Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 16th September 2021 Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 16th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Kajol Gets Ready For Marriage

Episode start. Shreya is coming to Kajol and says that happiness reflects in your face, that after Arjun’s haldi has been applied to you you you will gleam. She asks if she is happy to ruin her image and she tells Kajol that in the cocktail party she has ruined her picture. She says she’ll be with Ayan a few days, but she’ll always be back with her sasural control. Kajol says that I know your control is over Arjun, too, that you would not have got insecurity if you had stopped him. As I trust myself, Shreya says that I haven’t stopped Arjun. She says if you won’t marry, tell your Baba, you’re not going to get bakra again like Arjun. Kajol says she’s silent and can’t break the feelings of her family. She says she’s trusting Arjun and her relationship and she’s going to see who’s coming between Arjun and her. Chandrika comes and asks Kajol to prepare himself for haldi. Shreya says we’re going to meet at night and go.

Kajol is preparing for the haldi. Everyone dances. Everyone dances. Vishu sees the ceremony of Haldi and becomes emotional. Rajesh calls Vishu and says I got the car. Vishu is soothed and says that I have fulfilled my promise. He looks at Kajol’s childhood picture and tells me that I saw a dream many years ago and it is fulfilled today. He says that my Kajol’s marriage won’t be hurdled. Laddo tere baba’s song plays…… Kajol is turning and watching Vishu and becoming emotional. Vishu smiles and crfies when she turns away. He sees Kajol crying. He gets emotional. Emotional. She thinks whether or not I am right, but Baba. She thinks. She remembers Arjun proposing to make her and Vishu happy. She remembers the words of Shreya and believes to call and clarify Arjun. Just then, Anu and Chandrika are coming and taking her from there. Kajol keeps her phone, and Dr. Anurag’s call goes. Kajol’s conversations with her sisters. Anurag hears Kajol say she’s going to go and see Baba. Dr. Anurag is listening to her. Sharmila comes and says that I’m going to make food. She says you’re just getting busy while you’re calling. Dr. Anurag is calling her and telling her he’s going to make food, asks her to go. He thought of Kajol. He thinks of Kajol.

Anu tells Kajol it’s the call of Arjun. Chandrika says that he should ask him to speak at night. Kajol says she’s just going to talk to him for 5 minutes. Arjun talks with Kajol and tells us that I can’t wait to see you as my bride very soon we’ll get married. Kajol asks if he’s calling for something important. Arjun says what about a cocktail party and is sorry. Sorry. She asks why have you hidden from me the way she shows her right on you, that bhabhi is possessive of you. Arjun says bhabhi is near me and bhaiya told her to come to Rajasthan with him and she’s disturbed. She’s simple, but not stupid, Kajol says. She’s been fighting her whole life and asking him not to fool her. Arjun says it doesn’t know, everyone’s so embarrassed, why Bhabhi did it. She says if I knew your relationship with Bhabhi’s was so complicated, I won’t marry. She says that everyone arranges our marriage and that Baba is unpleasant. Arjun remembers the words of Rajesh and asks her to rest. Someone comes and asks his sherwani to see him. Shreya’s coming and asking Arjun, who’s calling this? Arjun says colleague. He says colleague. Shreya taunts him and inspects his telephone. She asks Kajol to prepare Arjun. Kajol asks her to check who called me and Arjun says she called me.

Dr. Anurag’s dad asks him to marry Arjun. Dr. Anurag rejects it. Sharmila asks him. Sharmila asks him. Dr. Anurag says he doesn’t like and don’t like social gathering. His dad says we say it’s important. Sharmila tells him he can’t tolerate his conduct. He says Anurag, even now you hold me responsible for the death of your mother. He says your mother was my wife and after she left, I’m alone. He says I did not kill her. He says I did not kill her. Anurag also says that you haven’t saved her. Mr. Chatterjee says our respect has been saved when the car arrived. Arundita says both dad and daughter refused. Where is Shreya Ayan asks? Arundita says she gets ready for marriage with Arjun. Everyone in Kajol’s house is getting ready. Dr.Anurag says you’re a big physician, but you didn’t have time to save her. Sharmila says we can’t bring her back, but fighting is stupid. She says she was so sweet and her soul could long to see both of you fighting in pain. Abhishek asks Anurag for some time to attend the marriage. I can’t tolerate their family, Anurag says. It’s their house matter, Abhishek says. Anurag says we’re going there when marriage happens, but we won’t interfere when some problems happen. Shreya looks and smiles at Arjun. Arjun looks at her, too. Some family members come to Arjun and tell him Kajol was made for him. Shreya’s going to get jealous.

Sharmila tells her that Shreya and Arundita are hard to handle, but she does somehow. She says we’re not going to interfere in anything, and she asks him to come for me for some time. She says I’ll bless Arjun and his wife there. I found that girl good and lovely, her simplicity had some attraction. She says I remembered bhabhi when she sang in the party. Kajol’s getting ready to marry her. Dr. Anurag says that I’m going to get ready and come. I’m going to do Kayol’s baba check up, too. Rekha comes and asks if she’s ready for Kajol. Kajol turns to her. He turns to her. Episode end.

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