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Read Shakti 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Virat Confronts Parmeet And Daljeet

Virat is shattered and he realises the truth and remembers Heer’s moments. From there he stops and shouts Heer somewhere. He goes. He struck his hand on the car and wondered why? He sees the old man standing on the taxi stand speaking with somebody. He’s going to the old guy. It’s shocking the old man to see him. Daljeet is calling on Parmeet to take action. Harman and Soumya put the same trap and murdered your father as we murdered Heer, Parmeets says. There’s Virat coming. He runs to Parmeet, hugs him, shouts. Parmeet says to Virat that Harman and Soumya killed your father and made suicides for stories. They are not letting Police do an enquiry and they sent a fake letter to the father, she says. Heer went with her wish. Where is Heer, Virat asks? Daljeet asks if Dad isn’t sad. Virat asks him to stop him and tells them where he is in the dark in my own house, where he is? Parmeet says you’re mad, how to think we’re innocent. It’s enough of your lies until Virat says when you’re going to lie. He says why Dad is punished, asks whether Harman and Soumya have become mad for Heer’s justice. He says I’m mad in town to look for her. He says he’s done so much with Heer and because of you people I hurdle Soumya and Harman. You are brainwashed, says Daljeet. Virat says why Dad’s the same thing happened to Heer. The first letter he says comes with the black rose, and then he’s attached to Heer, and asks if the body is found.

Virat says that my brother’s guilty and that you hid it from him to hide his sin. My Heer has said that he has raised her voice against him, so you have chastised her. He tells Parmeet he wanted to be a DJ from childhood and his father always tells me I am stupid and he doesn’t like it, but you used to struggle with his father and say that it is my happiness. They’re lying, Parmeet says, the evidence we killed. Virat breaks things, and says that you have not left the evidence, so I search everywhere for her. He says, I’ll be peaceful and be patient if you accept that you killed Heer. We did nothing, Parmeet says, confide in me. Heer’s got into a bus, Daljeet says, a taxi driver. Virat tells me that your testigo held me dark and the old man calls inside me. There comes Old Man. Old Man. Virat says I went to the bus booth to check all CCTV video footage. He says he met the old man who said some man gave Heer the bag and the money to tell him about that. He said he met the old man. He says he’s the same man who murdered Kareena and says he’s going to search him and make his declaration against him. He says I’m going to send both of you into prison. I’m your mother, Parmeet says, and he’s your brother. Virat’s dealings with them are breaking. What are you saying, Daljeet asks? Virat slaps him and tells him sufficiently.

Daljeet tells you got your hand up on me. Virat says yes because I can’t raise my mother’s hand and say that I won’t tell anyone that your son’s love has been killed, otherwise all the sons’ mothers will be deprived of their faith. He goes to Gurwinder and says that everything you know is Heer dead and anything with her happened. He says your husband is an upsetter. Then you stood and looked silently at everything. I called you “Bhabhi Maa,” he said, but you showed that a wife of a guilty man is guilty. Sweetheart shouts. He said that now you are not my friend or Bhabhi. It’s a lie, Daljeet says. Virat is knocking him over and over, saying I won’t bear if you lie again. The day he searches for the goon that killed Kareena and makes his statement against them he asks them to wait. She asks her to be afraid of Harman and Soumya, as her hands may shake but she won’t shake her hands to get Heer’s justice. He says that before that goon is found they might take justice. Soumya is in the room to watch Heer’s boxing gloves teary eyes. Parmeet says that you have prepared her with all your efforts to battle with the world. Soumya remembers her moments and says we couldn’t save her then. Parmeet says that since she was born her world is going all around Heer. She remembers her work and asks who I’m going to live for? She’s been our lives, Soumya says, and somebody has taken them from us. She says we won’t cry out and punish her criminal, so her soul is peacefully leaving this world.

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