Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Jogi And Mahi Fight Over Avnit

Episode Start: Mahi sees a mark on the neck of Jogi and asks him to wake up. She drags him into the toilet and asks what this is? Jogi smiles and says you’ve also begun to give me kisses in my sleep? I didn’t give you a kiss, Mahi says, but I know who did. She pulls him out of there and comes into the room of Avnit. At Avnit, she shouts to open the door. Avnit opens and asks what happened? What happened? Mahi says I’m not going to spare you, stop the drama. Avnit asks her to rest, everybody sleeps. Mahi says I don’t care, so they’re at least going to know your truth. What do you mean, Avnit says? Mahi shows the Jogi lipstick sign and says that I know you’re behind it. Tell the truth to Jogi now. You came to trap him in your love affair, tell him why you are here. Jogi is astonished and thinks how Mahi can think about Avnit like this. I thought her jealousy was love, but with such dirty thoughts she sees my friendship with Avnit. Mahi asks Avnit to reply, this mark of lipstick is proof of your filthy thinking. Avnit glares at her.

Glares at her. Mahi says I’d like my reply. Avnit brings a mirror to Mahi and shows it. She says if I kissed Jogi, why do you wear the same colour of the lipstick? I even don’t wear the lipstick. Mahi’s amazed at that. Mahi says I don’t have the lipstick of this colour. It’s not my lipstick, Avnit must’ve done it all. I know that you are jealous of our friendship, but I’m not going to allow you to allegate my personality, I know that I don’t have a mother, but that my dad has taught me ways, I can never bow down to that low. Mahi’s telling you.. Jogi says Mahi enough, he’s dragging her out of it. Avnit smires and remembers the flashes, Avnit applied her lipstick to her when Mahi was unconscious, and kissed Jogi with the same colour lipsticks. The flashback finishes. Avnit says my dad hasn’t taught all that to me, but I openly love Jogi. He’s going to be mine now.

Mahi is asking Jogi to hear her. Beeji’s coming and asking why they’re not sleeping? Did something happen? Did something happen? Avnit comes and says no, we talked about the song from Jogi. Beeji tells you to let Avnit be. She asks Mahi what happened? What happened? Mahi is trying to tell her, but Jogi is stopping her. Nothing happened, Mahi says, we just talked. Unfortunately she looks at Jogi and leaves from there. Jogi is asking Beeji to sleep. He leaves. He leaves. At Avnit, Beeji glares and begins to leave. Tomorrow, Avnit murmurs Mahi is going to have fun. What do you mean, Beeji says? Avnit says Jogi’s going to sing and I want everyone to become his fan. Mahi’s going to have fun? Now go to sleep. She’s leaving.

Mahi tells Jogi that if you didn’t stop me, I could have proven the truth. Jogi says Avnit didn’t want to come to this room, but I told her my Mahi doesn’t think cheap. Mahi tells us why you can’t realise it’s all her game. I don’t even lipstick that colour. She shows him her lipstick and in her cosmetics finds the same colour. Jogi says it’s yours, Jogi says. I didn’t put it here, Mahi says. Behind all this is Avnit. Jogi says wow, she’s putting it here and I haven’t even seen her? I’ve been in this room all day. Avnit hides all that and hears it. She recalls the flashback of how she put a lipstick into Mahi’s cosmetics when Jogi was sleeping. Mahi tells Jogi it’s impossible to trust the girl. Jogi says at least you can trust me? Mahi says I have more confidence in you than myself. You are innocent. You are innocent. Jogi says you think I’m a jerk, I don’t see how other people look at me? I have always taken your side. Your family was against you, but against Arjun I took your side. Mahi says I know you were always with me, but right now we talk about Avnit. Jogi says no, right now we talk about our relationship. If you doubt me, you doubt my love, perhaps you don’t understand my love. Mahi says I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it. Jogi goes angrily to sleep. Avnit smires and says another attack on the relationship.

All family members sit down in the morning for breakfast. Mahi is trying to serve Jogi, but he’s stopping her. Mahi is trying to talk to him, but he doesn’t know her. It’s noticeable to Rupa and Beeji. Beeji asks what the matter is to Jogi? Rupa says that today, our talented son has to sing a song so he saves his energy. She asks Mahi to have breakfast in the room in Avnit. Beeji says Mahi works, I’ll take it, since morning. Mahi says it’s all right, I’m going to take it to her. Jogi looks on. Jogi looks on. Unfortunately Mahi looks at Jogi and goes from there.

Avnit is calling and tells us that our plan is working. You don’t know what’s going to happen. You know what to do once Jogi sings the song. Mahi comes and asks what she’s going to do with Jogi? Avnit is being tensed. Who did you talk to, Mahi says? What are you going to do with Jogi? Avnit says I spoke to my dad. Mahi says you’re lying, what are you currently plotting? Avnit says I don’t understand what you say, I spoke to my dad. Mahi is trying to take her phone, but Avnit is saying enough, don’t forget your limitations. You’re talking about limits, Mahi says? Listen attentively, I won’t allow you to trap Jogi at any cost. Avnit asks her to relax and tells her that I’ll not trap Jogi, but that challenge will accept if you think so. At her Mahi glares. Mahi glares.

Jogi’s in his room. In his room. Mahi’s coming and saying you can’t sing the song. Why does Jogi say? Mahi says Avnit’s up to something because I say so. I didn’t want to sing before but you wanted me to sing, Jogi asks her to stop it. Now if I want to sing, you ask me not to sing? Mahi says it was a different situation before. Don’t sing the song. Don’t sing the song. Jogi says I’m not your puppet, I’ve got honour and thoughts too, you can’t order me around. I’ve promised Avnit so I’m going to sing at any cost, you might think anything you want. He leaves there. He leaves there. Mahi’s amazed. Episode End.

Precap: Avnit looks at the video she dances in and Jogi sings. She tells someone by phone to give them something that will destroy the relationship between Mahi and Jogi. Mahi comes in and asks what?

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