Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Chandana And Naina Accuse Kajol For Vishu’s

Tai ji claims that we have never been so insulted in our society. Arundita claims she appeared uncomplicated, but she raised her hand in front of everyone on our son. Shreya thinks it’s a good thing my Papa died before this drama began. According to Chatterjee, I didn’t say anything because of Ayaan and Arjun. Arundita says she dislikes Kajol, so it’s a good thing she’s gone. Sharmila praises Kajol and asks why they asked for dowry when they were giving their precious daughter. Even though they have everything, Abhishek believes they do not require a car. Sharmila feels bad for Kajol and asks how she will deal with her family, mother, and siblings, as well as the broken marriage. Dr. Anurag arrives. Sharmila asks if he stayed until the last rites were performed. The manager of the car company visits Kajol’s home and inquires about Vishu. He claims he told him he was buying a car for his daughter and that he was overjoyed. Baba, according to Apu…. The manager examines the garland in his photograph. He apologizes and expresses how happy he was. He walks away after presenting the bouquet and gift. Chandana arrives and throws the bouquet and gift, warning Kajol not to light the diya in front of his photo or touch it.

Arjun apologizes and says, “I never thought Kajol would come this far.” Shreya says you’re apologizing for her, that Kajol should apologize, and that she doesn’t deserve you. Ayaan then asks who deserves Arjun and what kind of girl he should have. Amrita claims that you had a bad eye for Arjun and Kajol’s relationship and that you never wanted the marriage to happen. Ayaan calms Amrita down and invites her out. He then asks Ayaan to give Kajol the benefit of the doubt, saying that losing her father on her wedding day is tragic and that anyone can lose patience. He says that we need to think about what to do, and that you will decide whether or not to have a relationship with Kajol.

According to Chandana, you are inauspicious, which is why you have remained unmarried, and when it was fixed, it was on your baba’s aarthi. She claims he was always talking about her and devoted his entire life to you. He claims that we were nothing in front of you, and that you turned us into a lively person caged in the frame. She says you wanted to marry into a wealthy family and that everyone used to tell her that you were our destiny, and she wonders if this is destiny and curses her. Rekha asks that she not accuse Kajol. Naina claims that Kajol didi forced him to become burdened by debt, that her marriage is broken, but that our marriage will never happen. Kajol has ruined everything, says Chandana, and she has no idea how this house will run. Anu, Chandrika, and Apu support Kajol. Naina claims you didn’t understand her until now and promises you’ll repent once you do. She claims she may have compelled Baba to do so for Chatterjee’s sake. Kajol claims she tried to persuade Baba and then went to meet Arjun, but he refused. So I asked Baba to talk to Arjun’s baba, and he later said that he had talked to him and that everything was fine. She claims Baba kept me in the dark about the car, so whatever Naina is saying is false. Chandana throws Kajol to the ground. Kajol sobs. Sharmila asks that Anurag pay a visit to Kajol’s house in order to make them feel better. She says she can’t forget her crying face, that there’s something in her, her simplicity, her voice, her values, and so on, and that she feels like she’s looking for Kajol like her for him. Dr. Anurag says he doesn’t like dreams and suggests she watch television for entertainment. Sharmila says she will be relieved if you find a suitable life partner. Pishimaa assists Kajol in getting up. With taunts and accusations, she begs Naina to kill her. She asks Chandana how she can be so arrogant as to refer to her daughter as Kalankini. She says, “I know you’ve lost your husband and you’re in a lot of pain,” but Vishu was related to all of us. She asks if you think cursing or accusing her will make your pain go away, and if Vishu will return and his soul will be at peace after seeing your actions. She claims that if this is true, she will go ahead and accuse her.

Shreya and I have a flight to Rajasthan tomorrow, according to Ayaan. Chatterjee asks that he remain until the matter is resolved. Ayaan claims that I came for the wedding, but it did not take place, so… Shreya says we’ll be there for the family during this difficult time. According to Ayaan, we will resolve the crisis without further complicating it. He says he’ll come if the marriage is repaired. According to Chatterjee, you want us to reconcile with them. Ayaan believes it is up to Arjun to decide whether he truly loves Kajol.

Kajol sobs while holding a photograph of Vishu. Pishimaa, Kajol says, I didn’t do anything. Baba had not heeded my advice. Pishimaa claims to know both you and your baba. Kajol sobs, “How can I live without Baba?” Everything will be fine, according to Pishimaa. Kajol recalls Chandana and Naina accusing her of being Vishu’s murderer. Dr. Anurag imagines what Maa would have asked me to do if she were still alive. He recalls Sharmila’s words and considers calling Kajol to see if everything is okay. Arjun calls Kajol, but she declines. Dr. Anurag believes that calling in at night is not a good idea. Kajol recalls Arjun’s words and says, “I understand your game; bhabhi was right, you’re a big player.” Arjun discovers that her phone has been turned off. He believes Ayaan is correct; I’ll find out if Kajol is willing to forget everything and forgive me. I will never forgive you, Kajol says, because you pretended to be good and betrayed me, playing with my emotions. Episode end.

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