Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 17th September 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Jogi says to Mahi that I never gave an interview, what am I going to say? Mahi says don’t worry, I’m going to get you ready. I’m now your manager. Avnit is glaring at her and is leaving there. Jogi is hugging Mahi, smiling. Avnit prepares to invite the media in the morning. Rupa says, I am worried, but I’m not supposed to break Jogi’s heart on that path. Avnit says I’m always going to stand with Jogi and be his strength until I die. Mahi’s coming and saying you’re only his friend, not his wife. I know you’re near Jogi but soon you’ll marry and have your own family, so you’ll be out of Jogi. Husband and wife are united until death. She tells Rupa, you may not have confidence in me, but I will protect Jogi fully. Now Jogi has his wife so he needs no friends. Rupa says shut up, because both of you were fighting, my son was hurt. I’m not going to hurt Jogi, Avnit says, I cancel the press meeting. Rupa says no, what any good lady would do is you do. You have brought so much money into the life of Jogi, but it can blind people. Earlier we were fooled by money dreams, so I don’t want to hurt Jogi again. At Mahi she glares. She glares. I’m not going to let Jogi get hurt again, Avnit says. Then Rupa says let’s get ready.

Beeji tells Rupa we’re going to have so much as my grandson’s a star. Mahi tells Avnit I must prepare too. What happened to you, Avnit says? You’re currently playing tricks with your husband? Mahi says that you can never understand my Jogi love. I’ve got to clean the mind of Jogi that you’ve filled with dirt. I’ll be all the time with Jogi so he no longer needs a friend like you. She’s leaving. Avnit says in Jogi’s life, Mahi can never take my place. She’s never able to win over me. Mahi’s coming to Seema and Renu. Renu says that Avnit takes more place in the life of Jogi. Mahi says anything is working for Jogi, but I’m not going to let her hurt Jogi. Ready for the newsletter. Seema looks on. Seema looks on.

Jogi gets ready and tensed. Mahi asks what happened? What happened? Jogi says I don’t feel right. I don’t feel right. Mahi is kissing his front and smiling. She asks now if it’s okay? Jogi is smiling and hugging her. He says everything’s fine for me when you’re with me. Mahi smiles. Mahi smiles. Jogi looks away and says I felt the worst without you yesterday when I was alone. You think I’d leave you, Mahi says? Never. Jogi says that I’m always afraid, because of a compromise I married you and you didn’t even know that. For a long time you did not accept me, but all was okay between us. I’m still frightened that you don’t like me, perhaps I’m not what you’re worth, you better deserve. Mahi says I trust you, that you are the best person on earth, so I deserve you and that’s why I love you a lot. Mahi says I trust you more than I trust. I never want to lose you. I never want to lose you. Jogi smiles and says that you are my strength, that your love is my strength. I can win anything in the world if you’re with me. Now, let’s make our dream come true. Beeji is coming and telling you to come out. There’s the press. Jogi says we’re going to go to Ms. Jogi/Ms. Manager. He’s holding her and he’s saying let’s go together.

Jogi and Mahi arrive hand-in-hand at the press conference. Mahi’s Avnit glares. Mahi and Jogi are sitting on the stage. Avnit is sitting next to them. The media praises the singing of Jogi. They’re asking Mahi. I always knew Mahi had a magical voice, Mahi says. The reporter says that you are so promoting him that you have your ex contract with him. What are you saying, Mahi says? The reporter says that even after Jogi married, we heard you had an affair with Arjun Rai. You must have had an affair with him until he signed your husband? Jogi tells Mahi not to reply. Jogi asks the media to stop all of this. The reporter asks what compromise he had to compromise with Arjun in order to reach this deal. Did he offer to share his wife with him? Jogi says that all this scrap stops. Avnit smirks. Avnit smirks. Mahi tells us that we came here to talk about singing Jogi. The journalist says that both of you have a spicy life, we should ask Mahi what she had to do for this deal. Jogi gets upset and begins to beat the reporter. Avnit stops him. Avnit stops him. The media now say we’re going to write trash about him.

Precap: Arjun gives the reporter money, but Mahi produces the video. She grabs the reporter and tells Jogi the truth. The reporter tells Jogi that Arjun gave me money at the press conference to create that scene. Jogi’s outraged.

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