Tera Mera Saath Rahe 18th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Nikhila says i’m here to wish that my Saksham gets an honest wife and that i get an honest DIL. Kamila and Aashi arrive outside the house. She says it’s such a big palace. Kamila says our days would be changed once you’re married to him. a lady says to stay in line. you have to submit the design during this line. Kamila says we are VIP. Chiragh says Aashi.. i’m Saksham’s brother. Kamila says see they recognized us. Chiragh says Saksham asked to escort you. He sees her design and says it’s so pretty. Did you make it? Kamila says of course. Who else would?

Gopika says when will someone extend their hand to me? Nikhila says God gives you help but when you do something yourself. Be with your own self. Stop crying, go ahead. i know God will help. Gopika wipes her tears. She recalls what Nikhila said. She comes outside and the thread Nikhila dropped. Gopika runs after her but Nikhila leaves. A rickshaw says i will take you to her. She follows him in the rickshaw.

Aashi and Kamila enter the house. Kamila says you have to win this match. Touch Nikhila’s feet. a lady says your son is back after years, you want to be very happy right? Kamila says looks like that’s Nikhila Modi. It’s Rani. Kamila says this is Aashi, my daughter. i’m Kamila. She is Saksham’s mother. My daughter made these designs. She’s so talented. THat’s why Saksham chose her. She’s shocked. Kamila says Saksham didn’t tell you? Aashi works with Saksham. they will spend a good life together. I wasn’t sure if you would like her. Rani says if Saksham likes her then what’s left?

Gopika arrives outside. She sees the fountain and smiles. Gopika asks where can she find Mrs. Modi? She says she did pooja for her son. She should get her thread. Saksham arrives. Women surround him. Gopika tries to sneak it. The waiter gives her a dish to serve. She goes inside. Chiragh says thousands of girls are here for you. Saksham says but why is badi maa doing this? Chiragh says to get you the best wife.

Saksham says i will need to go for maa. I don’t feel like it. His dad comes and says you keep taking your mom’s name. You came after a year and didn’t even come to meet me? Saksham says business meetings need an agenda to meet. we could meet at the meeting tomrorow. He says we aren’t related by the business only. We are related by blood today. There are so many proposals for you. He says there are not any relationships in business and you taught me that. So better leave it. He says how can i leave it? I earned it all for you, for my heir. Now it’s your turn. Give this family an heir. Saksham says wow. You had tension when there was no heir. Now there is an heir, you would like another one. For no heir, you gave this family so much stress. then you gave so much tension to the heir. you know why I avoid you? You were only a business head. Never a father. you have made badi maa cry a lot. For an heir? He says you can’t blame me. This family needed an heir. Saksham says the family needed it but the decision had to be maa’s Now it’s my choice and that i won’t give this family an heir. I have found a girl who has agreed to my condition and that i will introduce her to maa in the party. Mr. Modi leaves in anger.

Nikhila hears it. She is shocked. She says what kind of girl is that who agreed to his stupid condition? i would like a wife for him who doesn’t follow him but stand with him and walk step by step with him as a partner. The girl who agreed to not being a mother for him, she can’t be my DIL. i will decide who becomes my DIL.

Gopika enters the house. She says where do I find her? Kamila says to Aashi look at that woman. She’s going towards Saksham’s mom. She looks like a girl’s mom. Let’s stop her. They stop Nikhila and say where are you going? Nikhila says who are you? Kamila says i’m a woman and she’s my daughter. We are the to be DIL and relative of this house. Why are you after Saksham? a woman who is after a rich guy for her daughter? But let me tell you. Saksham has chosen the girl for himself. People here have a big heart. Have dinner before leaving. Nikhila is shocked.

Chiragh announces my brother is back after a year. This party is to welcome him back. Let’s welcome him on stage. Saksham comes on stage. Kamila says to Nikhila this is Saksham, my SIL to be. Nikhila says okay. Chiragh says this award will be given to the jewellery design competition’s winner. Saksham will choose the design of the winner. All the designs are on the screen. Gopika sees her design on the screen. Saksham says stop. Gopika says that’s my design. Saksham says the design we were looking for the idol is this. Let’s welcome the one who made it. Please join us on stage. Kamila says to Aashi let’s go. Gopika walks towards the stage. Aashi and Kamila see her they’re shocked. they make her fall. Gopika falls. Kamila and Aashi walk over her and go to the stage. Gopika is shocked. Saksham says Aashi? You made this design? Kamila says yes, you chose her, she’s so talented. Saksham says this design is so pure like Krishna’s Gopi made it. Gopika is in tears. Chiragh says give her the award. Saksham says no, my mom Nikhila Modi will give this award. Nikhila walks towards the stage. Aashi and Kamila are shocked. Nikhila hugs Saksham. She says thank you for coming to this party and taking part. Episode ends.

Precap: The chandelier falls. there’s fire in the house. Nikhila asks everyone to run out. She says to Gopika leave , your life is danger. Nikhila is stuck herself. Gopika says give me your hand. She pulls her out. Episode ends.

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