Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode Start: Gagan thanking Reema for helping him. She says she is out there specially for him today, and wishes him happy rakhi. She says she couldn’t meet him today. Gagan says i’m with you and Simar always, and says neither I have rakhi nor I could give you gift. Reema says the way you made Gitanjali Devi danced on your tune, this is the best gift which you’ll give to me. She asks him to hurry up and leave from there. Aarav and Simar are in the car. Simar hopes Gagan shall not do anything wrong now. She says I hope Bhai and Aditi are fine. Aarav says I hope they did not cross the line and make both families ashamed. Simar gets tensed. Gagan tells Gajendra if this girl does anything wrong then don’t know what will happen. Gajendra says we will reach soon and says he will not leave him. Badi Maa asks him to hurry up. Gagan knocks on the bathroom and asks Aditi to come out. Aditi comes out and says we shall stay here for a day, and shall celebrate our union. He says no chance, if they are come here, then will not let our union happen here. She says even you want this. Gagan says don’t tempt me and smiles.

Aditi asks him to lift her in his arms and choose a dress for her. He says ok. Just then Simar comes there and gets shocked seeing Aditi in Gagan’s arms. Aarav comes there behind Simar and gets angry seeing Aditi in his arms. He looks angrily. Aditi gets down. Jogi tells Yamini that Aarav and Simar have reached here. Yamini asks him to keep eye on them and help the kids if needed, says Gitanjali Devi must be coming. Aditi runs to the bathroom to change her clothes. Simar runs behind her and asks how can you do that mistake, even after knowing everything. She says did you know that everyone in the house is worried about you. Aarav slaps Gagan and asks him how dare you to the touch my sister. Gagan shouts at him. Aditi comes there. Aarav gets more angry and is about to slap her. Simar stops him from slapping her, holding his hand. Gagan gets up. Aarav asks Aditi to see what she has done, the hands on which you have tied rakhi, is forced to raise hand on you. He asks her to go and wear her dress, Otherwise, he will be forced to raise his hand. Aditi goes to change her dress.

Simar tells Gagan that this way is wrong and looks at the mangalsutra kept there. He asks if they got…..Gagan is silent. Aarav raises hand on Gagan, but he stops him. Simar asks Gagan to answer and asks if you married Aditi. Aarav asks him to say. Aditi comes wearing the usual clothes and tells that we’ll soon marry. She says they have done true love and if Badi Maa doesn’t agree for their marriage then she will die. She pleads infront of Aarav to leave them and to not take her home. She sits and cries. She finds rakhi on the floor, fallen from Aarav’s pocket and gives him swear to give her love. Aarav says i might try and help you and try to understand you, but can’t ignore the fact that you have done a wrong thing, which can’t be forgiven. Aditi says if it’s difficult but not impossible. She says she will die and will not return home alive. Aarav asks Aditi to come back. Simar says the circumstances are delicate and tells that we shall handle. i’ll ask Aditi, she goes behind her. Aarav holds Gagan’s collar and says how dare you to bring my sister here. He says i was silent as Simar was here, as if I told you something then she would have got hurt. She is different from you. He says you have done a mistake by touching my sister. Gagan asks if he got angry and asks him to think how a brother might have thought whose sisters are humiliated in her sasural and my Papa was dragged and humiliated by the Police. He says this is their karma and that they are punished for their doings.

Aditi runs out of the hotel. Simar asks her to stop. Aditi stops seeing Badi Maa’s car coming. Simar is far behind her and she also looks shocked. Gajendra stops the car. Aditi and Simar are shocked. Gajendra gets down holding the gun. Badi Maa fires in air holding the big gun. Simar is shocked and thinks they have come to take Bhai’s life. Aarav takes Gagan to the terrace and beats him. He says whatever you have done for my sister, is nothing to do with the family and says you’re a cheap guy. He stamps his feet on him. Gagan hits Aarav and says your Badi Maa is bad and can do anything and can kill anyone to satisfy her ego. He asks him to take his life, if he has dare to do this. they have a big fight. They continue to beat each other.

Gajendra comes to Aditi and slaps her hard. Aditi falls down on the ground. Jogi calls Yamini and tells her that Gitanjali Devi came here along with her sons, and says Kayamath is about to come. Yamini asks him to protect Gagan and Aditi. Simar runs inside to tell Aarav. Aarav and Gagan are still fighting. Aarav says Gagan, today i will take your life. Simar comes there and sees Aarav about to hit him along with his leg. She shouts asking Aarav to stop and tells that Badi Maa came and asks him to go and save Aditi, as she is along with her. Aarav goes from there. Simar asks Gagan if he’s fine? Giriraj asks Gajendra to come and show his value to that guy. Aditi holds Gajendra’s feet and asks him to not punish Gagan, instead punish her, and says she can’t live without him. Gajendra goes inside with Giriraj. Badi Maa looks at Aditi angrily. Aditi shouts asking them to stop.

Simar takes Gagan to the room and asks what did you are doing Bhai? Such a bad thing and says what was Aditi’s mistake. She asks if Maa and Papa taught them to take revenge and says they have always taught them to forgive others. She says they have guns in their hands. My brother’s life is in danger. She hears someone coming and takes Gagan to the window to hide. Inspector comes inside with constables and leaves from there. Simar says did you see that they came here to search you. Gagan says i’m ready to get punished. Simar asks if Maa and Papa are ready to bear this trauma, that their son has done …..She asks why did you are doing this? Gagan asks her to go and says you’ll be accused of making us elope. Simar says they have already accused me for helping you to elope. She says my brother isn’t bad and requests him to apologize to Badi Maa. She makes him sit and ties rakhi to his hand. She says i want your freedom as the gift in exchange of this rakhi and asks him to apologize to Badi Maa.

Aditi tells Badi Maa that she can’t do that with her. She says we are adults and love each other, and haven’t done stealing in your Oswal Mansion. She says i love Gagan and he loves me too. Badi Maa aims gun at her. Aditi says everyone is afraid of you and says you hate love and that i love it. She says you’re doing the same thing which you have done with Vivaan. She says i’m not scared and asks her to shoot her. Badi Maa shoots in air and says it’s your good destiny that you are Oswal and that i will not shoot at Oswals. She says Narayan’s son will be killed. She asks Constable to take the girl and lock her in the car. Aditi says no. Badi Maa says you didn’t know what a big crime you have done. Vivaan calls Aarav. Aarav tells that they found Aditi and Gagan, but Badi Maa, Papa and Chacha have also come here. He says they’re very angry. Vivaan says they shall not harm Gagan in anger and take law in their hands. He asks Aarav to safe Gagan. Aarav asks him to pray.

Reema goes to the temple and prays to Mata Rani to protect her brother. She says nothing shall happen to my Gagan. Gagan says in what situation you’re putting me, for the people who has ruined us. Simar says this way is wrong Bhai and gives him swear of the rakhi, and says i want you to apologize to them. Gagan recalls his father’s humiliation and refuses. He says i’ll never bend down infront of that arrogant woman and her family. Aarav stops Gajendra and Giriraj and says Aditi is safe and everything is in our control. Gajendra says we have seen how much safe she is. He says he will not leave Gagan. Badi Maa comes there and tells that she will kill Gagan. Aarav asks Badi to kill him and walk on his body to reach Gagan. Gajendra says you would like to protect that guy who ruined our respect and asks him to move from his way, and gives his swear. Aarav is shocked and moves faraway from their way. Gajendra, Badi Maa, Giriraj, Bhairav along with Police walk towards the room.

Aditi pushes the lady constables and run inside the hotel. Gagan keeps money in Simar’s hand and says it’s less, but. He says i’m sorry Simar, I can’t give what are you asking me to give. Aditi comes to Aarav and asks him to stop them from harming Gagan. Simar and Gagan are within the hotel. Gagan says you’re the little sister who blesses her elder brother and asks if she will not bless him. He asks if i’m so bad. Simar keeps hand on his head and says Mata Rani shall protect you Bhai. She hugs him. Badi Maa, Gajendra and others come there and shoot. Episode End.

Precap: Badi Maa and Gajendra shoot in air just as they enter the room. Aarav and Aditi come there and looks shocked.

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