Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Avnit Brings Chanda And Arjun Back

Episode start: Jogi sets up a performance mic. He’s angry so Avnit asks if it’s all right? He nods. He nods. Rupa wants luck to him. Mahi shakes her head but Jogi says I’m going to sing so everyone’s going to dance. Mahi tells Renu to look at Avnit, she has to be up to something. Jogi sings gabru rated. On his song, Avnit dances. Mahi thinks she’s up to what? Avnit Jogi dances. Everything claps for them. From there, Avnit leaves. Mahi is looking around and seeing a camera in the pot hidden.

Avnit gets the images of the preppy Jogi song she recorded with a hidden camera. She calls someone and says I’ve got the item that’s going to break up Mahi and Jogi. I come to give you this. I come to give it to you. Mahi comes in and tells you what you’re going to give? Avnit says you’ve begun to spy on me? Mahi says no one’s going to know about your tricks, you think? Last night you called the goons to plant hidden cameras and now you give someone the recording. Are you all spying on us? It’s not like that, Avnit says. Then Mahi tells me the recording. She is trying to get her but Avnit is driving her away, but Mahi is pushing her to get the tab. Avnit takes her hair and tells me enough, don’t force me to show my face you don’t like. She pushes away Mahi and runs away. Behind her Mahi is running, but Avnit is driving away. Mahi sits and follows her in her car. Avnit calls somebody and says that I’m on the way, all will go as planned. She doesn’t know Mahi’s going after her. Mahi says that with my family, I’m not going to let her do anything wrong. She’s trying to follow her.

Avnit meets Chanda and says enemy’s enemy is a friend. She gives her the register and asks her to do the job. Chanda says anything you say is done. Avnit says Jogi should come out to the world for this secret. Mahi hides his video and records it. She believes I’m not going to let my Jogi harm, she used cameras against me, but I’m going to not let my Jogi do anything wrong. Her real colours are now coming out for everybody.

Mahi gets into her car and sees the pneumatic punched. She says I must reach home quickly. She starts changing the pneumatic tyre and says I’m going to send it to Babe. She doesn’t have a network, she sees. Mahi’s pneumatic changing and driving away.

Mahi comes home to watch Avnit hug Jogi. Mahi is pushing her away and telling him to stay out of my Jogi. Are you not ashamed of stabbing the friend who cares so much for you? Rupa is asking her to stop it. She’s been up to something, Mahi says. Jogi says let it be, you know that Avnit has uploaded and blows up my song video online. We’ve got so many comments about the video. Mahi is confused. Mahi’s confused. Jogi is excited and says I became known, I didn’t know that many people like my voice. Rupa tells Avnit that you brought my Jogi happiness. Hope you’re all happy. Mahi now says that I will show you all the real video that would show the real colours of Avnit. She plays the video Avnit meets Chanda in. Everyone is shocked. Mahi tells Jogi that I told you something about this girl. Jogi asks Avnit what have you been doing to Chanda? The doorbell rings and everyone turns to see Chanda and Arjun come into the house. Jogi tells you how you dare to go into my house. Avnit is stopping him and telling me to listen. Just watch your video of your song again. He watches it and sees Arjun’s channel uploading his video. Who did that, Jogi says? Avnit says I asked Chanda on Arjun’s channel to upload your video. I wanted everyone to see your talent. I know you’re not going to agree that’s why I did it, so you can see how many people liked it. Mahi says so you want us to forget it all and shake hands with it? This Arjun wanted Jogi to be destroyed. Avnit says Jogi’s video on his channel is a big producer, Avnit says. Jogi is going to succeed if he shake Arjun’s hands. Mahi says now would the person who was trying to destroy us help us? Arjun says yes because my business starts, Jogi can give me hit songs so I’m going to help Jogi. I’m not going to be trapped by you, Mahi says. Chanda says, after what Avnit did, my Arjun was trapped. The name of Arjun was dishonoured afterwards, but perhaps Arjun will get his honour back if we shake hands with you. We’re only here for our benefit. Beeji says that I don’t like that, they ought to go away. Rupa says she is right. She’s right. Arjun and Chanda should leave. Should leave. Rupa and Beeji are leaving. Jogi looks on. Jogi looks on. Episode end.

Precap: Mahi tells Jogi, who’s Avnit, what should and shouldn’t you be doing in your career? Who allowed her to upload your video without first asking you? Avnit tells Rupa that if Jogi sings those movie songs he will soon become famous. I want him to succeed in buying this house by himself. Rupa looks on. Rupa looks on.

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