Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th September 2021 Written Update


Read Tera Mera Saath Rahe 29th September 2021 Written Update: Nikhila Proud Of Gopika

Gopika ascends the ladder. Gopika predicts that I will fall. Ramila advises you to get it. Gopika remembers Nikhila requested that she keep it safe. Gopika receives the ring. Give it to me, Ramila says. Aashi says, “Give it to me.” Gopika, on the other hand, does not.

Nikhila inquires of Gopika as to their whereabouts. Did you happen to find them? Uma says to be from a small town. The pricey ring may have swayed her decision. My daughter-in-law gave me a diamond ring. It is important to have a sense of class. Give it to me, Ramila says. Gopika says that it is my responsibility. I can’t afford to lose it again. Aashi says she has begun to respond. Ramila climbs down the ladder. Gopika trips and falls. Uma advises you to contact the police.

Gopika, Aashi, and Ramila arrive. Nikhila inquires, “What happened to you both?” According to Gopika, I climbed… the thief. They converse with one another. Nihila instructs everyone to speak one at a time. Gopika, you tell me. I requested that you keep this ring safe. So, what’s the deal? Why wasn’t the ring in your room? And why is it in Aashi’s possession? According to Gopika, the ring was in my room when I fainted. A thief arrived and took the ring. Aashi fought him and regained possession of the ring. Baa asks, “Aashi, did you really fight the thief?” She agrees to mummy ji. Nikhila inquires, “How did you get this bruise?” According to Gopika, I had to climb up the tree to get it. Baa praises them both for their bravery.

Nikhila says Gopika is telling the truth, but is that all you said? Gopika says I told the truth about everything. Nikhila then says, “I am proud of you both.” I’d like you both to give it to Minal together. They present it to Minal as a group. Mr. Modi requires Minal to wear the ring. Nikhila refers to Gopika. Uma wishes to depart. Give her a proper send-off. Uma informs me that I must depart. Nikhila thinks my DILs are nice people. They don’t budge. They walk away. Nikhila tells Gopika, “I’m glad you did it.” Always keep a smile on your face; it makes you look more attractive. Gopika cracks a grin.

Aashi says I’ve earned my spot. Let’s check, Ramila says. Minal summons Aashi. What’s the reason for your tears? Ramila says she won’t say anything. Chiragh says you’re free to tell us. Ramila says she can do anything for her family, but she believes she is falling short. What exactly does Minal say? Ramila asks, “Do you remember how her wedding was?” She arrived at the mandap at the last minute. She had no idea if you would accept her. She became emotional after receiving some respect today. We are proud of what you accomplished today, according to Minal. Chirgah is fortunate to have you as a wife. Chiragh believes I am. Ramila sister, you are also a part of our family, says Minal. Tomorrow is the Navratri festival.

Gopika recalls Nikhila complimenting her work. But, as Aashi points out, Gopika is still present. Ramila says that I will have her evicted from this house. Gopika tells Baa, “I feel so good with all of Maa’s love.” Saksham mulls over what Gopika said. He washes it. Gopika says I’ll clean up the shambles. He says it’s fine. Didn’t you eat, according to Gopika? He says that we all fast during Navratri. Will you, as this house’s DIL, do it as well? She responds, “Yes, I will.” He says to have brought you food. If you eat now, you will feel better tomorrow.

The Navratri pooja begins. On this day, Nikhila says, we’ll give Mataji a diamond necklace. It’s something I’ve been doing. My Gopika, on the other hand, will do it this time. Bring the necklace we got for Mata ji, Gopika. A woman commands a halt. Episode end. Episode end.

Precap: Nikhila says a competition will be held to determine who is the most efficient and brave DIL. Mata Rani will receive the necklace from her. Aashi tries to divert Gopika’s attention and deceive her.

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