Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th August 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 28th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Jogi Takes Akash’s Side Against Avnit

Episode Start: Avnit rushes to Jogi and cries to protect her from Akash. Rupa comes there so Avnit runs to her. Akash runs behind her. Everyone comes there. Avnit cries and says Akash tried to molest me. I tried to stop him but he didn’t. Akash says it’s not like that, she is lying, she called me in her room. He tells Mahi that she is lying. Rupa is about to slap him but Mahi holds her hand and says no.. I know my brother and he can’t do that. Rupa says so Avnit is lying? Renu says yes, she is lying. She first hit our mom and now behind our brother. Avnit cries and tells Rupa that I am not lying. Jogi say something. Mahi says I know Akash can misbehave but he can’t be that cheap. Rupa shouts how can a girl put this kind of a blame on someone? Beeji says Avnit must be mistaken.

Rupa shouts at Jogi to say something. Avnit cries and says Jogi? She hugs him tightly and says you know I am not lying. I saw Akash as my brother but he didn’t even tie rakhi to me. Rupa says you don’t have to present your case, we believe you and there is no place for a cheap man like him. She starts dragging Akash away. Avnit smirks and thinks I will win now. Rupa shouts at Akash to get lost and don’t come back. Beeji says he is part of the house. Rupa says Avnit is our family, I should send him to jail but I am asking him to get lost. Mahi stops Akash and says he will leave the house but not with this blame. Jogi brings Seema there in a wheelchair and says don’t stop Rupa bebe, she is doing the right thing. Mahi says what are you saying? Jogi says this is Avnit’s house and if she is uncomfortable then Akash should leave the house. Mahi says I know Akash can never do something like this. Jogi says if a girl is putting that kind of a blame then we have to trust her. Akash has to leave. Mahi says so you also believe that Akash tried to molest her? Jogi says no, I don’t think so.

He comes to Akash and says I know you since childhood, he never misbehaved with a girl, Akash can never do wrong with anyone. Rupa and Avnit are stunned. Jogi says we will leave this house now. All look on. Jogi says we can’t stay in this house anymore. Rupa says you saw everything and you are taking his side? Jogi says not everything we see is true. Just forget everything and look at Akash, do you think he can do something like this? Rupa says look at Avnit’s tears, she is shaking with fear and you think she is lying? Jogi says yes.. I don’t know why but I feel that Avnit is lying today. Avnit says but.. Jogi says don’t give any explanation as I don’t want to drag this matter. He tells Rupa that this is Avnit’s house so she can throw anyone out of the house. It’s not easy for me to take sides. If this matter goes out of house then we will be disrespect. The only solution is that we leave from here. He asks Mahi to pack their bags. Mahi smiles and goes with her siblings. Rupa says Jogi you have gone blind. Beeji asks her to stop it. She pleads Jogi to stay for him. Jogi says no, I can’t stay here anymore after what happened. Avnit begs him to not go. Rupa says he thinks your tears are a lie so let him go. Mahi and her siblings bring their bags.

Avnit falls to Jogi’s feet and asks him to not go. Rupa says you don’t have to apologize when it was not your fault Avnit. Jogi starts leaving with Mahi’s family but Avnit says I lied Jogi.. all are stunned. Rupa says what? Avnit cries and says I called Akash in my washroom and then I went crazy.. I am really sorry, I trapped Akash there. Please don’t leave the house Jogi. Jogi says it’s good that the truth is out but we are still leaving this house. Avnit says please forgive me, how can you leave me? Please stay. You took care of me always, you can’t do this with me, she holds his hand and cries. Jogi says you are my childhood so how can you do this with my family? I never thought you could something like this. He starts leaving the house with Mahi but Avnit hits her head on the wall and says if Jogi leaves me then I will kill myself. She bangs her head and it starts bleeding. Jogi rushes to her and says what are you doing? Avnit says promise me that you won’t leave me? Jogi says okay, I am not leaving you. Avnit faints in his arms. Mahi is stunned seeing all that. Episode End.

Precap: Mahi thanks Jogi for taking her side. She hugs him. Avnit sees them and is angry. She says Jogi did what I wanted, his relationship with Mahi will end in 24 hours.

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