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Read Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th September 2021 Written Update: Rana Ji Praises Simar’s Values

Mohit asking that Simar tie his turban. Simar keeps tightening it. Aarav arrives and informs Simar that she has completed the rasam of turban tying and asks her to leave because everyone is looking for her. He promises to tighten the pag. Simar nods and walks away. Mohit instructs him to tighten from the back. Aarav tries to tighten it and inquires as to whether he is hurt. Mohit says no and refers to him as Saale, then Saale Saheb and says he enjoyed meeting him. He hugs him tightly and inquires about his well-being. Yes, says Aarav. Rana ji inquires of Badi Maa as to the whereabouts of her samdhis, saying, “We heard that your bahus are from the same family, and they are sisters, and they have a brother as well; where are they?” He asks if she didn’t send the invitation to her samdhis, why she didn’t respect them, and if I can learn about her bitterness with them. Before Badi Maa could say anything, Simar says, “It’s not like that, there’s an auspicious moment in our sasural, and our parents don’t come, that’s not possible.” She says they need to go to Mathura right away and send their best wishes. She places her hand on Rana ji’s and his wife’s feet. Rana ji says your parents instilled good values in you and blesses her. She then places her hands on Gajendra’s feet. Gajendra bestows blessings on her. She then places her hand on Badi Maa’s feet. Badi Maa blesses her while keeping her hand on her shoulder. Simar is overjoyed. Sasural Simar ka performs…… Your bahus’ sanskars are so good, according to Rana ji, that we are confident the house’s daughters will be the same.

Gajendra says that our bahus and beti will transport everyone together. Badi Maa approaches Pandit ji and inquires of Rana ji whether he has any objections. No, says Rana ji. Badi Maa informs Aarav that she wishes for the engagement to take place as soon as possible. Gajendra invites the guests to join him for dinner. Reema invites Vivaan to dinner, claiming that she, too, has been hungry since the morning. Vivaan walks away, ignoring her.

Vivek calls Roma and invites her to his room. Roma walks into his room. Vivek inquires as to whether this color is appropriate for me. Roma smiles and nods. She says, “I want to talk to you,” and then adds, “Lalit.” Vivek says I chose a sherwani for him and asks if it is suitable. Lalit says Roma. Vivek orders the Servant to leave and inquires of Roma as to what transpired. Roma asks him to promise not to tell anyone and tells him that Lalit left home to look for work. She says she has hidden this for a day but doesn’t know how to hide it any longer. He says that because bhaiyya is aware of my marriage, he did this. Roma says that we must search for him. Vivek becomes enraged with Lalit and tells him that if he does not return until my wedding, he should make any excuse, and he wonders what Divya’s family will think. Roma declares that we must search for him and asks him if he will assist her. He says he has to help her, and Lalit bhaiyya hasn’t left me with any other options.

Aditi calls Gagan, thinking that if you don’t answer the phone, they will marry me off to someone else. She believes I am incapable of marrying someone else. Gagan thinks Aditi should stop. Simar enters Aditi’s room. Aditi hides the phone and tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him because he asked her to see him once. She says roka occurred, and I had an odd feeling about it. Simar says you didn’t speak to him, which is why you felt strange, and he says he told you something. Aditi says that I don’t like anyone other than Gagan. Simar refers to Gagan as his brother and advises her to first love herself in order to gain self-respect. Aditi wonders how I can be so self-centered. Simar asks her to trust Badi Maa just once because everything she does is for our benefit. She prepares soup for her. Reema arrives and asks Simar to hurry because they need to make mehendi arrangements. Simar instructs Aditi to finish the soup quickly and return for mehendi. She chooses Reema.

Rajendra informs Shobha that her behavior with Badi Maa was inappropriate. Shobha asks if you’ll say it again and expresses her dissatisfaction with handing out cards to guests. He enters the house. Shobha sits on the sofa and asks that Roma bring her water. Roma brings water and distributes it to Shobha. Shobha chastises her. Vivek arrives and inquires as to what transpired. Shobha says that once your educated wife arrives, she will not speak to Roma. She informs Vivek that your Nani has scheduled Aditi’s wedding on the same day as yours and has asked us to change the date. Vivek becomes enraged and asks, “What is Nani’s problem with my marriage, first Lalit Bhaiyya, now Nani?” He inquires as to what they desire. Shobha chastises Roma for failing to inform her about Lalit and asks if she forced Lalit to leave. The doorbell rings. Some girls come to get their mehendi done. Vivek informs them that there is no marriage taking place here and asks them to leave. Shobha and Roma both weep for Lalit.

Vivaan is exiting the balcony on the other side. Reema motions with her hands towards him. He walks away, ignoring her. Chitra approaches Reema and informs her that you have arrived late to play the bahu game and asks that she leave Vivaan. Reema casts a glance at Vivaan. Chitra says, “I came in your way, and I want to go to Vivaan.” Reema snatches the coffee cup from her grasp and tastes it, stating that it is extremely bitter. You must have heard that the more a human has to cry, the more he laughs, she says. Chitra believes Devesh has ruined her game and calls her. Devesh is still working in the studio. In his pocket, his phone rings. The police arrive at the studio and examine the blood stains. The person has gone missing, according to the inspector. They discover a cell phone and seal the studio.

Simar gets ready and wonders why girls take so long to get ready. Simar says you should wear your regular house clothes and you’ll know if you have to wear a lehenga. He says okay and looks in the mirror. He blows a whistle. She inquires as to why you are whistling. He says to be a romantic person who was the most happening in college. He explains why the room is so hot. Simar says, “I’ll turn on the air conditioner,” and then does so. Aarav grabs the remote from her grasp. Simar lands on top of him. The Mahiya song is playing….

Simar is embarrassed and moves away. He tells Simar, “Today you are praised for managing everything well and for your attitude.” Simar asks if I can’t show my attitude and says you assumed I was simple and innocent. He looks at the calendar and notices that another day has passed. Whatever happened, Simar says the days were beautiful. Aarav advises you to visit Aditi’s rasam. Simar insists that I leave right away. He asks her to wait while inserting an ear pod into her ear. He says we can stay apart but still talk and listen to each other. Simar accuses you of being naughty as well, claiming that you want to hear what the ladies are saying at the function. Aarav says that he only wants to hear what his lady says or does, and that he is not required to interact with other ladies. He says that all he wants to do is listen to his lady. She informs Aarav ji that he will be unable to attend the function. He asks if she’s challenging him, and then says he’ll meet her there and asks her to wait. She says, “All right, I’ll wait for you.” Okay, he says. She receives a phone call informing her that she must leave immediately. Palat, according to Aarav (turn). Simar turns to face him. She cracks a smile. Mahiya performs…

Reema prepares for the function while looking at Vivaan. She asks him to assist her and which bindi will look best with my outfit, red or orange. She asks that he say something. To avoid her, he puts cotton in his ears. Reema becomes depressed.

Reema and Simar later remove the cloth from the plates with mehendi leaves. Simar uses her hands to grind the mehendi, while Reema prepares the rose water. Aarav is speaking to Simar, who is smiling. Reema inquires as to what transpired. Vivaan will take it from there. Reema gives him a look. Simar inquires as to what transpired. Reema responds with a nod. Mehendi hai rachne wali performs….. Badi Maa appears and asks Chitra if she had mehendi applied before the rasam and what else she can expect from her. She asks that she not hide. She inspects the mehendi and declares it to be properly ground. She says the bride’s hand will be mehendi first, and she asks Reema and Simar to bring Aditi. She instructs Sandhya to apply the tea decoction. Reema and Simar accompany Aditi to the mehendi ceremony. The guest lady instructs Badi Maa to keep the beetal leaf on Aditi’s hand while she performs the rasam. She asks her to hold it back so she can apply mehendi to the bride’s hand. Simar is holding a mehendi bowl. Badi Maa puts mehendi on Aditi’s hand and kisses it. She believes, Aditi, that I am arranging this marriage for your own good. Episode end.

Precap: As he touches Aditi, Mohit asks if she has ever felt such warmth. Sandhya becomes enraged and slaps him hard. Badi Maa arrives and is about to slap Sandhya, but Simar stops her.

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