Tera Mera Saath Rahe 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode starts: Saksham and Ashi stucks in the traffic. Sakshm tells Ashi that they need to find another route. Ramila comes there and introduces her as Ashi’s mother then makes a way for his or her car. Ashi comes to the house. Gopika gets happy and tries to hug her but Ashi gives the bags and asks her to take inside. Gopika lifts the luggage . Ramila tells Saksham that their house isn’t that huge like his. Saksham tells that it’s the people who matters. Then he helps Gopika to lift the bag. Ramila scolds Gopika for not doing an easy work properly. Gopika thanks Saksham and leaves the place. Saksham asks Ashi to be ready for the party. Ramila asks them to speak and leaves. Ashi thanks Saksham for accepting her as his soon to be wife. Saksham tells Ashi its Mithila who will take this decision about his bride then leaves the place.

Mithila asks the workers have they done everything as per her instructions and says that she cant afford any mistake because after one long year her son is coming to the house. Saksham’s mother tells Mithila that she dont have to worry because she checked everything. Mithila says to her that she isn’t doubting her but she dont want any mistakes to happen then she saw the flower which is dull so gets angry and asks her worker about this. Everyone gets worried. Saksham arrives. Chirag tells that Saksham is here. Mithila and everybody gets happy. Saksham enters the house and tries to take Mithila’s blessings but she scolds him saying that he has to take his Mother’s blessings first. Saksham tells that he wants to see is Mithila changed or not that’s why he did this then he goes and takes his mother and Mithila’s blessings. His grandmother comes there and he gives her a make up thing she jokes that she must hide it from Thejal then she asks Mithila to does aarti for Saksham who obliges and does his aarti then asks to meet his father. Saksham ignores her request saying that he will meet him within the party. Chirag tells Saksham about Mithila’s advertisement also the so many girls who wanted to satisfy him. Saksham looks at Mithila and leaves. Thejal says to her mother that Sakshman didnt changed at all. Mithila tells it’s due to the upbringing which she has given also asks Thejal to spend time along with her to learn all this.

Ashi gives her members of the family gifts. Her father and brother gets happy. Gopika asks Ashi is she bought anything for her. Ashi takes the used dupatta which has ink it also she gives that to Gopika saying that it’s the trend now to wear such dupattas. Gopika thanks her. Then goes to form thepla for Ashi. Ashi asks Ramila how she goes to Mithila. Ramila sees the advertisement of Milthila within the news paper so she asks Ashi to not to worry and goes to Gopika. Thejal says to her mother that its not right that Saksham is taking Mithila’s blessings first before his own mother’s. But her mother tells that she don’t feel bad for that because Mithila sacrificed so much for this family now she wont understand but as time passes she will also understand everything then leaves. Ramila shows Gopika the advertisement and asks her to draw a design. Gopika recalls how Ramila punished her so she hesitates but Ramila manipulates Gopika by saying that she and Ashi is same to her. She wants her to ascertain achieve her dreams then asks Gopika to design. Gopika agrees. Ashi asks Ramila Ramila whatever she told is faithful which Ramila tells that she is using Gopika’s talent on their favor to impress Mithila. Ashi gets happy.

Thejal decides to go the parlour to get ready for the evening party. Milthila stops Thejal and says to seem good the person has to have Pure intentions so asks her to return to the temple saying that she prayed god to meet once Saksham comes to the house also she wants God’s help to find the right bride for Saksham. Ashi gets ready and searches for her eyeliner which Ramila uses. Gopika comes there getting ready with the design in her hand. Ramila takes it also asks her to go and change her hairstyle then she asks Ashi to hurry before Gopika comes. when they both gets into the car they gets shocked seeing Gopika there. On her way to the party venue Gopika practices her speech. Ramila gets an idea seeing the temple she asks Gopika to require God’s blessings first. Gopika goes out of the car then she gets shocked seeing that Ramila and Ashi is leaving. She questions Ramila’s intentions then scolds for doubting her. Gopika then asks god when she will to, she’s going to” she is going to become an understanding person like Ashi also mamaji told that god will sends someone to help her when she is going to meet that person. Mithila enters the temple. Episode ends.

Precap: Mithila tells a crying Gopika that Lord Krishna will help but they have to fight their own battle so asks to go and fight her own battle. Gopika enters the party venue. Saksham asks the person to come forward who made this beautiful design for Lord Krishna. Gopika thinks it’s her and decides to go to the stage but Ramila sees and makes her fall to the bottom. Gopika falls and the contents within the tray also falls down.

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