Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 30th September 2021 Written Update: Avnit Punishes Rupa For Slapping Her

The producer pays a visit to Jogi’s home. Avnit forces Jogi to sit in front of Mahi. Jogi gives her a stern look. Mahi tells Renu, “I’m scared for Jogi; if he can’t sing today, he’ll break down completely.” Arjun says, “Let’s get started.” Jogi begins to sing a cheerful song. Mahi observes. The producer likes it and believes it will be a smash hit. Jogi expresses gratitude to him. According to the producer, we will only shoot tomorrow. Arjun then takes over. Mahi tries to hug Jogi, but he stops her and says, “You must be feeling very disappointed today, don’t you?” You always want to be right, so how does it feel to be wrong today? What do you mean, Mahi? Jogi says you thought I couldn’t sing a song like this because people would make fun of me and my confidence would crumble, but you must be hurt because I proved you wrong. Don’t put on a happy face. No, Mahi says, I’m willing to be wrong if you win. I care about you, so I want the best for you.

Avnit tells Jogi to relax and not be negative on such a good day. She asks that Rupa perform aart for her son. Rupa says you’re correct, and I’ll go light the diya in the mandir. Avnit counts with a smirk. Rupa lights the diya, and her hand immediately catches fire. Everyone rushes to her. Mahi screams as she sees her hand burn. She is on her way to bring medicine. Avnit grins. Rupa assures me that I am fine. Jogi forces her to sit. Mahi immerses her hand in water. The flashback shows Avnit sprinkling TNT powder on diya in order to set Rupa’s hand on fire. The flashback concludes. Rupa notices Mahi’s concern as she cares for Rupa’s hand. Mahi recalls Avnit staring at Rupa’s hand and refusing to let her light the diya. Mahi says she did everything. She accuses Avnit of wrongdoing and asks, “How can you hurt her?” Jogi wonders if Mahi has gone insane. Mahi says she did all of this while slapping Rupa. When Mahi tries to approach Avnit, Jogi pushes her away and grabs Avnit. Avnit says, “Enough, Mahi; Rupa is like my mother; don’t accuse me.” Jogi says that I have complete faith in Avnit and that she will never harm my family.

Avnit says this to my family, but I’m not sure what Mahi has against me. Jogi hugs her and tells her she doesn’t need to clarify anything. So, Mahi asks, why did she send Rupa to light the diya? It was all part of her plan. If you didn’t want Jogi to sing, what were you doing in the mandir before? Perhaps you intended to burn Rupa’s hand. Mahi is taken aback and asks Jogi, “Are you sure?” Rupa asks them to stop, saying, “I got burned by accident, so leave now.” I was punished by slapping Avnit because she is our blessing, bringing us wealth and happiness, but I slapped her. God is punishing me as a result of this. Mahi is taken aback by this news.

Mahi approaches Jogi and asks, “Can’t you see what Avnit is doing?” When someone opposes her, that person suffers as a result. Jogi asks, “What’s your beef with Avnit?” You are always proven incorrect. Avnit has brought joy into our lives; she has provided us with money, a home, and fame. You don’t like it because Avnit is the one who did all of this. You should thank Avnit for giving me a second chance in life, for allowing me to do something constructive with my life. Mahi says, “I have a problem because you’re losing touch with your true self; can’t you see Avnit is filling you with ego?” Your song from today lacked soul. What do you know about songs, according to Jogi? But I know you, I know your singing has soul, I fell in love with your voice, it used to bring me peace, but your song today didn’t make me love you. Jogi apologizes, you got the wrong man, but this Jogi will update you now. I’ll sing these songs for money, to become a star, and to gain fame. Mahi is taken aback by what he has just heard. Episode end.

Precap: Renu informs Avnit that she has the authority to shoot him. Jogi hears it and says that if she can shoot her own jija, she can shoot you as well, Avnit. She attempted to murder me. Renu observes.

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