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Episode sart: Shaksham displays the purchase bill and the name of Gopi is written on it. Shaksham yells at Gopi that you lied to my mother so that you will not go for the ceremony to reveal your face. Nikhila says she has a speech to give. Shaksham then says Raashi can, but Gopi, and I’m not going to come to the ceremony, he’s leaving angrily. Gopi says I tell Nikhila the truth, I didn’t order anything, I tell you the truth. There’s a mistake. Nikhila looks and asks Raashi to go to their rooms. Gopi shouts and remembers the hurtful words of Shaksham.

Nikhila tells Baa that Gopi is a brave girl, she would have accepted if she had ordered the items. She wouldn’t lie. She wouldn’t lie about it. Something is wrong and I’m going to find out the truth. How did the name of Gopi come on that bill? Outside of the jewellery shop Tejal finds Hiten. She’s asking him to come in. Hiten says no, I like being outside. I like to stand outside. Tejal is coming to Chiragh and tells us to go. He leaves. He leaves. He leaves his card, the shopkeeper says. Ramila’s telling me to give it, he’s telling Shaksham Modi to write on. Ramila also says he’s my lawyer’s son. She’s taking the card and thinks why Chiragh paid for the card of Shaksham?

Raashi doesn’t even think I ordered it with so much love. I just want to check what the items are. She’s going to check the bags. Nikhila comes and says that anyone who has ordered it has a cheap choice. Look at these clothes, they’re so cumbersome. Raashi says no, they’re all fashionable. Maybe you’re right, I mean. She leaves. She leaves from there. Nikhila is looking on. Looks on. Gopi looks at the discourse and shouts, remembering how Shaksham said they were not going to the revelation ceremony. Baa comes and says that you have to feel bad. Maa gave me such a large responsibility, Gopi says, but I let her down. Raashi’s going to give a good speech, I know. Something else, I wanted to say too. He doesn’t seem happy, I think Shaksham’s mistreated with me, I could do something wrong. Baa says that you both have time for each other to know each other, Shaksham talks less, but he’ll open him up if he knows how sweet you are. Raashi is coming and says I need the help of Gopi.

Raashi gets ready and tells Gopi I need to get ready and speak. So massage my feet, you are free. Gopi says, yes, I have massaged your feet for a long time. Gopi begins to massage her feet. Nikhila is coming and saying stop. She’s asking what’s happening? Raashi says that Gopi forced me to have a massage, I said no, but she didn’t listen. Gopi is frightened and says yes. Nikhila tells Gopi that from now on you won’t do Raashi’s work. Nikhila tells Raashi you spoke before everybody so get ready. Raashi is saying yes. Nikhila is looking on. Looks on. Raashi calls Ramila and shows her new clothing. She says I want to get my shopping, but Nikhila’s a hitler. Ramila says she does nothing, she keeps an eye on you. Raashi says I’ve got to go because everybody has to wait for me. Raashi comes out of her room with some sauce thrown by Nikhila. I’m sorry, Nikhila says I slipped on you, it fell on you. I’ll ask Gopi to give you another shopping dupatta she got. Raashi thinks that I can now use my items.

Everybody is called to the lounge by Nikhila. The shopping is also there. Nikhila says to Gopi you have shopping so you can give Raashi a dupatta? Gopi is tensed and the boxes are checked. Nikhila says all the items have been ordered so you must know where the dupatta is. Raashi is assisting Gopi and telling her to check the box. In it Gopi finds a dupatta. Nikhila says wow, Raashi might think the right box. Gopi gives the dupatta to her. Raashi says I didn’t order that. Nikhila says it means that all that you ordered? Raashi gets tense and agrees it was ordered by her. Episode end.

Precap: Nikhila tells the family that Gopi is going to deliver a speech to the media. Her husband says it’s about our honour. Nikhila says I have confidence in my bahu Gopi. Gopi gets and is tensed on the stage.

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