Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 18th September 2021 Written Update: Avnit Fails Mahi’s Plan

Episode Start: Jogi’s angry and tells Mahi why you had to call me innocent. Mahi says I’m so sorry, I’ve only been praising you. Jogi hugs her and tells me to beat them more. All this must have been borne by you because of me to stay away from my singing and my career. Mahi looks on. Mahi looks on. Jogi says that I’m going to do all you say because of you, but you don’t have to come in front of them. I don’t care if they’re calling me stuff, but you’re staying away. Mahi says that all this I can handle. But I can’t allow Jogi to insult you like that, I can’t. But Mahi says.. Jogi says that I’m going to handle it all, just trust me. He hugs her. He hugs her. Avnit is hiding and smirking. Mahi glares at her. Mahi glares. Thanks to Mahi, Jogi. Avnit receives a call and leaves. Jogi says that you’re the best to Mahi. Mahi says I’m going to go and speak to Bebe. He says I’m going to speak to them. Avnit gets a call and says I’m going to meet you near the mandir, you’ve done a great job. Mahi hears it and thinks I knew that she was behind it all.

Mahi comes close to the mandir and sees Arjun’s reporter meeting. She makes her video and believes I must get the correct evidence so that Avnit can’t fool Jogi again. Arjun drives away. Arjun drives away. Mahi comes to the reporter and says that all of this earned you money? If you’re not telling Jogi the truth, I’ll give the press a photo of your bribing. Your career is going to end. I’m sorry, the reporter says, I made a mistake. Mahi then says to come and tell Jogi to save your career.

Mahi comes home and asks Jogi to call all. Jogi says that everybody has gone to the mandir. What happened? What happened? Mahi says let somebody call me. She calls the journalist who insulted her at the press conference. Why is he here, Jogi says? Mahi says he’s going to say the truth. She asks the reporter to say the truth to him. Arjun says he gave me the money, but he did not insult the two of you. Arjun and Avnit are coming. Arjun says Mahi once you ought to trust me. Arjun tells Mahi when she was out how he met Jogi. The retrospective shows how Arjun and Avnit went to Jogi. Avnit says Arjun has given the press the money so that they will not print any news. I’m going to protect your career, Arjun says. Avnit tells Jogi that you ought to give him another opportunity, today he’s proved loyal. Thank you Arjun, Jogi says. Arjun hugs him. Arjun hugs him. The flashback finishes. Arjun tells Mahi I met the reporter silently because Avnit told me not to let anyone know. So why didn’t this reporter tell me anything, Mahi says? The reporter says that you gave me nothing time to say, he leaves. If you don’t trust me, Arjun says to Mahi, at least you trust your husband. You spy on me, so you doubt your husband, do you think your husband is a fool to trust me? Jogi doesn’t say all that, just tell me why you’re here? Arjun asks Mahi to eat anything. Jogi is asking Mahi to go. He asks him to go. Mahi leaves angrily. Avnit goes behind her. He goes behind her.

Mahi works angrily in the kitchen. Avnit is coming and breaking a plate. She says ops, I’m sorry. She says ops. Like this plate, your dream of bringing my truth broke. The retrospect shows how Avnit saw Mahi spying on her and plotting it all. The flashback finishes. Avnit asks Mahi, as soon as she has to leave the house, to pack her bags. Mahi says that I’m not going to go anywhere, can’t you see you hurt Jogi like that. Avnit says I really love him, so we have some pain to bear. You blind him so he must bear some pain to overcome you. Mahi says he loves me but you’re not going to understand that the one you love can never hurt. You don’t love Jogi, he’s just your obsession, you want him, you know that you can’t have Jogi. It’s my love, Avnit tells Jogi, he was mine, but you’ve taken him away. I’m going to do anything for Jogi because in love and war everything is fair. Mahi looks on. Mahi looks on. Episode end.

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