Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 25th September 2021 Written Update: Jogi Feels Bad For Avnit

Avnit kidnaps Arjun and takes him to a remote location with Chanda. Avnit yells, “How dare you?” Arjun thinks you’re insane. Avnit says you tried to sabotage my plan. Arjun says that when he dialed your number, he had no idea Jogi would answer. Avnit says you didn’t hear my voice but began blabbering anyway. Arjun apologizes, saying, “I’m sorry, it was my mistake, but it helped you.” The rules have changed, and the ball is now in your court. Avnit says this is due to the fact that I cut the call just in time. This is not a business transaction for me; if you make a similar mistake again, you will be under my car rather than inside. She starts her car and drives away. Chanda inquires of Arjun, “Why are you paying attention to this girl?” She’s completely insane. Arjun declares that she will do what we all failed to do: she will end Jogi and Mahi’s relationship.

Jogi is sitting in his room, attempting to compose a song. Mahi appears and inquires if he has written anything. Jogi says yes, and I’d like to share it with you. He sings the lyrics to a song. Mahi says that you were not born to sing these songs, so why do you want to do something that anyone else can do? I believe you should not perform these songs. Jogi asks, “What’s your problem?” If I do anything Avnit asks of me, you think it’s wrong, but if I do it for you, it’s fine? Avnit hides and hears everything. Mahi says that you can’t see what she’s doing, and that if you open your eyes and see her truth, you won’t come crying to her. Jogi gives her a stern look. Mahi storms out in rage. When Jogi turns around, he sees Avnit standing there. She reluctantly departs. Jogi lets out a sigh.

Avnit is sitting in her room, sadly. Jogi walks in and says, “I was writing a song but I can’t finish it; can you help me?” Avnit suggests that if you can’t write it, leave it alone. I apologize for hearing you and Mahi. Jogi takes her hand in his. Avnit advises you to leave me if your wife has a problem with me and our friendship. Jogi says you were hurt by Mahi’s words. Avnit says that I have emotions, and that I feel bad when she says hurtful things to you. Jogi says that because we are husband and wife, fights like this occur. I don’t know about marriage, but I do know about true love, according to Avnit. What do you mean, Jogi? Avnit says, “Let it be, I don’t have the right to discuss your marriage.” But you have a right on me, says Jogi. Avnit is taken aback and asks, “Really?” Jogi says unequivocally yes. Avnit smiles and wonders, “Why can’t Mahi see what I see?” I see you succeeding, but Mahi is constantly trying to bring you down. Mahi, according to Jogi, is not like that. Avnit says you don’t want to see, but Mahi continues to insult you in front of everyone; why can’t she trust you? She doesn’t even allow you to try. Why can’t she help you realize your dream if she’s your partner? Your partner should fight the world for you, not fight against you and prevent you from achieving your goals. Jogi says that this is not the case. Avnit wonders why Mahi can’t see you progressing in life. Why can’t she be happy to see you succeeding in your career? She calls you an idiot and other such nonsense. Why can’t she believe in your abilities? Jogi observes the situation with sadness.

Mahi wonders why Jogi can’t see that I’m doing everything for his benefit. Renu arrives and inquires as to why you aren’t happy. Avnit got slapped by your mother-in-law. She is now on your side. But, as Mahi points out, Jogi delegated decision-making authority to Avnit, who is so innocent that he cannot see anything. Jogi hides and hears everything. Don’t worry, Renu says, because we all know Jogi is a moron with no brains. Jogi is upset to hear that. Renu says that if you call him with love just once, he will come running to you. Jogi regretfully departs from there. Renu is told by Mahi not to say that again because Jogi is not her slave. I am extremely fortunate to have a partner like Jogi; he adores me, which is why he listens to me. Renu suggests that you think about what you’re going to do with Avnit.

Jogi is sadly seated. Rupa appears and asks, “Why are you so concerned about this work?” We don’t need it all, so get rid of it. Jogi asks, “Why?” Do you think I’m so ineffective that I shouldn’t even try? Rupa asks, “What happened?” Jogi asks if you believe I can’t succeed in life. If you love me, you should put your trust in me. Remember how our relatives refused to meet with us because we smelled like cow dung? Those same relatives want to meet us and show their appreciation. They do it because we live in such a large home. Avnit has taken us from the streets to the palace, she has changed our lives, and what have you done? You smacked her across the face. Rupa is filled with remorse. Jogi says that everyone thinks I’m a moron, but Avnit invested $50,000 in me, so how can I let her down? She is putting her trust in me, and you slapped her? I know you and Mahi are the people who love me the most in the world, but do you respect and trust me? He storms out in rage. Rupa sobs. Avnit is staring at a photograph of Jogi. She says I went to great lengths to obtain you. Today’s trap will work, and I’ll find love soon. Episode end.

Precap: Jogi tells Mahi that the true partner is the one who is always there for her partner. Mahi sobs and says, “Avnit has poisoned your heart for me.” Yes, Jogi says, Avnit has turned me against you. We married in a helpless situation, you cheated, so it’s best if I don’t sleep beside you and cause you more pain. He takes his pillow and walks out of the room. Mahi is taken aback.

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