Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Mahi Plans With Akash To Expose Avnit

Episode Start: Akash cries hugging Seema. He says what happened to you mummy? Mahi says everything will be fine, we have to be confident. Renu cries seeing her. Mahi says remember how mummy used to take care of us? We are all together so we will make her fine. Akash and Renu hug Mahi. Avnit sees the family together, she gets emotional and wipes her tears. She leaves from there but her dad sees it.

Avnit’s dad asks her why is she crying? Avnit says everyone is troubled because of me. I am a bad girl. Her dad says if you feel bad then don’t do all this. Avnit says I am doing all this for Jogi. Her dad says you have two sides, one that can’t harm anyone and the other one who can do anything for Jogi. You have to choose one side. Avnit says you have to be with me like you were when my mom left me. Why don’t I have a family? I don’t have a mother or a sibling. You used to also not give me time. He says I had to work and earn for you. Avnit says that’s why you left me alone but my Jogi didn’t leave me alone. After my mother left, I couldn’t cry but when Jogi hugged me, I cried in his arms. He used to understand me. When I wouldn’t eat then he would make me eat by his hands. She cries and tells her dad that I used to smile because of Jogi only, he never left me alone. Her dad says your friendship with him is special. Avnit says Jogi is my love, Mahi came between us. I will choose Jogi everytime and you know why?

Avnit brings her dad to Mahi’s family. Avnit says look at Mahi, she has her family but I only have Jogi. I will die without Jogi that’s why I want him, I will get him at any cost. Her dad looks on.

Scene 2
Mahi comes to her room and sees sorry written on the bed with rose petals. Jogi comes there and hugs her. He says I am sorry, I should have been with you when you are in this much pain. I shouldn’t have fought with you for Avnit. Mahi smiles at him. Jogi says you should also understand that Avnit is my childhood friend. Mahi glares at him and says just a friend? She takes him from there.

Bebe says I think we should call a priest for Seema. Rupa says she needs a good doctor. Mahi brings Jogi there and says I want to talk to Avnit. Rupa asks Mahi what now? Mahi says I know that Avnit is not only Jogi’s friend but something more.. she is part of this family. She smiles at Avnit. Jogi is surprised. Mahi tells Jogi sorry and says I know now that you both are best friends. Jogi says I have a best wife. He asks Avnit and Mahi to end all matters, we are all good friends. Mahi says I want to apologize to Avnit for my mistakes. Jogi says it’s not needed. Mahi says I am sorry Avnit for saying all that to you. Avnit says I can’t.. there is no sorry in a real friendship. She hugs Mahi and smirks. Avnit asks to take care of Seem Aunty and forget all this. Mahi thanks her. Mahi says sorry to Rupa for saying all that. Rupa says it’s not needed, just focus on Seema, she will be fine soon. Rupa says I will get sweets for Akash as tomorrow is raksha bandhan. Akash says I am not feeling good to celebrate. Rupa says I understand but if we have a good environment then Seema will recover fast. Mahi smiles. Jogi leaves with Mahi. Avnit tells her dad that Mahi is not the one to back away, she did this drama to win Jogi’s heart again. Mahi doesn’t know what I am capable of. I will break them apart.

Jogi and Mahi are sleeping in their bed. Mahi feels something and wakes up. She leaves the bed.

Mahi comes to meet Akash and says thank you for coming. Akash asks what’s going on? Mahi says someone tried to hurt Mummy, I think Avnit is behind it. She tells him everything. She says I am sure, Avnit did all this but I don’t have a proof. I called you here to protect mummy and get evidence against her. Akash says then why did you apologize to her? Avnit says to make her believe that I don’t mean any harm. We have to be very careful. Akash says I won’t spare that Avnit. They hug each other. Avnit is hiding behind the wall and hears everything. Avnit feels someone’s presence and tries to look behind the call but Avnit is gone.

Precap: Avnit tells Seema that Mahi will lose her brother on raksha bandhan, Akash will die today. Mahi and Akash come there to see Avnit holding a knife over Seema. Avnit smirks.

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