Teri Meri Ik Jindri 12th July 2021 Written Update


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If you want to read previous written updates for get in touch and click here

Teri Meri Ik Jindri 12th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 12th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On multidesiupdates 

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Scene 1 Mahi comes out and sees its car. She was shocked. Mahi cries. She remembers her moment in the car. Everyone comes out. Mahi hugged the car. Biji and Rupa hugged him. Jogi looked at him and smiled. Mahi said to Pankaj,. Jeju, thank you. He points and Jogi. Mahi hugged him. Jogi says how did you surprise me? Mahi says how did you do all this? He tells her his plan. Mahi remembers when she asked. His first plan failed and he made the next plan with Pankaj and Priya. Priya said you will need my help. Jogi wondered how he would go. He said coming out of the window. The boy was enjoying his magazine and said that all the models are in this magazine. Priya came there and said that you should also stay in this magazine. He said good car. Is this your video? He said yes. This is me. She is a big fan. I’m watching your racing videos.. Don’t embarrass me, he said.. I am Mona Singh, she says. I’m a senior executive at Stardust Magazine. He was shocked. He said this magazine?. I’m here to interview you, she says. We need some information.. Where did you get this car? He asked.. My father picked her up from someone’s house, he said. He said there are no papers? He said no, there are no papers.. I like bad boys, he said.. I’m a bad boy, he said. I break the signal all the time. I have broken all the rules. I bet on these races. I win all the time Jogi smiled. Jogi said that we are done. She left.. I’ll tell you when the story is published, he said. Priya gave Jogi a high five and said it was done.

They were happy. Mahi was upset with Jogi. She says it takes her a long time to take a shower. He said who takes so much time in the shower? Pankaj went to the boy’s house and showed him his son’s confession.. I’m very influential, he said. Let me call the commissioner. Jogi came there and said the commissioner has ordered us to arrest your son. Watch this video. This car is not in your name. The man said he could not repay our loan. Jogi said will you choose things? He said,. OK, I’ll get the car back. They gave him a car. Jogi says I loved you the most. Mahi says how do you love so much? He says you are God’s shadow to me. Your smile is my life. Mahi hugged him. She falls on jogi. jogi cares about his face. Everyone is ashamed. Scene 2

Renu and Shelley are playing wrestling.. You always beat me, says Renu. Renu says Mahi never attacked us. She is a good daughter, sister, and man. He forgave us. Shalu says her husband is also a good man. And her husband loves her too.. Our husbands don’t do that, says Renu.. But we can’t give up our marriages now, says Renu. Shalu says let’s help him indirectly. Renu says yes we will regret it. Mahi does Car’s pooja. She is very happy Jogi says that no one can stop your dreams now. Mahi says neither your voice. She says someone else has a right. They go to Shalu’s house. Mahi hugged Seema. Mahi says I have brought good news. Seema says am I going to be a nani?

She dances. Mahi says no .. my car is back. Everyone is surprised. Mahi says this pooja’s parsad. Seema is happy. Mahi says I will start my driving agian. Shalu says in the heart that only husbands like Jogi bring happiness in life. Pappu said wow great. Let’s eat with us Jogi says we are full. He says then drink tea. Seema says please. They all sit with him. Pappu asked How is this happiness? Mahi says ask the jogi. Jogi says it just happened. Pappu says that the Mahi is looking very happy. Be blessed Mahi says that the jogi also needs your blessing. Chanda asked why? Mahi says that Jogi is going to audition. Pappu says wow. No one can stop the jogi. He will definitely win. There is magic in her voice. Mahi says we have to go now. Pappu says always be happy. Let us know when you leave. He says Jogi is free for Jagrata? Mahi said yes. Pappu asks do you need money? Mahi says he will not take the money. Mahi go away. Pappu says he will take the money. Chanda says time will make a sad day for him.

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