Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 25th September 2021 Written Update


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Hema and Tia walk into Gehna’s room and discover her unconscious on the floor. They were concerned enough to sprinkle water on her face and wake her up. Gehna asks where her wedding gown is and recalls Radhika stopping her and asking if she will remarry Anant; she succeeded the first time but cannot this time; Anant is her love and she will not allow Gehna to marry him. Gehna says she is powerless to intervene because her and Anant’s wedding is today. Radhika snorts her chloroform, knocking her out. Gehna panics after seeing a flashback in which Radhika marries Anant. Tia says Radhika couldn’t because Anant saw her hand and recognized her; Anant now loves Gehna. Anant inquires of Radhika as to why she stooped so low. Radhika says Gehna ruined her life by marrying her. Anant admits proudly that he now loves Gehna and that it’s a good thing he didn’t marry Radhika. Tia and Hema depose Gehna as bride. Anant inquires as to her well-being. Radhika is confronted by Baa, who warns her to leave her house or she will see her different face. Gehna tells her to calm down after Radhika shows her true face and fails. Baa praises Gehna for forgiving even her enemy; no one can love better than Gehna, and she is the best life partner for Anant; she is a thread in her house that holds every family member together. She asks Radhika to leave the house again if she is embarrassed.

Hema inquires whether she will let Radhika go unpunished. Anant tells Radhika that he will marry Gehna, then walks into the mandap while holding Gehna’s hand and asks Pandit to stand mantra. Pandit requests that they exchange garlands. Radhika, according to Hema, broke the garland. According to Gehna, marriage can take place without the use of a garland. Anant declares that he will marry her with full rituals and will bring garland himself. Paresh instructs Chetan and Pankaj to bring garlands. Anant has stated that he will. Muhurat, according to Bapuji, will pass. According to Anant, there is no muhurat for a love relationship. Krishna is with him. Anant notices numerous missed calls from the police station and an unknown number while driving. He gets out of the car and asks Krishna to bring him a garland while he finishes some unfinished business. He then calls the inspector, who informs him that Professor Kumar has escaped and that he should be cautious.

The family is waiting for Anant to bring the garland. Gehna becomes agitated when he recalls multiple abshagun/unlucky events. Anant receives a call from Kumar, who instructs him to complete his work before taking pheras. Anant yells at him. Kumar threatens to blow up Mandap and kill his entire family if he does not complete his work. Anant yellsagian. Kumar says he should go search for bombs, shows a bomb remote, and threatens to kill his family if he doesn’t do his job. Anant becomes concerned about his family’s safety and returns to the wedding venue. He discovers Gehna’s dupatta on his bike and realizes Gehna has overheard his conversation and is on his way to meet Kumar. Gehna and Kumar cross paths. Anant believes Gehna went to look for him, overheard his conversation, and decided to meet Kumar. He sobs, wondering why she took his problem on herself; he will not let anything happen to her or his family.

Kumar points a gun at Gehna and says that Anant didn’t understand him and thus sent her here before going to the police station. Gehna says she came here on her own. Kumar says she and her husband will pay for their acts, then shows him the bomb remote and asks him to press a button. Gehna begs you to kill her and spare her family; she didn’t bring police with her and came here to finish his task instead of Anant on one condition. He inquires about her health. She says she needs assurances that he will not harm her family or Anant, or she will jeopardize his work. His aide blindfolds her and tells her she must accompany them wherever they go. Episode end.

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