Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Starts: Jogi says Mahi don’t worry. Avnit was risking her life so I said yes to save her. Mahi says I am happy you finally said yes. You gave your chance and success another chance. Now I have a weapon to make you agree with me. Avnit. Jogi says you happy, I am happy. Mahi hugs him. Mahi says that we should tell Avnit about Arjun.

Scene 2
Chanda weeps for Jogi and says that Mahi and Jogi have been flying from the sky since Avnit came. What will happen to me? He says fix your face. I will handle it. She says don’t you have any feelings? He says I can’t see you like that. I will find a solution. Arjun says wow Jogi, what a fate. First, you had an atomic bomb Mahi, and now this Avnit?

Rupa asked Avnit’s father why Avnit asked Jogi to sing? He says Avnit thinks about what she does. She must have planned something. If you want the Mahi to get out of the jogi’s life and the jogi and Avnit come together, do as she says. And see her magic.

Mahi tells Rupa to thank bebe for being with mummy and didi in front of Chanda. I know we have problems. “We have rules of respect in our home,” says Rupa. Avnit got this house for my family but if your mother and sister are living here they should be respected. Only responsibility, no matter how unpleasant. No matter how much they make fun of us, we will not make fun of their homelessness. I have to go. The Mahi tells Seema and Renu doesn’t mind. Renu says we should get used to it. Mahi says what are you saying? I am there, you will never be homeless. Bebe is very nice. I will talk to her. Once Pappu’s poison is out, everything will be fine. Don’t worry.

Scene 3
Avnit says Jogi hurry, we are late. Arjun comes in with Chanda. He says so you are Avnit? I am Arjun Rai. Chanda says my billionaire fiance. Jogi says how dare you to enter our house? Rupa says that Chanda must have brought her to intimidate us. Arjun says that this house belongs to Chanda and I am here to bring it back. I will pay double the amount you paid. What’s your price? Mama ji says mind your language. Jogi says shut your mouth, I will break your face. Mahi says he’s provoking you. Mahi says do you want to kill again? Get out of here. We don’t need your money. Get out. He says you are here, my girlfriend. Mahi palace is bigger than this. Once you say yes, my house, me and everything will be yours. Jogi hit him and said I have taught you a lesson many times but you did not listen. You want to provoke me and fight me. But no.. we don’t wanna fight. We want peace. Now listen, there is the gate. Get out. Arjun says shut up idoto. I’m not here to talk to you. I came here to meet Avnit. Avnit what’s your price? Jogi grasps his collar. Arjun punches Jogi. Mahi holds him.

Avnit strangled Arjun and said, “Whoever touches Jogi, I will kill him.” I break those hands. She shoves him on the ground. Avnit ppicks a pot to throw at him. Arjun says no.. Jogi stops her. Chanda picks him. Arjun says I will see you all. Chanda takes him from there. Mahi says to Avnit are you crazy? What if he died? Jogi says Mahi is right. He could die. You aren’t t kid. You can’t do what you used to. There is a limit to madness, I go crazy too but a voice of my conscience stops me. The sound that keeps me from becoming an animal. I am saying this because it will hurt you the most. He will die but what will happen to you? Mahi stops Jogi. Avnit leaves. Mahi says does she even realize what she does?

Scene 4
Chanda says how dare she hit my baby? Your neck is injured. Do you feel bad that a girl hit you feel so bad? He says she will pay the price for what he did. She doesn’t know who she messed with. Chanda says let’s show her your power. Let’s go to the police station. He says you are a duffer. Will I make fun of myself in front of the police? That a girl beat me? “I was telling him to show his power so that he would never dare to do so,” Chanda said. Arjun says she behaved like an animal. Now I will show him how to hunt animals.

Mahi says what is this Avnit? Jogi was talking to you. When you forget the difference between right and wrong, people who care about you show you. Even if Jogi was saying all this, it was the opinion of all of us. You ignored it and came inside? What is this stupidity? You should apologize to everyone. Mama says I apologize on her behalf. She forgets things in anger. Mahi says that whoever made a mistake will apologize. This love spoils kids. Seema said to Renu, “Look, that’s why I never did bad things in my childhood so that you don’t become like him.”

Avnit laughs and said Mahi .. She hugged him and said calm down. Mahi is confused. Avnit says you think I am crazy? If I were, would I be admitted to the University of London? Would I have such a big business empire? Do you know what’s your problem? You haven’t seen the world. I have. Sometimes you have to behave like animals with animals. Arjun was one of them. After what happened to him today, he will not look at Jogi. You should thank me for all this. And you are lecturing me? Mahi says thank you for what? Avnit says I did what you should have done. What kind of love do you have? So much happened and you didn’t care. I don’t know about you but there are people who can die or be killed for love. Rupa says to Mahi AVnit is right. With animals, you have to behave like animals. When Pappu sent thugs to our tabela, we had to pick up sticks. And you’re right Avnit, it was Mahi and you did it. I wish you were my.. daughter. Avnit says Jogi we are late for the meeting already. Get ready and let’s go. Mahi is upset. Episode ends.

Precap: Police come to Jogi’s house and say we are here to arrest you for attack on Arjun. They handcuff Jogi. Avnit says leave him, I attacked Arjun not Jogi. He says court will decide who did what. He has to go to jail for the FIR. They take Jogi.

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