Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th September 2021 Written Update: Simar Ties Turban To Mohit As Per The Pag Rasam

Aditi is thinking to herself, “I’m sorry, bhabhi, I don’t have any way.” Simar examines the ripped turban cloth. Rana ji assures Badi that the work will be completed soon. Badi Maa says it is not the work, but rasam; there are some customs and beliefs that have been around for a long time, and we will do it according to our beliefs. She says that our badi bahu will bring the turban cloth. Simar believes she should not consider who did this, but rather how to make it up. Badi Maa waits for Simar and informs him that mahurat is still 5 minutes away. She asks that Aarav look into the whereabouts of that girl. Aarav enters the room. Simar considers his options. Simar, everyone is waiting for the pag rasam, where is it? Aarav knocks on the door. Chitra informs Giriraj that both Simar and Aarav are stuck, which is why she suspects something is wrong. Giriraj agrees with you and informs you that they will perform a drama. Aarav inquires about Pag’s whereabouts. Simar recalls Badi Maa’s words and asks him to leave, stating that she will return in 2 minutes. He says “just 2 minutes” and walks away. Simar shuts the door. Aarav returns to Badi Maa and informs her that she will arrive in 2 minutes. Rana ji inquires if there is any tension and if everything is fine. Nothing bad can happen in our family, according to Badi maa. Chitra tells Badi Maa that she placed responsibility in the wrong hands and that if she did something wrong, she will be unable to handle responsibility. Badi Maa stands up and says, “There is a time in mahurat; I will just return.” Aarav tries to leave. Badi Maa pulls him aside and says, “I’ll go check.” Simar picks up the needle and begins stitching the ripped turban. Badi Maa is on her way. Simar prays to Mata Rani, saying that if I don’t take the pag down, Badi Maa’s trust in me will be lost forever, and the family will be humiliated in front of the groom’s family. She begs her to save her family’s reputation and demonstrate in some way. The Mata Rani flower that falls on the chunar resembles the pag cloth. Badi Maa arrives and searches for Simar. She then notices Simar approaching with the pag. Thankfully, she says, “I thought you were going to cut my nose.” Simar says you’ve given me a big responsibility as badi bahu, and if I can’t handle it, I can’t do anything else. Badi Maa invites her to come because it is mahurat time.

Indu informs Avinash that Roma has arrived and informed her that her brother-in-law Vivek’s marriage has been finalized. She says she then spoke with Simar and learned about Aditi. She no longer sees Gagan. Avinash calls and inquires, “Do you love Aditi?” Gagan receives her call and declines it. He says that there is nothing like that, that whatever I did was to exact revenge on them, and that I later realized that I was mistaken. I apologize for putting you in this situation. Avinash says, “I will believe you, but you must also believe me and stay away from that girl,” because both of your sisters are present, and their lives will be jeopardized. Except for Simar and Reema, Gagan says I have nothing to do with anyone.

Rana ji inquires if pag rasam will be served now; it appears that it will not. Badi Maa arrives with Simar and says that today is the mahurat, so it will take place today. She asks Pandit ji if they can begin the ritual right away. Simar ties the pag around Mohit’s head and attaches the brooch. Mohit examines her waist. As Simar ties his turban, everyone applauds. Rana ji asks that Badi maa give them the opportunity to make bahu theirs by giving her shagun. Badi Maa instructs Sandhya to contact Aditi. Simar informs Sandhya that Aditi will be brought. Sandhya and Simar leave to fetch Aditi. Mohit keeps an eye on Simar as she walks away. Simar and Sandhya pay a visit to Aditi. Everyone is calling you downstairs, according to Simar. Aditi is furious and says she will tell them she loves someone else. What are you saying, Sandhya? Simar says you’re still angry, but I thought you got rid of it all by tearing the pag. Aditi appears surprised. Simar forces her to sit and tells her that if she meets that guy once, her heart might change. Aditi expresses her dissatisfaction with the marriage. Simar says that destiny did not stop this rasam, that there is nothing bigger than destiny, and that if you trust it once, something good may be written in it. She wraps her bridal dupatta around her head and carries her downstairs. Aditi is sitting next to Mohit. Rana ji says, “There, Jodi, you’re good; we’ll do the roka rasam and make your daughter ours.” He asks if we can begin the rasam. Sure, says Badi Maa. Mohit’s mother tries to give Aditi shagun. Sandhya folds her hands together. Aditi takes hold of the shagun. Mohit’s mother is overjoyed. Mohit’s father arrives and presents her with a necklace. Mohit moves closer to Aditi and tries to touch her. Aditi is taken aback. According to Rana ji, your daughter and her auspiciousness are ours. Badi Maa asks that Sandhya accompany Aditi to her room. Mohit looks at Simar as she walks and addresses her as Simar…then Bhabhi. He says that because you forced me to wear this turban, you have the legal right to tighten it. He touches her hand and asks her to tighten it from here. Simar observes. Episode end.

Precap: Mohit places his hand on Aditi’s back and asks if she has ever felt this warmth from someone else. Aditi is taken aback. Simar and Sandhya are standing nearby and are startled to hear him. Simar informs Sandhya that they must reveal Mohit in front of everyone.

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