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Read Shakti 16th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Raavi Gets Back In Her Senses

Episode start: Harman telling Chintu that even today, he regards him as chota recharge and can kick him if he wants. He says you are two steps ahead of your father and attempted to kill Soumya and me, with Heer’s murderers help. Chintu says he is not chota recharge and is grown up now, can use both hands and legs when the time is needed. Harman asks him to raise hand on him. Harak Singh says spoilt kids will mend their ways this way. Preeto stops Harak Singh and says he is devil’s son and asks Harman to do whatever he can to bring him on the right track, says I will handle Soumya. Harman goes. Chintu asks Preeto to raise hand on him, why she is provoking Harman. Preeto slaps him repeatedly and says you have grown up infront of me, you will betray me. Chintu pushes her. Harman comes back and holds Preeto. He asks if you are fine. Preeto says yes. Harman brings stick to beat Chintu. Chintu laughs and says you brought this. He says Harman Singh is going to be master ji and I’m scared I’m going to beat me now. He says touch me and I’m going to kick everybody out. He says it’s all about my father even now. Harman hits him with a stick and slaps him. Chintu falls down. Chintu falls down. Harak Singh asks Harman to stop it and tells him that he’s a kid. Preeto does not ask him to stop Harman. Harak Singh asks Veeran to stop him from doing so. Veeran says that he’s going to die. Preeto asks him to stay at a distance. Harman is still beating Chintu. Harak Singh says that I’m going to call Soumya. Preeto says that I’m not frightened of her. Soumya asks Virat to think little and give himself time. Virat says all right. Harak Singh calls Soumya and asks her to come home quickly, because Harman beats Chintu, and Preeto does not stop me. He asks her to come quickly home. Soumya says that I’m going to come soon. Virat asks what happened? What happened? Soumya says it’s all right, she’s going to go home and come back soon. She’s asking him to sleep and take care of him. Virat asks her not to take his tension but to go. Soumya goes and thinks Mata Rani is going to handle until I get home. Harman is still beating Chintu. Soumya is coming and holding Harman’s stick to ask what he is doing? Harman asks her to move back and tells her you spoiled him. Soumya says I said no one’s going to scold him and you’re going to beat me. You think if you beat him, he will mend his ways. He hated us and his hatred won’t end like this.

Preeto asks what to do, we’re going to wear his misconduct and love him. Oh old lady, Chintu says. Preeto says we’re no longer going to carry him and asks why you carry. Soumya says our family is breaking and we can’t have more to suffer. She says that Virat is in that condition, that Raavi is not in her senses and that he (Chintu) was bitter as he lost his father. Preeto says you’re blind and you can’t see anybody’s bad. Soumya turns to Chintu and says I’m going to bring you ointment. He says that I’m done with your drama; I won’t forget that you’re the murderer of my dad, I won’t leave anybody. He says I’m not going to leave anybody and he goes there. Soumya says Chintu is our responsibility and we must deal with him intelligently. Preeto says Soumya… they just see Chintu taking Raavi. Chintu says party took place that day and everybody saw gun in my dad’s hand. He says this will happen even today. He pulls the weapon and says, Soumya shot my father in self-defense. He says it’s going to repeat the same thing today. Harman Singh took me up and beat me for my estate, and today, I’ll also shoot Harman Singh in self-defence. Just as Soumya has been saved, so will I be saved. Soumya is asking him to hold down the gun. Preeto asks Soumya, who she favoured, if she saw. Chintu asks her to stop it and says after Harman Singh, it’s your turn. Harman is trying to snatch his hand on the gun. Preeto is asking Harak Singh to stop it. Harak Singh also tries with Veeran’s help to snatch the weapon. Raavi witnesses it all and comes back to her senses, reminiscent of the death of Balwinder. The pistol falls near Raavi. Chintu is pushing them to pick the weapon. Raavi selects the weapon. Harak Singh, Preeto and others are glad to see her back. Harak Singh says that you have back your memory. Soumya and Preeto are hugging her. Mata Rani says Soumya has heard us. She tells Raavi it’s her Chintu. Raavi drops the gun and rises from the wheelchair and asks if he’s her chintu. Chintu’s saying yes. She hugs and yells at him. She yells. Everyone looks at mother-son union emotionally and happily. Episode end.

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