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Shakti 13th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 13th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On multidesiupdates 

Shakti 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Online Written Update on
Guru tells his friend what the virat are doing in his college. virat received soumya’s call and gave her some instructions. soumya tells harman to drive fast, she can’t let angel succeed. soumya and harman say that they will need to solve the angel’s problem, but now they need to go to hair college.


Virat tells hair that the angel sent kareena and other kinnars to reveal the truth, but they will not let that happen. she asks what he will do. they say they will do anything, but they will not let the truth come out. she says sooner or later everyone will know, so keep working. he says it doesn’t matter, but it does affect society. If they found out, they wouldn’t let him go to college. she says she will tell everyone, so the angel can stop blackmailing her. his own people have accepted him and that is what matters to him. kinnars enter college. guards try to stop him, saying that kinnars is not allowed to go there. the hair runs to them. virat follows him and pulls him back. he takes he brings her to the roof and tells her that she will not tell anyone her truth, at least not today. If she tells the truth, she will jump off the roof. she tells him to stop. he tells her to promise him that she will stay on the roof until the situation is under control. she promises to come down again.


Principal tells his cousins how he dared to enter college. kareena says she has come to thank him. he is one god. he did such a great favor to his community. the principal asked, What kindness? Clear or he will call the police. kareena says okay, she will come straight to the point. then another group led by soumya entered. soumya is ready like an kinnar. In a flashback, soumya tells harman that she is taking the incarnation of kinnar today so that hair can fulfill her dream of studying.


Soumya is standing in front of kareena and praising her. heer sees everything from the terrace. harman also come there. soumya tells kareena that she has not changed at all. kareena says that her goal is to get revenge on him and now she has hair with her. the principal asked what was happening. Is this the place for cousins to come? soumya apologized and said that he had come there due to a misunderstanding. kareena says there is no misunderstanding. soumya stared at him and warned him to leave quietly. kareena’s group panicked and retreated. kareena tells soumya to do whatever she wants. harman believes this is the right time to call the police. kareena tries to tell the truth to the principal. soumya’s group members start playing drums, so the principals can’t hear anything. virat praised soumya. Police arrive and arrest all the girls, including soumya.


Virat and guru are in the principal’s office. the principal gave him a final warning. Next time it will be rusty. he also asks virat to pay all the damages. virat says he will and asks if he can leave now. the principal says okay. guru wondered why he went in a rush. he tries to follow her, but the principal stops him.


Virat hair came. heer asks why the police came suddenly and whether soumya is ok. she could not see well in the crowd and soumya had just disappeared. virat told him that soumya had come as a friend to save him and the police arrested him. the heer gets worried.

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If you want to read previous written updates for get in touch and click here

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