Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Radhika Kidnaps Kanak

Episode Start: Baa gets worried for Gehna. Hiral consoles her. Anant lifts Gehna home and makes her sit on sofa. Sapan removes thorns from Gehna’s injured foot. Gehna writhes in pain. Anant holds her hand and calms her down. Gehna reminisces Anant holding rescuing her when she falls from a tree. Anant scolds her for risking her life for his certificates. Gehna says this job is his dream and she couldn’t let it shatter. Radhika returns home smirking. Anant says nobody’s dream will shatter this time, sends Gehna to her room with Hema and Hiral, drags Radhika to a room, and shouts why she is troubling them and tried to kill Gehna. Radhika asks who asked Gehna to show stunts for certificates and risk her life. Anant continues shouting. Radhika says he left her for Gehna and this time she will punish Gehna and his whole family.

Gehna knocks door and requests Anant to open the door. Anant opens door and comes out. Gehna asks him to attend job interview. Anant says its too late as interview time has passed. Gehna asks him to try once and convince for next interview. Anant calls interviewers and informs that they are still in office and are calling him for interview, but he cannot go leaving Gehna in this condition. Gehna says wherever he goes, her best wishes are with him. Baa asks him to go as family is there to take care of Gehna. Radhika asks him to go and says he may get a bad news at interview, but may get a bad news here. Anant leaves for interview and thinks what is Radhika up to.

Gehna prays god for Anant’s job interview. Hema thinks Gehna can chat with her instead of murmuring herself. Radhika messages Kanak to meet her. Kanak seeing Hema with her says she heard a sound outside and takes her out, then says maybe peda/sweet fell down. Hema happily runs searching peda. Pankaj follows Kanak and bends down to pick Kanak’s thrown stone, he doesn’t find Kanak when he gets up. Kanak reaches Radhika’s room and offers friendship to take revenge from Desais. Radhika agrees and shakes hand. Kanak widens her eyes and sees a needle pricked in her hand and collapses. Radhika smirks remembering pricking hypnotic medicine laced needle in Kanak’s hand and thinks she will finish her task before Anant returns home.

Anant while driving car for interview remembers Gehna’s sacrifice and love for him. Gehna hears Kanak calling her and rushes out. Hema informs her that Kanak is missing. Whole family gathers. Radhika walks down informing NGO lady over phone that Kanak is missing. Gehna requests her to inform where Kanak is. Radhika reminds her promise to protect Kanak until Anant returns and asks to search Kanak soon. Gehna thinks what Radhika must have done with Kanak. Anant waiting for interview feels something is wrong and thinks of calling Gehna and finding out if everything is alright at home. Receptionist informs him that interviewers are calling him. He walks into interviewers’ room. Interview asks why is he late for interview. Anant says due to a genuine reason and gives them his certificate. Interviewers check, and one of them asks when he is highly qualified, why he wants to take a risky job. He remembers Gehna’s words and says they always wanted to serve the nation. Interviewers ask who is another one.

Family searches Kanak and doesn’t find her anywhere. Gehna enters Radhika’s bathroom and hears Kanak’s voice coming from under washbasin doors, thinks its her imagination and walks out of room. Family gets worried for Kanak. On the other side, interviewers ask Anant to describe an incident where he handled the situation well. He remembers Gehna handling the situation. Interviewers ask if he has any other person with him for this secret mission. He says after marriage, his wife is his partner and encouraged him to pursue his passion, so he came here to give his 1000% person and will promise that he will keep his mission secret and will not reveal it to anyone.

Precap: Voiceover says big problems will barge on Desai family in the upcoming 7 days. Baa with Gehna prays god to keep her family away from all the problems. Bapuji and others tie Rakhi to Gehna saying she is their protector. Episode End.

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