Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Jogi Takes Avnit’s Side

Jogi is sitting in the lounge, sad, when he is kidnapped. Jogi has been taken somewhere. When he turns around, he finds himself in a disco-like setting, with two girls dancing around him. Dilbar dilbar plays, and Avnit appears, dancing like an item girl. She dances around Jogi, who is staring at her in disbelief. Mahi notices music being played in the stable. She arrives to find Avnit dancing in front of Jogi. She tries to approach her, but she is stopped by the guards. Jogi is enthralled by Avnit’s dancing and cannot take his eyes off her.

Beeji informs Rupa that he does not understand what is going on. Mahi arrives and invites Rupa to accompany her. Mahi takes Rupa to the stable and shows her Avnit dancing with Jogi. Mahi says you’re not going to say anything now because it’s Avnit. Rupa approaches Avnit and slaps her hard. Everyone is watching. Rupa asks, “How dare you perform this cheap act with Jogi?” Jogi tells you to relax, babe. Rupa has had enough and asks Avnit if she still has any shame. Avnit says, “I’m doing everything I can to help Jogi; I want him to feel the song.” Rupa asks, “Have you gone insane, putting on cheap acts to make him feel?” She is about to slap her again, but Avnit grabs her hand and stops her. Jogi requests that Avnit release her hand. Avnit moves Rupa’s hand close to a cutter. Mahi yells at her to let go of her hand. Avnit cuts her hand… it all turns out to be a dream for Avnit. Rupa slaps Avnit and tells him, “You can’t do this in my house.” Avnit gives her a stern look. Mahi grabs Avnit and tells her that there are no limits in this house. Avnit pushes her away and storms out the door. Jogi observes.

Avnit enters her room, furious. She is enraged because she recalls Rupa slapping her. She takes the knife and continues to move it around her hand. She recalls her father’s advice to not lose her cool in anger.

Rupa informs the family that no one will try to change Jogi now, and that no one will try to force Jogi to become a super-star. No one will force Mahi to sing his own songs, he says, but he will become a superstar by doing so. He’ll sing from the bottom of his heart. Avnit, according to Beeji, has gone too far. Jogi claims that Rupa should not have slapped her in front of everyone because she treats us as a family and has done so much for us, but we always hurt her. Mahi believes that what Babe did was correct. Avnit, according to Jogi, is doing all of this for our benefit; her method may be incorrect, but she wants our benefit. Jogi says I should go look for her. Yes, Mahi says, that crazy could burn down the house.

Jogi enters Avnit’s room and takes a look around. When he sees Arjun calling her, he answers it by mistake. Arjun asks Avnit, “How are you feeling after attempting to trap the horse?” I told you Jogi couldn’t do it all, but you believed me and gave me 50 lacs for him. Jogi is a fool, so don’t waste your time on him. He doesn’t know the truth, but once he does… Avnit arrives and is surprised to see him on the phone. She dashes away and cuts the phone call before Jogi can hear any further. Jogi gives her a stern look. Avnit claims that this is not the case. Jogi says you don’t need to say anything; were you deceiving me? I will make your truth known to everyone. Avnit is dragged to the family by Jogi. Everyone is watching. Please listen to me, says Avnit. Avnit, according to Jogi, is a liar and a cheat. I thought she was just a friend, but she’s much more. Everyone is watching. Jogi claims that Arjun did not give me any money, but that Avnit gave him money to give to me. According to Avnit, it isn’t a big deal. Why, Mahi asks, would she do such a thing? Doesn’t she believe in your abilities? Jogi claims she believes in my abilities, which is why she has gone to such lengths to ensure my success. He claims that Avnit has done so much for him without even telling him. This is something I would never have guessed. You’ve done me a huge favor. Avnit claims that I have done everything for you. Jogi says you’ve done your duty as a friend, but now it’s my turn; I’ll write a song the way that producer wants. You don’t have to, according to Avnit. Jogi claims that I am doing all of this because of your trust, and that I will earn twice as much as you have invested in me. He says, “I know Avnit will make the best decisions for me,” so she will make career decisions for me from now on. Mahi is taken aback by this news. episode end.

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