Shakti 12th August 2021 Written Update


Episode starts: Virat asking Heer, where was she? Heer says I have something important to say to you. Virat says ok and goes. The inspector called Daljeet and told him that Heer had come with the girl’s father, made a sketch of him who had threatened him and told him that he would have to take action. Prito asks Sumia if she has gone mad and wants the Raavi to stay with the cheating boy. Soumya says if Raavi leaves Balwinder today, then they will lose chance to get back everything from Balwinder. She says there is a party tomorrow, you just have to work to be a good wife and be with her for a day. Raavi asks how? virat got angry at her and asked why he took this girl to PS after so much happened? Heer says gitu haven’t lied. Virat says that now you come to his words and ask what to do, open your eyes and ask what I am seeing, why you do not see. “I heard gitu and his father talking,” Heer said. Virat hit the wall and said enough. Sant Bakhsh and Parmeet came there and asked virat why he was screaming? Virat says that Heer Gitu’s chapter is reopening. Heer says that Gitu is not lying, and says that Gurwinder Di wants to tell him this. Daljeet told him not to drag Gurwinder and said that he was unconscious. Heer says that Gurwinder will tell the truth when she wakes up in the morning and says that you are guilty. Virat comes in front Daljeet and says that she has made many allegations. He says he has supported him a lot as a husband and will now support her brother. He says you are accusing him without any evidence or witness. Daljeet smiles. “I understand you’re not wrong and you’re looking at what you’ve been shown,” says Heer. She says that Gitu is wrong for you and Daljeet bhaiyya is right and says that you will repent if you trust him. Gitu and her father comes there.

Parmeet stopped them and asked why they have come here? Heer says that Daljeet bhaiyya has threatened that if he does not leave the city today night, he will be killed and that is why I have brought him here. Parameet says they will not stay here and if you are very worried about them then you can go with them. Virat asked how can you tell her to go, she is my wife. “I forgot and that’s why you’re both living in the house,” says Parmeet. “We forgot that heer are an kinnar,” she says. Gitu is shocked to hear that. Heer gets teary eyes. “We let her marry you as you wanted, but she accused your brother of raping a servant,” says Parmeet. Heer says that Kanar Bahu wants justice for Gitu and says I will go with him if you want I will go with him. “she says I bring my clothes from my room and go to the room. She looks at her picture with Virat and cries. Virat comes there. Heer says that she has kept her clothes and all necessary items of his in the cupboard etc. Virat asked why are you telling me and ask if she will leave him? Heer says she doesn’t want to get in the way of her mother and that she knows full well that justice is not done easily in this country, Tells that neither you nor I will understand, and then we will have a fight. “You know very well that I can’t live without you,” says Virat. “I can’t live without you, and I’ll be back when this fight is over,” says Heer. “But for now, let me go for Gitu’s justice,” she says. Tu hi mera Khuda plays…..She cries. You play my ditch… .. Her photo frame breaks when she walks away from it.

Imagination starts. Heer’s dupatta falls on her face. Virat came to him and grabbed his back. She runs from there and comes to the window. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Their photo frame breaks when she walks away from it. Virat looks at the broken photo frame and picks up his picture. Heer looks at him. They walk towards each other. Heer hugged him and then let go of his hand to move away from him. Imagination ends. Heer left her hand and goes outside.

Parmeet told Gitu that she did not want to listen to him. Gitu asks what is Heer Didi’s mistake. Parmeet asks her to be quiet. Heer says no one will listen to you because they think you are guilty. She says we have to go. Virat asked her to think again and said I can’t live without you. “I’ll be back when Gitu gets justice,” says Heer. She approached the sant and tried to touch his feet, apologizing to him. Sant Baksh moves back. Parmeet also backed away when Heer tried to touch her feet. Heer goes to Mata Rani and lights the lamp, asking Mata Rani to support him in the fight for justice and take care of everyone. The lamp is about to go out because of the wind. Heer runs back to hold it. Virat also holds it with her. Episode End.

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