Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 27th September 2021 Written Update: Jogi Fights With Mahi

Jogi is sitting in his room, depressed. Mahi approaches him and smiles. Jogi moves his gaze away from her. Mahi says that we agreed not to sleep while fighting. Let me sleep, says Jogi. Mahi says you’re still interested in writing that song. Yes, Jogi says. Mahi says that you are not this man and that you cannot write these cheap songs. Jogi thanks you for not believing in me. How can you say that when Mahi says I’ve always trusted you? Avnit has done so much for us, according to Jogi, but you still doubt her. Mahu says that I can’t ignore her actions. I know you’re not like this; she’s making you into a man you’re not. Jogi, do you think I’m an idiot, useless, and a slave, as your sister says? Mahi is taken aback by what he has just heard. Jogi says that when Arjun disparaged me, you intervened, but you didn’t say anything to your sister because you, too, believe the same thing. You know the true partner who is always there for you, but you don’t want me to succeed because you’re afraid of losing your title as a responsible wife? You intend to keep me as your slave. Mahi says that Avnit poisoned your heart for me. Jogi says yes because I’m a moron who listens to everyone. You are free to make fun of me with your sister. He says that our marriage was a compromise, so I’m not going to impose myself on you. He takes his pillow and walks away from it. Mahi is in pain.

Rupa approaches Avnit and apologizes for slapping her. I didn’t realize you were doing all of this for Jogi. We’re going through a small thought process. I know what I did to you was wrong, so please forgive me. I can’t express how grateful I am. Avnit is enraged by her slapping. Rupa inquires if she is unable to forgive her. Avnit turns away. Rupa responds, “Fine, I’ve hurt you, so I’ll punish myself.” She begins hitting her hand against the wall, but Avnit intervenes. How can you do this when you’re as close to my mother as I am? You know I adore you, so you have a right to do so. You will not injure yourself in this manner. According to Rupa, Jogi opened my eyes for you. You are significant to him, and he is significant to you. Avnit believes I will exact my vengeance on Rupa at the appropriate time. My words are having an effect on Jogi, which is a good thing.

Jogi is dozing off on the couch. Avnit arrives and hands him a blanket. She inquires as to whether he had a fight with Mahi. According to Jogi, it is a minor squabble between husband and wife. Avnit sits with him and tells him that Mahi is very fortunate to have you as a husband. Mahi’s mistakes are always hidden by you. You make an excellent husband. What have you written, she asks? Please sing that song for me. Only you, Jogi says, can put your trust in me. Avnit says to be unconcerned about them. Simply follow your heart. She approaches him more closely. Avnit suggests we sing it together. Avnit entertains him with music. They both have a good time. Renu arrives and witnesses everything. She believes Avnit is enslaving Jogi. Jogi becomes tired and falls asleep on the sofa. Avnit gives him a friendly smile. She wraps a blanket around him and gently caresses his face. Renu hides and sees everything. Avnit kisses Jogi on the cheek. She receives a phone call and departs. Renu follows her.

Avnit says on the phone that Jogi needs more time to sing these kinds of songs, that he isn’t ready yet, but that we must keep pushing so that he doesn’t lose hope. Renu believes she has continued to deceive Jogi. Avnit notices her voice and goes to investigate. Renu runs away from her. Episode end.

Precap: Avnit informs Mahi that Jogi’s song is a smash hit. You know Jogi isn’t ready, and he still needs me, according to Mahi. Jogi hears all of this and tells Mahi, “You still think I’m that useless and idiot who can’t succeed in life?” I’m just a prank for you. Mahi is upset after hearing all of this.

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