Teri Meri Ik Jindri 7th August 2021 Episode Written


Seema is asking in rupa’s house through binoculars to ensure mahi is first-rate in that hell. Renu comes and tells her that she has trained her daughters nicely to tackle any situation. No person may be harsher than herself. She has crushed her daughters lots in formative years. Mahi is a fighter. Seema says that’s authentic, she has gone on her mother simplest. Renu teases her and seema takes out her sandal to beat renu. Renu tells her to look in binoculars whether mahi is great.

Mahi is going to kitchen and tells rupa that it smells so pleasant. She asks whether or not she’s cooking for mamaji and offers her help. Rupa offers a bunch of labor and says she’s no longer cooking for mamaji. She’s preparing the whole lot for avneet as she’s coming these days. Mahi recollects mamaji saying that before her marriage with jogi, avneet and jogi’s alliance was fixed. Rupa asks mahi why she stopped and tells her to start preparations. Jogi gets excited listening to avneet is coming. He says it’s been years on account that he met and talked to her. Mahi looks on. Jogi continues talking about avneet that during youth she didn’t get disappointed simplest from him. She simplest were given disillusioned with him once when he became a person else’s husband even as gambling. She usually desired him to be her husband and she continually were given what she desired. Mahi tells him and you used to become her husband? He gets quiet realizing what he said. He says just in sport. She gets upset and leaves from there. Jogi follows her. Rupa tells beeji that avneet didn’t come but and mahi is on this situation. Imagine as soon as she comes and remains in the residence. Beeji asks what’s cooking in her thoughts? Rupa says nothing.

Jogi comes to their room and coughs loudly. Mahi tells him to visit his spouse if he’s feeling sick. He tries to hug her. She says, to his youth spouse. All people loves her simplest on this house. She takes out water in a tumbler and liquids herself. He says if avneet turned into on her location, then she would have given him water first and keep his lifestyles. That’s called true love. She pours water on his hand. He splashes water on her. She throws the water bottle at him. He tries to pour greater water on her. She fights to take the bottle returned and they each fall at the mattress. He kisses her brow. She smiles. He starts offevolved teasing her once more announcing now he understood why he changed into coughing. He has an hypersensitive reaction from burning matters. She asks what’s burning. He says, you. She pushes him and walks to leave. He holds her hand and begins praising beauty. She receives glad. However whilst she turns, she sees him looking at phone and speaking. She snatches the cellphone and it turned into a few random female. He hugs her and says, she’s medication for all his illnesses, all his sorrow. Nobody can take care of him higher than her. Avneet turned into his youth pal and those days are long past. He best desires mahi now till he dies now. She’s enough for him. She is still angry. He tells her that he has to recognize his early life friendship. His and her (mahi) courting is just precise. No person can in shape her. She is the whole thing for him. Jealously doesn’t in shape on her. She says why she could get jealous. She is his wife. Avneet wishes to be jealous. She then kisses him on his brow. They hear a car accident and pass out of doors.

Pappu receives dissatisfied seeing someone hitting his trendy automobile. Shalu asks the motive force to come out. She demands cash from him and asks whose home he came. He points at jogi’s residence. Pappu says that residence continually spoils his happy moments. Jogi and mahi come. Pappu asks if they have humanity. He is innocent, he doesn’t know all these video games. This doesn’t mean they get in the back of him. Absolutely everyone hits a modern day vehicle like that? Jogi asks him to calm down. Mahi asks what befell. Pappu says their visitor damaged his new automobile. Mamaji asks rupa who are the ones people. She says mahi’s family. Mamaji says they don’t recognize the way to recognize daughter’s in-laws. The driver says it befell by mistake. Jogi tells pappu to forgive the driving force. Pappu says a small sorry is not sufficient. He knows it’s their making plans. Jogi says it’s getting too much now. Seema interferes and tries to govern the situation. She tells jogi that he’s more youthful and asks him to mention sorry to pappu. Rupa says why he might apologize for this sort of small dent. Pappu asks does that appearance a small dent to her? He keeps arguing. Mahi says they didn’t even check if character internal vehicle is excellent or no longer. Jogi asks who’s in the automobile? The driving force says, madam. Each person asks her to come out. It’s avneet. She’s busy on her laptop. Pappu opens the auto door. Everyone appears on.

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