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Read Shakti 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Soumya Warns Angel To Stay Away From Baby

Preeto says, “I don’t understand how such people get bail; she’s free; do something and get her locked up again.” He says, “Look at their bravery, they were attempting to kidnap the baby and take it away from there.” Chintu claims that while everyone is concerned about the girl, no one is concerned about my mother, who has a head injury. Soumya says we’re thinking about the girl because she was just saved, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about Raavi. They will not understand, according to Chintu, until this baby mourns. Harman yells Chintu. Chintu says, “Why don’t you understand that kinnars must stay in their community?” and asks them to understand the gravity of their actions by sending goons. He says we’ve already seen so much destruction as a result of this house, and he says you want to drown with the rest of us. He invites Raavi to accompany him and claims that they can’t see anything else but this girl. He asks if you’ve realized who is your own and who is a stranger.

Angel’s house is visited by the police. The door is opened by a kinnar. Preeto and Soumya enter the house. Preeto retorts, “How dare you send goons to my house to kidnap the girl?” Soumya claims you began doing what you are good at as soon as you were released on bail. Angel asks if they can’t live without her and asks how she can send goons when she just got out of jail. She claims Soumya has many enemies and wonders why you are after us. Other kinnar believe Gurumaa is a God, and you are not a member of our community. She claims you got married and are still living at home. Angel, according to other kinnar, is not like you; she is fighting for us; what proof do you have that she sent goons to your house? Soumya claims that you believe Angel stood by the Kinnar community and that I have done nothing for you all up to this point. She says Angel will sell you all for money very soon, and she says she doesn’t have any proof this time, but she will catch you red-handed the next time. She warns her to avoid them and departs. Angel is warned by the police to stay within her limits or she will be imprisoned indefinitely. They walk away.

Angel enters the room and orders the goons to leave. She says you couldn’t kidnap a small girl and wonders if he filled the body with air and got caught. He inquires, “Did anyone see your face?” The goon declines and inquires as to what should be done next. Angel says, “I’ll handle it,” and motions for them to leave. Her kinnar appears and says, “Take yesterday’s earnings.” Angel claims that my mood had improved after seeing the money. She claims to have made a lot of money in a single day. Angel keeps the money in the locker and tells her kinnar that when she gets the girl, the locker will be completely stocked with cash and she will be able to realize her dream. The doorbell rings. Angel asks that another kinnar open the door. Chintu shows up. He enters and says, “I heard you’re Kinnar’s head, but it appears you’re also the one who can just clap; you couldn’t kidnap a small girl.” Angel describes you as a small boy for us. Chintu claims that we agreed on a deal in which you would get the deal and I would get rid of her. He claims that I took a risk by opening the door, and that your goons couldn’t kidnap the girl. Angel tells him she has a good plan this time and tells him to go home and relax.

Soumya notices the baby sleeping on Preeto’s lap. Harman claims she slept peacefully in Preeto’s lap while thinking of her mother. Harman claims that we must deal with Angel in order to save this baby. He claims that we have no evidence that the goons were sent by Angel or anyone else. Preeto is certain that this is Angel’s work. Soumya recalls Chintu’s words about Parmeet and Sant Baksh’s support. Preeto dials Soumya’s number. Soumya ji, aunty is telling you something, says Virat. Soumya claims that this baby is in danger outside, but if she can stay safe here, she will be fine. Harman inquires as to why you think this way. Soumya claims that only the people who are staying here want the baby to stay, but the rest of the family does not. She claims that if that man was her father, he would not want her to live. She describes how we will protect the girl from the rest of the family. Preeto says, “I’ll handle them,” and tells them to go rest. Harman tells Soumya not to think too hard about it and promises that they will accept this baby one day. He claims it took them some time to accept you. Soumya recalls Preeto’s hostility toward her. Harman claims it took them a long time to accept Heer, and once they did, she became their life. He claims that this girl will also remain here. Soumya says Heer was your blood, Mahi, and your daughter, which is why they accepted her, but this baby will not be accepted by the family easily, and it will be difficult for her here. But, as Harman points out, Soumya claims that if Mummy ji and you had not accepted her, she would not be here, and possibly not in this world. She says we couldn’t do anything because society’s thinking is hard to change, but she has thought of something so that the family problem is resolved and this girl’s upbringing is successful. Episode end.

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