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Read Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th September 2021 Written Update: Badi Maa Gives A Big Responsibility To Simar

Simar is keeping a diary. Aarav shows up. She asks if I can bring you some water. He says I was at home and there was no need for formality. Simar says she was writing about roka rasam to avoid making a mistake. Aarav reads and says that one mistake occurred, and that tika rasam occurs after turban rasam. According to Simar, it happens first. She motions for him to rise and says, “When you come, I will do your tilak, Aarti, and then you will be seated.” He forces her to sit. She pulls clothes from his closet and tells him, “You’ll be shagun clothes now.” She hands him over and says, “Rasam over.” He asks her to sit and pretends to apply her tilak and aarti before handing over Shagun’s clothes. He gives her clothes as well as make-up. He informs her that something is missing and says that she stand. He then wraps her dupatta around her head and says, “Mrs. Simar Oswal, our roka is finished,” and congratulates her. Simar also congratulates him. Aarav receives a call from Badi maa. Simar says we’ll talk again tomorrow. Aarav departs.

The next day, Aarav and others are busy making preparations for the roka. Vivaan inquires about Sandhya’s health. Aarav checks her temperature. Sandhya says to be fine now. Aarav says that she not work too hard. Aditi calls Gagan and thinks to herself, “Call me before it’s too late.” Sandhya arrives and tells Aditi to get ready. Aditi is adamantly opposed. Simar, according to Sandhya, will make you understand. Simar says, “I’ve taken care of everything,” and tells Sandhya not to worry. Aditi refuses to marry and declares, “I will go with every stain.” Simar says that even the moon has the stain and that we will not pass judgment on anyone. She says she’ll put on her facepack. Later, Aarav takes Simar’s hand in his. Simar inquires if you require anything. Simar inquires if he requires anything. No, he says. She smiles and walks away. Reema walks up to Vivaan and smiles. She shows him a t-shirt with the words “I Won’t Give Up” written on it. Vivaan takes it from there. Reema says, “I’m responding to your rude one-liner.” She says that I will not give up. Later, Simar looks at her as she holds the flowers. He approaches her while keeping his hand on the chandelier. Seeing them, Vivaan smiles and turns to face Reema. Reema beams. He walks away. She believes I will not give up. Sandhya takes a look around the house. Aditi is upset when she looks at her. Sandhya is also dissatisfied.

Rajendra and Shobha arrive at the Oswal Mansion. She explains to Rajendra why the house is decorated the way it is. Simar notices her and inquires, “Where is Roma di?” Shobha says she does not deserve to accompany us. Simar says that we were about to send you an invitation. If I need your invitation to come here, Shobha says. Badi Maa arrives and informs the daughters that they must be invited to her mother’s house. She inquires as to who asked her to invite. I, according to Aarav? Badi Maa chastises him. Shobha informs Vivek that his marriage has been finalized and displays the wedding invitation. She says it is very expensive, and Divya informs her that cookies will be provided with the card. Badi Maa strikes the wedding date and informs them that it is my Aditi’s wedding date and says that the date be changed. Shobha refuses to change the date and insists that my son’s wedding will take place when I decide. Your wish has been granted, according to Badi Maa. Vivaan appears and announces that the groom’s family is on their way. Badi Maa invites Simar to accompany her. She enters her room with Simar and attempts to open the cupboard door, but the key becomes twisted. Badi Maa becomes enraged and orders Simar to request that Maharaj ji contact the key maker immediately. The key slips from her grasp. Simar picks it up and places it on her feet. She asks if I want to give it a shot. She tries to straighten out the twisted key before opening the cupboard. Badi Maa is taken aback and pulls the turban cloth from the cupboard. He says it’s the Oswal family’s turban, and it’s tied during roka, which means the guy/damad is now ours, and we hope our daughter receives the same respect we do. She says that because the girl’s badi bhabhi ties the turban, you must tie the turban to him. Simar accepts it and prepares to leave. Badi Maa cautions her not to make any mistakes. Simar assures her that she will not tarnish the house’s reputation and says, “I am the bahu of the house for a few days.” Badi Maa instructs her to go and make welcome arrangements. Simar departs. Badi maa examines the keys and uses them to open the cupboard. She smiles as she is impressed by Simar.

Simar emerges from the shadows, clutching the turban cloth. Aditi observes Simar as he walks away. Simar’s dupatta becomes tangled and she untangles it. She collides with Aarav and apologizes. He compliments you on your appearance. Simar adds, “Even you.” Aarav expresses gratitude to her. Simar expresses gratitude to Aarav ji. He inquires, “Are you all right?” Simar nods and attempts to pin her dupatta. Aarav notices her and offers assistance. He says he’ll close his eyes and do it. Simar smiles and nods. He closes his eyes and pins the dupatta around her neck. Simar looks up at him as he pins her dupatta. She tells you that you can now open your eyes. He blinks open his eyes. Simar expresses gratitude. He inquires as to why you asked me to open my eyes. Simar prepares Aditi for the roka while Reema stands. Aditi has had enough. Sandhya says that no one will cast a black eye on her daughter. Aditi says that no bad sight can ever leave me now, so go see my demise. Sandhya becomes agitated. Aditi says that she leave her alone for a while. Simar says, “I’m not sure if this is right or wrong.” She walks away. Aditi examines the blade in her hand.

Rana ji arrives with his wife, mother, elder brother, and elder sister-in-law. Badi Maa inquires about the whereabouts of our Damad ji. Mohit arrives, chatting with his friends. He greets her with a hello, then says Badi Maa and touches her feet. Badi Maa blesses him and instructs him to remove his turban. He inquires as to what the issue is, stating that a black turban is fashionable. Badi Maa says that wearing a black turban is unlucky for us, and that if you remove it, you will be able to wear the ancestral turban. Simar leaves, saying, “I’ll bring the turban.” With the blade, Aditi rips the turban cloth. Sandhya performs Aarti and Mohit’s tilak and aarti. Badi Maa says that Aarav bring the turban. Simar, according to Aarav, went to get it. Badi maa invites Rana ji’s family to join them. Simar enters her room and discovers a turban cloth with multiple cuts. She is taken aback. Episode end.

Precap: Badi Maa arrives. Simar believes Badi Maa entrusted me with such a large responsibility for the first time. Aditi thinks to herself, “Sorry, bhabhi, I don’t have any other options.” Badi maa enters the house.

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