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Episode start: Vivaan tells Aarav that from your mouth he wants to hear the truth. She told me once that Aarav was trying to marry me and came here to get me. A fb is displayed where Reema tells Aarav she doesn’t love Vivaan. Aarav says I thought I could tell you that, but sometimes I couldn’t say it or you couldn’t hear it. I thought your love would change her, he says. Simar says that’s not the complete truth. Vivaan says it’s truth or lies and says he wants to know all. He says that I want to know about the girl I thought she was my future. Simar says that her heart has changed your true love. Aarav says that you deserve the best, you don’t deserve this. Vivaan says he’s not happy at all and his happiness has been snapped by betrayal. Simar says that this is not true and says that you have come to Aarav ji and take revenge on me, but the love has completely changed her. Vivaan says that I loved her, and behind my back she made fun. He said she never loved you and wanted to marry and used me. He said she never loved you. Simar is asking him to listen. Vivaan stops her. Vivaan stops her. Simar tells you that Di was angry and couldn’t see your goodness, but she loves you now. Vivaan says that stop it bhabhi, if you call this a love, and if you say that I loved it without knowing it, and that I was going to die for it, she went against my family but she played loving me and my life. He says she could have mocked me and joked about me when I had hugged her. She just used me, he says. Aarav and Simar are getting teary eyes to see him shattered and crying. He sits down. He sits down. Aarav and Simar are running towards him. He’s screaming badly. Aarav’s hand is holding on his shoulder.

And he’s going to make him stand up. He asks him to look at him and say that because of his choice your Aarav Bhai is very strong, and if you break then? He hugs and shouts at him. Vivaan cries badly, too. Simar asks Vivaan not to shake and says that she isn’t the same Reema di you’re talking about and that she has changed her. I don’t want to cry, Vivaan says.

Reema tells Devesh that, if he has dared to open a seam, he has tied the lonely girl and kept her captive. Devesh says you want to see my courage, I’m not opening the rope and I’m not showing my courage. Reema says your custom is to support stabbed people. Devesh asks her to accept his words. Reema says, please let me go from here. She hides her hair on her face. He moves her hair from her head and tells her the pictures are off her shoulder, backless, etc. Reema is asking him to leave her and is screaming Vivaan.

Simar tells Vivaan that the truth does not appear and asks them to believe her. She says I know Di made a mistake, but because of you she changed. She says Di’s not found, my heart says she’s in need and in trouble. Vivaan goes from there. Vivaan goes from there. Simar asks Aarav if he has confidence in her. I trust you, Aarav says, but not your Di. And it says that the person is worthy of trust to gain his trust. He says my brother has been betrayed by the girl and it’s good she went away, my brother gets her rid. Please Simar says Aarav ji, don’t tell my Di stuff like that. She says that I say this because she’s changed and she says that truth is another thing. Aarav’s getting upset and going.

Simar tells me why no one believes me. She thinks who she should ask now for help. Gagan calls her and asks you got the message from Di. Simar says yes, I’ve got it, but I don’t think it sent her the message. She says we will write her missing complaint in the PS and the inquiry will begin. Gagan says all right.

Roma shows the wedding card of Vivek and Divya and says that the names of all but not mine are in the card. She’s asking who I am? What’s my house status. Lalit says that I agree with you that something was wrong and asks her to bear it. As Mummy Ji, Roma says Divya insults her and says that even your brother does not respect me. He asks why are you opposed to Divya? Lalit blames her and tells him that the message Aarav has sent him. She blames him and says that you don’t work and that you just live, this man is never respected. Now she says, I say that for the last right, search for the job, I don’t know how? She says I’ll leave this house to my Maa’s house forever if you don’t search for a job. Lalit gets furious, and thinks what she said was wrong? He believes Roma is right, I don’t work, I don’t earn money, I don’t have an identity, I don’t respect it. He says that I am responsible for your disrespect and believes that both of them are respected.

Vivaan drinks wine and thinks of Reema’s marriage. He remembers Chitra showing him the confessions of Reema and the words of Aarav. He finishes and throws the bottles. He will throw another bottle, but Aarav will come and hold his hand. He tells you what happened, get up and ask if you’re going to punish yourself. Vivaan says Reema was stranger, but you were mine, you kept me in the dark and saw it all silently. When she came to you, he says she wants to marry you why you didn’t tell me she doesn’t love me and uses me. He tells me why you didn’t tell me she’s betrayal. Aarav says I wanted to tell you, but you couldn’t understand and I think I’d tell you, if your pain were less. For his pain, he blames himself. Simar thinks Dewar can’t stop his tears, and believes that Mata Rani will help me to search Di, please.

Precap: Simar says it’s good that you found this place and you’re asking where it is? Gagan says a photo studio nearby. Police are coming to the studio of Devesh. Reema is trying to run, but Devesh’s mouth is holding hand and binding her again. Simar is coming close to Devesh. Reema calls her. Reema calls her. Simar’s turning to see her.

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