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Read Shakti 14th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Virat Witnesses His Family’s Truth!

Episode start: Harman tells Soumya that she took the side of Chintu. He’s their Chintu, she said. If that was the case, then Heer’s fight would be on their side. He’ll make sure Chintu regrets if he survives today. Sant Baksh says enough about the drama of the family. He’d hit Harman with a stick. Soumya is coming in and taking the hit. Harman is trying to fight, but he is attacked by Daljeet. Parmeet takes Soumya and says she has brought Heer into the life of Virat and has spoiled her life. She hits a pistol on her head and falls next to Harman on the floor. Harman and Soumya hold hands each other. Preeto prays. Preeto prays. Harak Singh joins her. Join her. You swear until Harman and Soumya come back and stand there holding a diya.

Virat comes down and bears witness to the truth of his family. Sant Baksh says he’s having fun, right? He’s having fun. Chintu says he can’t say how much he enjoys. He feels like partying today. Sant Baksh says he can party with his dad. He’s going to send him to his dad. Chintu’s outraged. Soumya says, don’t touch Chintu, please. Chintu says, just shut up. Shut up. Your drama is not going to work here. I hate you, I hate you. I’m still going to hate you even if I die today. Sant Baksh tells Chintu that he confessed it all, so he has to kill him. Tomorrow he can tell Virat everything. He’s not weak, Chintu laughs. He tells them about the installation of cctv cameras by Soumya and Harman. He says he knows the exact location of the cameras. It was Soumya and Harman’s plan to make him all confess, so that they could record all in the camera. Sant Baksh asks all the cameras to be removed from his men. Chintu stops telling them that if they move, he’s going to call the police. He’s telling Sant Baksh to let go of him. He’s going to give them the place once he’s outside. Sant Baksh agrees to that. He’s going to give their death news at home, Chintu tells Soumya and Harman.

After some time, Parmeet receives a call from Chintu and he gives her cameras location. Harman tries to stop men from picking up cameras in Sant Baksh. Sant Baksh points at him with a gun saying that he will not give up until he dies. He shot a bullet, but Virat went into it and rescued Harman. The family of Virat is shocked to see him. Soumya and Harman go to the recording device quietly and take the storage drive. Virat says this is my family. This is my family. You lied to me, again you betrayed me. You wouldn’t have killed my heer if you even loved me a little. Together with Heer, you murdered Gitu and her dad. My family doesn’t have any respect. Everyone is murderers. He tells Daljeet he’s upset about the raping of Gitu. Harman and Soumya have evidence and will hand it over to the police. He asks his family to give up the world, saying that a son has punished his family for killing his love.

Parmeet asks Virat, are you going to send us to prison? We have raised you, we have given you so much love. That girl came yesterday and destroyed your life. We couldn’t see. We couldn’t see it. We haven’t said anything yet. But it was our respect now. With Gitu, she tried to destroy them. What could I do? What could I do? You’re going to comprehend me, right? You’re my blood. You’re my blood. He pushes her hand and says, don’t tell anybody outside. I’m disgusted that in that family I was born. You’re digusted, she says? He says yes. He says yes. She says her men are holding Virat and killing Harman and Soumya. DIG is coming with policemen. Virat says I called the police and shared the spot. Harman gives DIG proof. Soumya says that three of them have confessed to their crime and asks DIG to punish them on this evidence, and to give Heer justice. DIG says they’re certainly going to be punished for their crime. Arrested are Sant Baksh, Parmeet and Daljeet. Virat looks at the chair and recalls Heer. Heer. He says, Heer, forgive me. I can’t save you, but I’m going to make sure you get justice. Episode end.

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