Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 7th August 2021 Written Update


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya Today Episode Written Online

Kanak wets desai family and their generally tend. Chetan asks in which will they live now. Hema says she already advised to shift to her parent’s house. Anant says they will shift to his friend’s house. Bapuji says he will not cross away from his house and could die right here itself. His health deteriorates and he collapses. Circle of relatives rushes to him, and baa asks sapan if bapuji is nice.

Sapan checks him and says his sugar levels shot up because of strain, his bp increased and his coronary heart is affected, so in this case, they should shift him interior residence or somewhere else. Baa blames gehna once more for bapuji’s circumstance observed via others. Gehna says she can now not allow bapuji stay here and goes interior residence. Kanak yells why did she come here. Gehna says to get lower back the residence for her family and requests to allow the family live here and she or he will do whatever in go back. Kanak asks if she will be able to do whatever in go back. Gehna says yes. Kanak maintains her lengthy dialogues and yelling and asks her to convey hot water from range and soak her ft in it.

Hema waiting out of doors yells on gehna that she have to have argued with kanak and kanak in return scolded her and did now not agree to allow them to live interior house. Anant says she changed into kanak’s high-quality pal, then why didn’t she go in instead of badmouthing approximately gehna, he’s concerned wondering what is taking place inner. Gehna tries to lift warm water utensil with bare palms and stop feeling her hands burning. Kanak scoffs her. Gehna lifts utensils writhing in ache and fills a bath to soak kanak’s ft in it. Kanak touches her hands and asks if her hands are burning or her coronary heart, she wishes both. Gehna pleads again to allow the circle of relatives in. Kanak says she can call them in, however they must grow to be her servants and do some thing she says. Gehna pleads that she will do whatever she orders, but have to spare circle of relatives. Kanak gets adamant.

Gehna returns to own family and informs what kanak said and convinces them that they need to input the house first and try and take hold of the residence returned from kanak. Baa says kanak is sensible and can’t be fooled without difficulty. Anant says gehna is right as kanak will now not let them near her house once more if they go from here, so that they need to get in first after which assume the way to get back their house. They all agree. Gehna selections an utensil and writhes in ache. Anant asks if she is great. She says sure and walks away.

Kanak reminisces desai circle of relatives punishing her for her mistake and kicking her out of house and thinks she will be able to hassle them like they stricken her. Desai own family walks in. Kanak begins her long heavy dialogues and orders praful to carry groceries, pankaj and chetan to cook, hema to clean the residence, hiral to iron the garments, sapan to dirt fixtures, bapuji to relaxation as he is vintage and ill and baa to take care of bapuji and help hema whilst free, anant to clean utensils, and hema to be her personal servant and press her ft. All of them agree. She thinks she can revel in the drama to the middle as she is both the maker and target audience of the drama. Bapuji feels helpless. Baa consoles up.

Precap: gehna informs anant that kanak is selling their residence, so they will purchase it. Anant says they don’t have cash. She says even kanak didn’t supply them money, they may use kanak’s method on kanak.

Update credit to: Nimra

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