Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 18th September 2021 Written Update


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Episode start: Popatlal greeting to all Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. Sodhi says that they are going to pray to Lord Ganesh to get his life partner for Popatlal in this year. Popatlal says that they are against the order of Lord Ganesh and that Lord Ganesh may get upset. Taarak says that they have already decided and that the subject should not be brought back or confusion will arise. Bapuji says Bhide got the dream and Bhide decided to take Lord Ganesh, so there’s no point to talk about that. Jethalal says Bhide didn’t arrive yet.

All the people call Bhide out. Sonu enters the gallery and says that in 2 minutes they are coming. Bapuji asks Komal whether all the preparations have been made. Komal says all the preparations have been done. All the ladies are complimented by Taarak. With Sonu and Madhavi, Bhide comes down. Sodhi tells Lord Ganesh that they can go. Bapuji sees Bhide concerned and asks him what happened. What happened? Madhavi says Bhide couldn’t sleep all night because he’s confused or unlikely to take Lord Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh came into his dream and told him they all were supposed to come to take him. Jethalal lies. Madhavi’s getting glad. In Bapuji, Bhide asks Jethalal to swear. Jethalal says that he doesn’t trust the promise. Bhide says Jethalal lies. Madhavi asks Jethalal why he’s been lying. Jethalal said he wanted to keep Bhide happy and take Lord Ganesh so he lied.

Bhide says they’re going to go to Lord Ganesh. Sodhi asks the band to play. The members of Gokuldham are dancing and all the drums are tearing. The worries of Bhide. Jethalal is asking Sodhi to take his drum. Sodhi says his cousin’s drum has been taken. Jethalal says that they can use a spoon and plates as they can.

Suddenly it begins to rain. Members of Gokuldham take shelter inside the pandal. Lord Ganesh says Bhide does not want them to take him. It’s a coincidence, Iyer says. Bapuji says they’re going to go to Lord Ganesh and requests an umbrellas from Tapu-Sena. The umbrella flies because of the breeze. Bapuji says he doesn’t want Lord Ganesh to come and take him.

Bhide says they’re supposed to stay and pray. Everyone begins to pray. Someone gets Lord Ganesh into the society of Gokuldham. Everybody’s getting happy. Episode end.

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