Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 15th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Jogi Signs A Contract With Arjun

Episode start: Jogi’s got locked up in the room. Mahi shouts outside the room and says we’re one but how can you get separated from me? Jogi says perhaps we have been different since the beginning, I was foolish not to see it. That’s what Mahi sobs hearing. Arjun tells Avnit I cannot sign this contract, it gives Jogi every benefit. Avnit says relax, it’s just against Mahi. Arjun says I can’t pay Jogi 50 lakes. Mahi gives him 50 lakes and says you don’t have to pay the success of my Jogi. I know my Jogi is going to succeed, I have confidence in my love. He’s going to forget Mahi soon. Arjun says the benefit of Jogi is the benefit of Mahi. You gave them money to use to change their destiny. Avnit says that you’re not a smart man. Today, Jogi went against Mahi, so soon my love storey begins with Jogi. You can bring money and contract to our house later. Arjun says you love Jogi, but the Jogi and Mahi cannot be separated. I’ve been trying and failing. Avnit says you have failed your ego, you want to put it down, but it is my mission to get Jogi and I know what I do. Just bring the money to my house and contract.

Mahi is outside the room and tells Jogi not to talk with her, but to eat food at least. We must care for each other. Avnit is coming and says he appears to be scorned. Because of you, Mahi says that all this happened. Rupa is coming and tells you that my son is suffering for you. This Mahi forced him to sing first, and Avnit now tries to make him succeed. I don’t want my Jogi to stress this way. I do this because I know Jogi wants this, too, I won’t let anything happen to Jogi. Avnit says don’t worry. She’s asking Jogi to open the gate. She told him to accept new opportunities in his life, simply to wip his tears and to open the door with new courage, to give him the opportunity to do new things in life. Jogi opens her door. Mahi’s amazed. She tries to go inside, but on her face Jogi closes it. Avnit is sitting with Jogi and telling him a bright future to dream. You must promise me that you will no longer look back into life. It holds his hand. It holds his hand. Outside the door, Mahi says that all night I’m going to stay here for Jogi. Jogi agrees not to look back inside the room. I’ll be your strength, Avnit says I’m with you. Arjun returns with the contract, today we will start a new life, from now on our tracks will be one. She says you have to be hungry. But Jogi opens the door. He doesn’t know Mahi, but calls Beeji, says Mahi needs to be hungry, so he can bring her food. He asks Beeji to make candy for the night and has to sign the contract. Mahi looks on. Mahi looks on. On the face of Mahi, Jogi closes the door. Avnit says you asked her to eat it is good. It’s good. She is trying to feed him but Jogi is stopping her. Avnit wipes the tears of her. Rupa says that Mahi is allowing Jogi to do what he wants. Mahi tells you we ought to trust Arjun?

Arjun is coming to the house of Jogi. The lawyer of Jogi checks the contract and says all is good for Jogi, nothing to worry about. He leaves. He leaves. Arjun tells Jogi that I made the contract to allow the past to pass. Avnit awards Jogi the contract, he signs it. Rupa’s giving him candy. I want to change everything that I’ve done in the past, Arjun tells Mahi to forgive me for my mistakes. He gives her 25 lakes and says that this is an advance payment, and after the project I’ll pay the rest. Everyone looks on. Mahi takes him with the bag. Rupa and Beeji are pleased. Arjun says that I give Mahi this amount because she is the driving force behind Jogi’s life. He tells Jogi we are both going to succeed now, he leaves with Chanda. Beeji says it’s a lot of money. Mahi says you donate this money to Arjun for no reason? Avnit says that he gave it the talents of Jogi, I think Jogi deserves much more than that. Jogi looks on. Jogi looks on Episode end..

Precap: Mahi says that Avnit stops dreaming of Jogi. Avnit says that in 1 month I challenge you to get Jogi to throw you out of his life and to marry me.

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