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A constable gives a phone to Angel. Angel thinks Daljeet did his work. She then calls another kinnar, Kareena. She says you want to destroy Soumya, right? I have a way for it. Soumya as well as her so-called daughter Heer won’t be able to show their faces to anyone. Kareena recalls how she had decided to bring Soumya to kinnar’s world. She asks Angel what’s the plan. Angel tells her to send kinnars to Heer’s college and make noise there saying one of the kinnars is among them and if anyone asks for name, then say Heer. Kareena is impressed with the plan.

Virat is waiting outside the classroom. Guru and his group came out. Virat asks Guru what he wants. Guru asks will he do that? Virat says that only if he likes, otherwise he will kill him again. Guru says that he likes Heer and asks Virat not to come among them. Virat became angry and was about to stab Guru. Heer enters and prevents breakage. She then asks the guru why he lied to the professor. Why is he behind Virat? He is also a student like them. Guru says, you are taking very good care of him. He then says that he does not care about ethics, he only cares about his likes and dislikes. He likes Heer and he doesn’t like Heer . He then tells Virat to leave the college on his own, otherwise the principal will throw him out of the college. Virat says that his dream is not coming true. He tells the guru not to push his limits, otherwise he will regret it. After Virat leaves, Heer asks Guru to stop all this, but he is determined to teach Virat a lesson. Soumya is walking in a garden. She slipped. Harman comes and holds him in his arms. Her foot is injured. He forces her to sit down and asks where she was lost. She says she is not feeling well about her Heer. He tells her not to worry because Virat is with her. Heer starts getting hiccups. She drinks water, but it doesn’t help. She remembers Soumya told her once if you take name of person who is missing you, hiccups stop. She wonders who could be missing her. She sees Virat, but still hiccups don’t stop. She takes Preeto’s name, then Harman’s, but hiccups still don’t stop. It finally stops when she takes Soumya’s name. Some students bump into Virat. When Virat walks to them angrily, another student puts his foot out, making Virat fall on the ground. Virat gets angrier and tries to punch the students, but Heer nods no at him and he takes his hand back. Then Virat came to the canteen. The store owner refused, saying it was enough. Virat himself makes coffee. Heer sees it all. The angel’s phone rang. The angel threatens him that he will have to pay the price for cheating on her. The Mahi asks what she is going to do. Angel says that today everyone will know that Heer is a virgin in her college. Mahi says she will not do that. The angel tells him to stop it if possible. He comes to the Heer guru and tells him that he can’t do all this with Virat, it is wrong. Guru asks why he is so upset. She rejected her friendship, saying that she had come to study in college, and on the other hand, she was secretly talking to Virat, worried about him. What’s going on between them? Does she already know that? If so, then she too can be (Guru’s) friend, take care of him too, then he will stop bothering Virat. He raises his hand for friendship, but she walks away. He says he has been denied it. His gang members locked the door. Heer asks why they locked the door? Guru says that she will go out only when she accepts the offer of friendship. Episode ends.

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