Shakti 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Shakti 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Chintu Helps The Criminals Trio, Harman And Soumya In Danger

Episode start: Parmeet looks at the rope that is burning. Daljeet tells her mother and looks at her with frightened face. Soumya says Heer’s going to get justice today and I’m going to force you to confess crime. She asks her to keep her gun down and her husband is going to be killed. Parmeet says whoever would kill someone doesn’t do this drama and when you kidnapped him you would have killed him. You kidnaped him and made us afraid when Daljeet came out, you caught him and I understood your game. She even says that I know the game and that she made some men go behind every house member. She’s asking the goons to come in. The goons come inside and aim at Harman and Soumya with a pistol. Soumya says this game was initiated by you, but I will end it, today you’re going to confess to your mouth, otherwise the death drama of your husband becomes reality. Sant Baksh doesn’t nod. No. What crime does Parmeet say? Do you still think I killed Heer, she says? She says she’s runaway girl and eloped, and in her escape we have no hand. She’s asking her to give her away, else she’s going to shoot her. Soumya is asking her to shoot and says that even if I lose my life, I don’t regret it, asks her to shoot and says she is pushing away.

Virat awaits the goon for awareness and runs. The goon becomes aware and runs. Virat thinks it’s running and making me reach Veer Ji. Soumya asks Parmeet to shoot and tells her that you’re a mother who injustified her son, snatched his love, and planned a major conspiracy. She asks which mother you’re, and asks her to throw the weapon. She says I say that I’m going to press this button for the last time. Just then someone throws a glass bottle on Soumya’s hand, and the distance from her hand falls down. Parmeet uses the situation and takes the distance. Her goons are asked to hold Harman and Soumya. The goons hold Harman and Soumya, while Sant Baksh’s rope opens another goon. Daljeet is free and the chair falls down when the rope is burning. He is looking at Sant Baksh and Parmeet and tells his father, his mother. Chintu makes an entry, he’s the one who threw the hand of Soumya with the bottle. He looks at Parmeet, Sant Baksh and Daljeet. Chintu smiles. He smiles. Who are you, Parmeet asks? Chintu says that since morning I have been following them and have come here. It’s Angad Singh, he says, Chintu. He says that he is the son of Raavi and Balwinder Singh. He says that Soumya killed my father and made the lifeless body of my mother. He says I knew there’s going to be something here, so that’s why I come here. Parmeet asks why are you going to assist us? Chintu says whoever is against Soumya, I’m going to help him. He asks them to continue and punish them, and I’m going to sit and enjoy them. He says I’ve got nothing to do with Heer, I can’t prove Soumya killed my dad. I’m going to watch and be light lipped. Daljeet says so you are like us too, they have been troubled. He says we’re going to give the world that lesson. He says I guarantee your dad’s peace. Sant Baksh is smiling and selecting the rod.

Preeto said to Mata Rani that she knows that the death of Heer is not your choice, and today, Harman and Soumya went to seek her justice and said that if something happened to them, then I will forget you and deny your identity. She asks her not to do more harm and to do justice. She lights the diya and holds on her hand and says that I’m standing by the lamp until Harman and Soumya come back to me until Heer gets justice. Virat follows goon. Virat follows goon. Daljeet is the goon. The call is picked by Daljeet. Your brother caught me in the goon, but I escaped. He asks where you are? Daljeet says the storey ends today and they’re going to kill it. He says they’re in the same village where Heer was killed. The goon says all right and goes. Virat follows him. Virat follows him. Sant Baksh is telling Harman and Soumya that you wanted to know who killed Heer and to confess that we killed him. He says that we will fulfil the wishes of the dying. He says we’ve killed and laughed at your Heer. He says that we killed her, tied her and killed her to this chair. The goon gets down to the godown. Virat is also coming and coming in. Sant Baksh says she yelled before us to leave her, but Parmeet… what she did a shot. Sant Baksh says. He says she stopped crying, breathing, pleading in a single attack. He says we’re going to kill you and send you both. Your Heer wanted justice for Gitu, Daljeet says. He says I shot Gitu first. Then he says Sant Baksh shot his father. Parmeet says that no one can trap Daljeet in a case of molestation and nobody left Virat to ruin his life. Soumya and Harman are watching CCTV cameras. Daljeet says that before death you will know the truth. He says that I had annoyed that Servant and that she wanted to ruin my future. So with my hand I killed her. He says that even your bodies are not found, as their bodies are not found. Chintu claps and says so many conversations. He asks them to do his entertainment and says he wants to hear them cry and ask Harman and Soumya to be killed. Episode end.

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