Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 16th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Avnit Challenges Mahi

Episode start: Rupa tells Jogi that all our dreams have been fulfilled. She hugs him. She hugs him. Beeji says that now I’m a millionaire. Rupa says that we ought to go to the mandir and thank God. From there, Rupa takes Jogi and Beeji. Avnit asks Mahi whether she liked Jogi to succeed? Mahi says I love my Jogi on all sides. Avnit says Jogi is not going to dance to your tunes right now, he’s going to do what he wants. Or perhaps he’s going to do what I want him to do now. Mahi says that I knew all that was your plan. Avnit says you always have been right, I came here to receive my love for my childhood. Jogi is only mine. He’s only mine and mine. Mahi is glaring at her and Jogi is saying that it’s mine. Why does Avnit say? Because you’ve married him, why? Mahi says no, because you can’t come in between us, because we love each other. Avnit says you’ve come among us, I’ve always loved Jogi. I know all about Jogi. I know what he likes and doesn’t like. I love him, he has always been in my thoughts. But he doesn’t love you, Mahi says, you’re insane about him, but you forget, Jogi is mine. Avnit says I know more about Jogi than you do. You’re his past, Mahi says, but I’m his present and my future. Let me show you the future, Avnit says. She says in a month Jogi is going to cast you out of his life, his house and his heart, then he is going to marry me. I’m going to get my love and your love ends here. I was the past, present and future of Jogi. Thank you, Mahi says. Avnit tells you to snatch Jogi? Mahi says Jogi fought a lot for our love, even his mother fought. He made me love him, thanks for giving me the opportunity to struggle for my love. Avnit says you ought to prepare yourself for losing. Mahi says that nobody is able to separate Jogi from Mahi, not even God, so who are you, and you should be worried about losing your friend. Avnit says let’s see. Let’s see. They smile at each other.

Scene 2 Mahi brings Jogi food, he tries to ignore her and says he does not act the way it is all right. Mahi says you must eat. You must eat. He tries to leave but Mahi ties his hands and tells you to eat now. She asks his mouth to open. So Mahi does not hold his neck and open his mouth. He does not open his mouth. Do you remember how you did the same with me, she says? These memories are special to our relationship. We might make mistakes, but we’re always going to be together. We can correct each other’s errors. I’m so sorry, I’ve done it all because I worry about you. I did it all but then I realised you were right. Do you not mind me signing the contract, Jogi says? Mahi doesn’t say at all, I’m actually with you. Jogi really says? He frees himself and tightly hugs her. Avnit is hiding and shouting at them. Mahi tells Jogi that from now on I’m going to become your manager. Avnit is coming in and saying no. It cannot happen. It can’t happen. Do you not want to see us together, Mahi says? Avnit asks if you really are pleased with the work of Jogi? Jogi says she is. He says she is. Avnit may say that she pretends to be happy, but she plans to perform her next drama indoors. Mahi says that I can never pretend to work Jogi. Avnit says, but without your permission he did that work. Jogi says Mahi’s got a big heart and she can never think of me as wrong. I know she’s done all that to my advantage. So nobody can make us lose now, Mahi is with me now. Avnit says that I’ll be Jogi’s manager because Mahi has a lot of jobs. That’s why Mahi says, You’ve got a lot of Avnit work, I can take care of my husband. Jogi says I’m going to decide who my manager will be. Both of you are going to be my manager. Initially, Mahi says you don’t need 2 managers. Jogi says you are right. You’re right. Avnit says I don’t believe that Mahi knows a lot about the industry and I don’t want her to destroy your career so that I can become your director. Mahi cannot do that. Mahi can’t. Mahi says that I used to drive a cab and I always did the work of Jogi to be his manager. Jogi says she’s right, Mahi takes care of me all the time. Mahi says I’ll be his manager and take care of it all. Jogi tells me that I’m so glad to see all of us like this. Let’s have a hug. Have a hug. Mahi hugs Avnit and whispers, and I’m going to protect Jogi. You need to protect yourself from my trap, Avnit says. Once he leaves you, Jogi won’t see your face. Jogi comes and hugs both of them. Episode end.

Precap: Avnit tells Jogi that tomorrow’s media is here. I never gave an interview, Jogi says. Mahi says that I’m not going to help you, don’t worry. At the press conference, a reporter asks Mahi, after her marriage to Jogi, if she had an affair with Arjun? Jogi gets angry and says that we’re here for my songs to talk about. The reporter says you had to compromise with Arjun Rai in order to make this deal? Jogi’s outraged. Avnit smirks. Avnit smirks.

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