Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update


Read Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Kajol Rushes To Dr. Anurag’s

Episode start: Shreya asking Amrita, why she will do it? She says infact, Kajol doesn’t know dance and felt odd when I pulled her out. Amrita asks why you gave the waiter so much money. Shreya says I asked him to get medicine and asks how dare you to accuse me cheaply. Vishu asks Naina to take back all the taunts and words which she told and asks her to apologise to her. Naina says I am sorry. Vishu says get out. Just get out. Naina goes. Naina goes. Kajol says Baba. Baba says. Vishu asks Anu and Chandrika to take Kajol to her room. Amrita says you lie hiding your sin and asks if it is silly to believe that she gave so much money for medicine. Shreya says Kajol is not stupid and must have known the difference between hard drink and soft drink, she liked it and continued drinking. She says I’ll go if you want me all to go to my mayka. Pishimaa says don’t know what Shreya will do after Kajol’s marriage. Arundita tells Shreya that nobody is judging her, they are criticising Kajol. Tai ji says Kajol is all mistake, she ought to be careful. Then Arundita scolds Amrita for spying on Shreya and asks her to stop doing things like this. Vishu gets angry and insists on speaking with Arjun’s dad. Chandana and Pishimaa ask him to talk to them on the day of their marriage and say that Kayol loves Arjun. Pishimaa asks him to be patient, and says Kajol is going to deal with Shreya.

Why did you do this with Kajol, Arjun asks? Shreya says that Kajol asked me about the drinks, maybe she feels complex and may want to mix in high society and asks him not to blame her for Kayol. Arjun says I and you know Kajol very well. He says that Kajol is chosen for a reason, and that you create problems for us and not for Kajol, otherwise you will just weep. He says if you want us to be calm.

Kajol thinks of Naina’s words and Apu’s words that what happened during the party was not her mistake. Chandana comes to her and asks her to forget about today’s rasam last night. Chachi’s coming and taking her to the rasam. Kajol is sitting down to the rasam. Pishimaa shows her favourite candy and asks her to always be sweet. You begin the ritual. The family of Arjun also starts the ritual in his house. Arundita’s going to do his aarti. Shreya’s going to do his aarti. Sorry Arjun bites her finger. Ayan comes and looks at them and looks at them. He calls Shreya. He calls Shreya. Vishu comes there. Vishu comes there. After this rasam, Kajol says I would have come, why did you come out of the room? Vishu says that I must hand over the hand of my daughter to Arjun, and it’s your last food. He says you’ll be Mrs. Chatterji when you come here next time. He says if I’m going up, then God’s going to ask me to return sometime. Pishimaa asks you why you’re talking about such stuff. Vishu is sorry. Sorry. Ayan is welcomed by members of the family. Ayan hugs Arjun. Ayan asks Shreya why you screamed? Arjun says my tooth bit her finger while she was feeding me sweets. Ayan makes Arjun have sweets and says he doesn’t bit my finger. He asks why only selected people are your tooth bit. Tai ji asks Arjun to touch and take blessings from Shreya’s feet. Arjun says that Bhabhi is my age, so why should I touch her feet? Arundita says, but in relation, she’s the elder. As she stops him, Arjun touches her feet. Arjun says it all right, I’ll be in her duty once Kajol comes. Vishu tells Kajol that tomorrow he’ll do her kanyadaan. Shyam says he can do if he wants. Vishu says it’s my dream to marry my children, and I’m doing all the rasams well. Take him inside, Shyam and Chandana. Kayol gets emotional. Emotional.

Dr. Anurag Basu receives the message and sees the party pics. He sees the picture of Kajol and thinks why Shreya did it with her. Nurse is coming and calling him for an emergency. Vishu calls Rajesh and asks whether he has money? Rajesh says yes, I will pay in the showroom. Vishu says very good. Very good. He gets up and gets sweated from his bed. Apu arrives and sees him falling in the room. He holds him and everybody calls. Chandana gives him water to drink. Kajol says you’re uncomfortable and asks for medicine. Vishu says yes, I took it. She says I’m going to call Dr. Basu and asks why medicine doesn’t work. She calls him, but in operation he’s busy. Kajol thinks why he’s not calling. Where are you asking Kajol? She’s going to go to hospital, Kajol says. It’s abshagun, Pishimaa says. Kajol says no shagun or abshagun is present. Kajol comes to the Apu hospital. Dr. Anurag is only asking one person to come to his cabin. She’s been calling him for a long time, Kajol says. He says I’ve been busy in an emergency. Kajol says that your medicines don’t work and since the morning my Baba sweats and asks whether he has a responsibility or not. He asks what the doctor expects you to do, take mobile phones and check when someone is operating. He says some other doctor would have you attended if you called Helpline Number. He says the girl who cares for her marriage than for the health of her baba has no right to worry about her health. Kayol tries to say that. He says I warned you, tests must be done quickly, but you’ve all been very worried about marriage. He says people like you decide by heart and then heal the doctor. He prescribes the medicine and says that without personal research I cannot assume. Then he asks if she had gone before to such a party. No, she nods. He says that you are careful not to take drinks from strangers or unattended drinks, fundamental security and common sense. Kajol asks whether my baba is going to get okay. He says I’m going to check him 2 days later and tell you. He says you’re singing well. Kajol turns to look at him. To look at him. Dr. Anurag selects someone’s phone to call. Episode end.

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