Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: A Competition Between Mahi And Avnit

Episode Start: How dare you throw Avnit out of the kitchen, Rupa tells Mahi? She’s our guest, Mahi says so I don’t want to work her here. I want to serve her. Serve her. So I don’t want to hurt her any more, I want to repent of my mistakes. Avnit says that Mahi’s right and I’m a guest, and that I’m going to leave soon. From there, she leaves. Rupa tells Mahi you always hurt her, she goes behind her. She goes behind her.

Rupa comes to Avnit, telling you that I’m not going to leave you alone. I’ve always been alone, Avnit tells. Rupa says I’m with you and Jogi. Avnit tells Mahi that Jogi has been pacified, which is why she makes him candy. Rupa says she’s a witch who keeps my son trapped. Do not lose hope. Do not lose hope. Mahi makes Jogi candy and tells Renu we’re going to cast her out soon.

Avnit, Rupa says, Mahi’s marrying Jogi was a mistake. That’s going to change. Beeji is coming and telling us the truth is that Jogi always will select Mahi, so don’t give Avnit fake hopes. She says to Avnit, Mahi and Jogi are made, no one can divide them up. Avnit’s made for Jogi, Rupa says. I’m his mother. Avnit asks them not to struggle. She says Beeji is right, she tells Rupa. You are the owner of this house as a mother of Jogi. You have everything right here, even in the kitchen. I’m not going to let Mahi rule here, Rupa says. I will decide who will work here and not, if this is my house. From there, she takes Avnit.

In the Mahi platter Rupa takes Avnit to the kitchen and pours water. What do you do, Mahi says? It’s my kitchen, says Rupa so I’m going to make the decision as to who works. She asks Avnit to do whatever she wants. Mahi says that she can wait till I’m done to make candy for Jogi. So you can’t wait, Rupa says? Jogi is expecting sweets, says Mahi. Rupa then says that make it a competition and that you’ll both make Jogi sweets and see who he wants. Mahi says that Jogi’s only going to recognise the smell of my dish. Rupa says the mother of Jogi is on the side of Avnit to let him see. Avnit is asked to begin to cook. I’m with you. I’m with you. Mahi says we both won’t help anyone if this is a contest. It’s between Avnit and me. It’s between me. I agree with Avnit. Everything’s best, Mahi says. You can all leave now, Mahi says. Others go away, Rupa. Avnit knows how to cook. Not knowing how to cook. How’s Rupa going to win? Beeji says that now her heart is going to break. For Avnit, Renu opens gas. Copying Mahi is Avnit. Rupa tried to help her, but she was stopped by Renu. For her cooking, Mahi laughs. There’s lots of sugar Avnit puts on. Mahi laughs. – Mahi laughs. Episode End.

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