Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 20th September 2021 Written Update: Vishu Faints During Kajol-Arjun Garland Ceremony

Taiji asks Pishimaa where’s the father of Kajol, who is going to do Kanydaan. Pishimaa says Vishu’s not so good, so he was suggested to rest by the doctor. Shyam tells her that she’s going to do her kanyadaan, not only her Chacha but also her Guru. Shyam asks Arjun to come and change his clothes with him. He doesn’t pick her call, Kajol calls Vishu. Vishu gets up and believes that he will go out as it is his marriage to Kajol. Snacks are brought by Waiter. Shreya says it’s very oily, no thanks. Tai ji tells Arundita that it would be different if the marriage had happened to the people with their status. Arundita asks her whether she recalls the marriage of Shreya and Ayan and she says that this was our standard. She says these curtains and flowers are so loud and tacky. It’s not desi, Shreya says. Rekha comes and asks them whether they want to meet Kajol. Sure, Arundita says. They’re going to meet Kajol. Arundita says she has simple looks even today and asks if the sisters have made her ready. Rekha says girls came from the parlour to prepare her. Dr. Anurag comes with his dad and aunt and says he’ll leave sometime. Sharmila asks him to come. Sharmila asks him. Dr. Anurag hopes that Kajol’s dad is all right. Vishu’s ill health struggles. Shyam takes the blessings of Mr. Chatterjee and asks can I take the groom? Chatterjee says yes, he says yes. Shyam takes Arjun to the mandap and wears the shawl of Vishu to make the kanyadaan. Naina asks Arjun if he wants to run, and says there’s still opportunity. Arjun says he can run with her if she wants. Naina is smiling and going to Anu. Kajol is worried about Vishu and says he hadn’t come till now to Pishimaa. As she looks at Arjun, Ayaan looks at Shreya. He’s asking where she’s going? Shreya says she’s going to get water. He gives her water and says after 3 days he gets tickets. Shreya says so quickly. He asks if she doesn’t realize what he said. He asks her to pack up the important things. Arjun is listening to them sitting in the mandap.

Dr. Anurag introduces Apu to his family. Dr. Anurag introduces them to Sharmila. According to Apu, Dr. Anurag helped Baba. Dr. Anurag says that when his accident happened, I was going out of there. Nobody tells us, Arundita says. Pishimaa says we didn’t say that in Kajol’s wedding no problem would arise. She says my brother thinks about all and he fell ill in the marriage of his daughter. Vishu is trying to drink water and his clothes fall on it. He’s here, Chandana says, but the Kanyadaan can’t do it. Pishimaa asks whether Vishu’s going to be okay. Dr. Anurag answers that I had been speaking with Kajol and asks her to speak with her. Shreya goes to Arjun to say that Ayaan reserves tickets and asks him to do something. Arjun says I’m not going to let you go, let him plan. Shreya says I’ve been to Kajol to see her wearing banarasi saree. Arjun says that my eyes have been on you who look so lovely. Shreya smiles. Shreya smiles. Ayaan is coming and looking at them. He calls Shreya and says that everybody looks at her. Shreya says that as I kept them I told Arjun about his clothes. Ayaan says that I know all that you can do and I know what you did at the cocktail party. Shreya asks if Pulti is telling you and tells you that she is a child. Ayaan says she’s not like you think she’s small. He says I’ve met Kajol, she’s a good, simple girl and she doesn’t bother her. Shreya says that you and not your wife worry about her. Ayaan goes. Ayaan goes. Arjun is watching Shreya. Shrea comes to Kajol and asks whether she wears fake silk. It’s original but very light, she says. She says that if you had told me you had nothing good to wear then I would have given you from my collection, you would have told me. Sorry Bhabhi, Kajol says I don’t really like to show anyone’s stuff and says bridal dress is the blessings of the parents, it can’t be cheap or fake. Dr. Anurag sees them, thinking about what Shreya Bhabhi’s doing with Kajol is trying to do. Shreya says from the heart you think, and from the mind I think. She says if you’re wearing the cheap saree and sitting in the new Arjun car, it’s going to go wrong, so you’ll realize it’s wrong. Dr. Anurag hears and hopes that the decision of Kajol in this family is right. She’s asking her if she knows the car her baba knows. Pulti is calling her and she is going.

Kajol thinks what she said. What she said. She sees and calls Dr. Anurag. He’s asking how your Baba is? Kajol says he has received medicine and promised me that tomorrow he will be admitted to the hospital. Vishu falls down on the floor and calls upon Goddess to empower him to see Kajol. Shreya meets and gets happy with her father. She asks whether he’s been busy. He is welcomed by Arundita and others. Pishimaa and Chandana are asking him to have candies. Shreya’s dad says he doesn’t, but take it from the insistence of Ayaan. He asks Ayaan to bring Shreya to Rajasthan because of her lonely feelings here. Ayaan says I’m not going to leave her. Apu and others bring Kajol to the mandap while the beetal leaves cover her face. They’re making her round Arjun. Naina asks Kayol once to see Arjun. Shreya’s going to go. Ayaan asks her to be here and tells how Badi Bahu can be missing. He asks Dr. Abhishek to join them. Dr. Anurag says I think it’s time-consuming. Arjun is signing Kajol, thumping up. Kajol is smiling and waiting for Baba. She’s going to make him wear garland. Apu, Anu and others lift Kajol to wear a guerrilla, but he breaks the guerrilla. Vishu comes with a lot of trouble out of his room and falls on the floor.

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