Teri Meri Ik Jindri 17th July 2021 Written Update


Teri Meri Ik Jindri 17th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 17th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On Multidesidrama

Episode Start: Jogi says it was for milk delivery. Renu arrives there. Guru ji says that Renu was also thankful to me. I thought she would succeed but I find she has other dreams. Renu says I will always do riyaz. Renu says should I try? He says yes Renu sings. jogi looks at him. Guru ji says start again. Jogi says no .. let me sing. She sings Renu sings with her. Mahi smiled. Guru Ji says you are still the same. Renu says that I have made a big mistake by skipping the Jogi song. You do not repeat the same mistake. riyaz can polish your skills. Guru ji says I have seen your videos. I can’t decide until I hear it in front of me. Will you sing Jogi nodded,

jogi sang his bhajan. Thank God Mahi. Guru Ji says you sing from the heart. But your heart does what it wants and you sing whenever you want. You have to capture your voice.

Renu came home. She sees the rope. Chanda says let me sing to you. Renu says what are you doing? “I kill people who are against me,” Chanda said. Renu says what are you doing? I am doing all this for you and Arjun. You have to fly high to blow them up. After the audition, the jogis will never sing again. How will Arjun control it? Do you doubt that? Pappu says Renu is fine.

Come Mahi to Biji, they both eat chocolate together. “says Mahi I knew Jogi was childish but Guru ji could make it better. We have to bring our own bebe. When she talks about Jogi’s abilities, she gets sad. If we are together, we can win this and make Jogi a star.

Jogis sing while working. Guru Ji listens. She enjoys He says I will show him the straight path. Mahi does arti. Mahi says please God show Jogi the right path. Biji makes tea. Biji says Rupa, taste this tea. Rupa is not in a good mood. Biji asked what happened? “she says We can’t have another guest in this house. Biji says he’s face of God. Don’t be bad about it. He’s here to make your son’s life. He can show us the path. Rupa says Mahi is forcing Jogi. Biji says the way his brain is, someone else must control him.

Mahi brought tea for the jogi. He cares about his face. He kisses her on the forehead and says you are very sweet. He says I’m ready. Let’s distribute. Mahi says ok I will go. He says no, I will come with you. Mahi says are you a jogi? He says yes, he is responsible. Mahi says heartily that you are making these excuses so you don’t have to sing.

Renu sings. When Seema came, she stopped. Seema says why did you stop? ” Renu says My life would have been different if I hadn’t stopped singing. I don’t want jogis to repeat the same mistake. If he learns from Guru Ji, his life can change. Seema says he sings very well. “Renu says But you need a spark and a will to do something. Jogi does not have.

Guru Ji brought out his belongings. Mahi asks why? He says there is no reason to stay. I asked Jogi a question, he did not answer. So I have no reason to stay. Jogi says I was thinking about it but there is still a lot of work to be done. he goes. Mahi says that he is sorry, Guru ji, I will convince him. He says no one can force him if he doesn’t want to. He’s talented but she can’t show it to the world. Mahi says one chance, please? He says I will only stay until 2. If you can’t tell me a reason, they won’t stop me. Episode End.

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