Teri Meri Ik Jindri 12th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Starts: Avnit says I came to lend your husband for a night. Mahi says what are you saying? She says we have to relive old memories. I want to ask about you both, where did you meet, your likes, dislikes, weakness, let’s go Jogi. Jogi says I will be back. He says I am coming back in a bit.

Avnit’s room is decorated with a camp of lights. Jogi says wow this is so pretty. There are candies. Jogi says wow we used to love these. She says I wanted to make tonight special for us. So I relived our childhood. Jogi says I feel so happy. He eats the candies. Avnit looks at him. She comes close to Jogi and caresses his face. Jogi coughs. She says you eat like childhood. This is just the beginning. Jogi says you wanted to talk. She says tell me everything that I missed? Jogi says every day is the same. I feel LSD and sleep. Then go to deliver milk, then sleep. Then Mahi and bebe fight, then I solve it and sleep again. She smiles. He says why are you focusing on this rubbish? She says nothing related to you can be rubbish. He says if Mahi were in your place, she would says shut up. Stop talking rubbish and sleep. She says no one can have Avnit’s place in Jogi’s life. Jogi says meaning? She asks where did you meet Mahi? Jogi tells her everything and how they got married.

Jogi says it’s late. I am going, Mahi won’t sleep if I don’t go. Avnit holds his hand and says what if I detain you here? He says we are not the kids. I can blow you, you are so slim now. Okay I am going. Avnit doesn’t leave his hadn. Avnit says the power in the mind is nothing in front of power in hands. He says let’s talk tomorrow otherwise my wife would leave me. She says that’s good. Jogi says what? Avnit says at least you would know the pain of losing love. Jogi says losing Mahi would be the biggest pain. I can’t even think about it. Until she gets my hand as a pillow she doesn’t sleep. Avnit pulls him and says I am not talking about Mahi and you can’t go. I brought you here to talk.

Scene 2
Mahi waits for Jogi. She says it’s been 2 hours. Avnit is weird. She will do whatever she wants. Mahi looks at their photo and says I can’t sleep without your arm. Please come back. Avnit says I want to tell you something. Who else would I tell? I had been thinking I would tell you when we meet. Jogi asks what is it? She says only you can have answers to my questions. Jogi asks what is it? Avnit says I brought you here so I can tell you that.. there is no peace in my life. There is a success but not sleep. I am with so many people, yet alone. Jogi asks are you okay? She says yes but no. There is an absence in my life and only you can complete it. Jogi asks me, how? She says your voice. Jogi recalls how Mahi makes him sing. Jogi says I don’t sing anymore. Please don’t ask me to sing.

Mahi says it’s too late. Should I go and check? Avnit says do you remember, when we were in school, I had no other friends but you. Everyone would bully me, but you never let me feel bad. You would always make me smile. But.. you were my friend. I think now the meaning of friendship has changed. I am alone now. Jogi says don’t say that. Avnit hugs him. Jogi says everything is fine. I can’t sing, but I can sing you a lullaby. You will fall asleep.

Jogi sings a lullaby. Avnit sleeps in his lap. Jogi gives her a blanket and leaves. Mahi comes there.. She is angry. Jogi says I was coming to you. Mahi leaves in anger. Avnit wakes up.

Scene 3
Rupa shoves Seema and says this house and people here have insulted me a lot. Seema says no.. Rupa says shut up. don’t dare to cut me off again. The mistake you have done on greh parvesh, don’t do this again. This house isn’t Pappu’s anymore. This house is Avnit which means mine. And in my house, my rules work. Don’t forget you’re living here, you’re not the owner. The way you tried to intervene today, don’t dare to do it again. I will forget that I gave shelter to two homeless women. You have played enough. It’s time to take revenge. She leaves.

Avnit wakes up and hugs the cushion Jogi was asleep on. She drinks from his glass. She eats his leftover candies. Avnit sleeps on that cushion. She recalls Jogi said Mahi sleeps on his arm. Avnit says this pillow was mine once and Mahi took it from me. I came back to take what’s mine. Episode End.

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