. He says Arjun likes luxury cars. Shreya says my Papa was about to give the car to Arjun. Arjun’s father says his inlaws shall give. Pulki says Arjun bhaiyya can buy himself. Shreya says we shall demand and tells that when Kajol’s father came here, he had brought 1 kg sweets box. Pulki says what if they are not so much rich. Shreya asks her why she talks opposite of her. Pulki says she is young, but can differentiate between greed and demands. She says you are after Arjun bhaiyya and favors him, even when you are married to the other Bhaiyya. Arjun’s mother scolds her and tells Shreya that Pulki is a child. Shreya says she is not a child anymore. She thinks she is eagerly waiting to see Kajol.

Naina tells Kajol that this is her last birthday in the house and that’s why they made many things for her. She says from next year, they will throw party for your birthday. Kajol says she will miss out the little things happen here since morning for her birthday and tells that the party will look dull infront of this. Naina asks who was the caller? Kajol says it was a girl who was talking bad about Arjun. Naina says may be she was her ex girlfriend etc. She says some guys marry a simple girl then roams outside with his girlfriend. Kajol says Arjun is not like that. Naina is jealous of Kajol and thinks it was needed to cut your feathers. You didn’t deserve the guy like Arjun.

Shreya comes and flirts with Arjun. Arjun’s mother asks Shreya to come with him. Arjun asks Pulki to come along with them. Ayan calls Shreya. Shreya says we are going to talk about Arjun’s alliance. She says she is missing him. He says you are missing me? Shreya says why? Ayan says where is she? She says they is about to sit in the car. Ayan tells that he will not stay here alone and says when he comes for Arjun’s marriage, he will take her along with him. Shreya tells that she can’t come with him, as she has to teach new bahu. He says Maa and Tai ji are there to handle things. He says I shall talk to your papa, if you don’t agree. He says I know why you don’t want to come. He asks her to leave Arjun and come to her husband. She ends the call and tells Arjun that Ayan wants her to come to him. He holds her hand.

Naina asks Kajol to apply lipstick. She says you shall look good infront of Arjun. Kajol says Arjun likes me the way I am. Anu and Chandrika insist. Naina applies make up. Kajol says I am very uncomfortable. Naina says you have wooed a good guy. Kajol says I didn’t woo him. Anu and Chandrika tease Naina.

Arjun and his family come to Kajol’s house. Kajol’s father welcomes them and asks them to come inside. Arjun shakes hand with Obu. He introduces Amrita to Chandrika, Anu and Obu. His family sit on the sofa and looks at the house. Kajol’s father introduces his didi, wife, shyam and rekha.

Arjun’s father asks Shyam if he sings alone or anyone else too. Shyam says Kajol sings sometimes. Her mother tells that once she sang for radio. Pishimaa says then we stopped her and made her learn house work. Her mother says house work is useful. Arjun’s mother says bahu doesn’t look good while singing. Tai ji says we have servants at home to do home work. She says Arjun has selected the girl and this is our family’s first love marriage. Arjun’s father says they are very conservative. Kajol’s father praises her. Arjun’s mother asks them to call Kajol. Kajol’s mother says she is getting ready. Shreya says she must be applying make up. Naina sets Kajol’s saree. Obu comes and compliments Kajol. Naina asks Kajol what happened? Kajol says she is nervous. Naina says you got much than you deserves and you are getting rich and handsome guy etc. Kajol’s father asks them to have the food made by Kajol. They refuse, saying the alliance haven’t happened till now. Naina comes and greets them. They smile. Kajol comes there and touches their feet. She is about to touch Shreya’s feet, but she stops her and says we are friends, will hug. Tai ji says she was looking fair in the pics. His mother says yes. Shreya says Arjun has selected you, so nothing will happen. She says we had heard enough of you from Arjun. Kajol thinks where did she hear this voice? Episode End.

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