Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th September 2021 Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 14th September 2021 Episode Written Update: VKajol’s Growing Concern For Vishu’s Health

Episode start: Saying Anurag, you sing well. Kajol smiles and returns. Kajol smiles. He asks if she wants to say anything, other patients expect him. She’s leaving. Ayan tells his family that he came only for 4 days, and he will take with him all his belongings, including Shreya this time. Shreya and Arjun look on. Look on. Shreya tells Ayan to teach Kajol everything. Tai ji says Shreya’s okay. Kajol is going to take time to settle in his house. Ayan says, all right. Shreya can stay until Kajol is set. She can then go home to her parent. Shreya looks at him. Shreya looks at him.

Kajol scolds her dad for not listening and testing. He says they’re not supposed to go to the doctor. He’s doing a lot of nothing. The mother of Kajol is coming and tells her to sleep as tomorrow is her marriage. Kajol asks her to stay with her dad. When she sees him relaxing, she will feel good. Vishu also tells Chandana to let Kajol stay as she was in the house last night. Arjun’s mother wakes him up next morning and tells him he has to sit in puja. He wakes up vigorously. On the other side, Kajol carries water from a lake. She looks at Vishu who sleeps before she leaves the house. Pishimaa says she’s with Vishu to Kajol. Others leave. Others leave.

Arjun sits down to have nourishment. Tai ji tells him how much he wants to eat. After that he gets to eat directly with Kajol in the evening. Everyone feeds him, everybody feeds him. Where is Shreya, Tai ji asks? She said that she’s not going to miss any ritual. Arjun says, yes, let Bhabhi wait. The sister of Arjun says that Ayan is here. She must have woken up late. Shreya’s getting ready to go. Ayan stops taking her hand and asks what the hurry is? After so long, I’ve come. She says, it’s only your marriage brother. Get ready quickly. Everybody’s waiting for me, so I’ve got to go. He asks, all or Arjun? She asks what do you mean, what do you mean? He says, you know what I mean exactly. She says it pains me. It’s painful. He says, what about the pain, all this time you gave me? She releases her hand and says that I don’t know what you say. He says, what do you think Arjun and I don’t know? She looks away. She looks away. He says, I don’t know why Arjun’s marriage is so exciting to you. She says that I’m an elder bahu and I have some duties. It doesn’t make sense to explain all this to you. Let go of me. Again, he holds her hand. He says, wow and what about my wife’s responsibility? Complete that too. She says it’s not time to speak about it. We’ll talk later. He agrees that we ought to have discussed this before. But let’s talk about it now. Honesty and royalty are necessary to succeed in a marriage. Both of them lack their marriage. She doesn’t say it’s like that. She releases herself and leaves the room. She looks out at Arjun. She’s taking him to a room and hugging him. She shouts and tells me that I can’t bear more. I can’t live without you. I can’t live without you. Something, please do. He asks what happened? What happened? Did Ayan have anything to say? He says it’s all messed up right now. Ayan’s behind me. Behind me. I’m behind you. I’m behind you. You are with Kajol. You’re with Kajol. All these complications are too many lies for me. You clean this mess better quickly.

Kajol hears her uncle playing the instrument of music. She remembers her family moments. She remembers. She and all the members of her family get emotional. Vishu wakes up. Wakes up. He hopes that his health will support him till the marriage of Kajol. The ceremony of Arjun’s Haldi begins. All Haldi applies to him. Shreya watches, Shreya watches. Arjun tells his mother that if Bhabhi does not apply Haldi, is the ceremony incomplete? His mom calls Shreya and tells her to use Haldi. She’s telling her to continue. She tells Shreya it’s just Bhabhi. She’s going to come and apply Haldi. Arjun tells Shreya he’s going to fix it all. She doesn’t have to get angry. He’s applying Haldi to her and she’s smiling. Ayan sees it. He sees it. Shreya’s watching him and standing up. She says, mother, I told you I didn’t want Haldi to apply. Ayan gives her a cleansing facial tissue. It’s all dancing. Ayan takes Shreya to dance with him. Vishu calls Arjun’s father and tells me that I have fulfilled my promise. The luxury car will be arriving there shortly. After the call, Vishu prays that the wedding does not stop.

Vishu sits to do puja, but keeps coughing. Kajol gives him water. She tells him to let uncle do the puja. Chandana tells Vishu to let Kajol’s uncle do her kanyadan. Vishu gets angry that he’s all right, and he’s going to do rituals. Kajol sees him sweating and asks if he was taking medicine. He doesn’t answer. She says, you’re not going to keep the kanyadan fast. You must take medicine three times a day. In this matter, I’m not going to listen to you. She remembers Anurag’s warnings of a very critical situation, but they are concerned about marriage. She is afraid that her marriage could delay the treatment of her father.

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