Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Anant And Gehna’s Wedding?

Gehna receives a festival dress and jewelry from Baa. There is no festival today, so Gehna wonders if it’s for her. Bapuji says it’s a wedding and recalls telling Anant about his and Gehna’s remarriage and planning a surprise for Gehna, adding that he has organized his friend’s son’s wedding in their home. Gehna thinks this lehanga is a bridal lehanga. Tia claims it is. Anant attempts to speak. Paresh removes him. Gehna inquires as to why she stated that it is a bridal lehanga. Tia advises her to prepare for the wedding as if she were a bride. Baa claims they are visiting close friends for the first time with her and should treat them as if they were a bride. Radhika wonders why they want Gehna to dress as a bride. Anant becomes excited to tell Gehna about their wedding, but Paresh stops him.

Radha looks at her dress and jewelry and smiles, thinking she needs to get ready like a bride because their house is already decorated for the wedding. The Desai family decorates the house and installs a mandap in the living room. Radhika looks for Kanak and drags Hema to the snack plates. Hema is tempted by the snacks and asks if she can have them. Radhika says yes, and when she’s about to say anything else, it stops her and asks who’s wedding is taking place here. Hema says she will notify her once she has finished her snacks. Radhika is adamant about knowing who is getting married. Hema says she doesn’t know much about Bapuji’s friendship wedding and thanks her for the snacks. Radhika is enraged. Gehna walks down the hall and, seeing Baa checking the pooja item list, declares that she knows whose wedding it is, expecting Baa to reveal it. Baa claims that everyone knows and invites her to try her lehanga. Gehna walks away perplexed.

Paresh notices Radhika passing by and asks that she decorate the house with flowers. Sagar summons her. She is furious at him for concealing a terrorist at the Desai residence. He reveals that she is decorating Anant and Gehna’s house with Desai House. Gehna becomes concerned after dropping Sindhoor while trying on a bridal veil. Radhika becomes envious and vows to thwart Gehna and Anant’s wedding. Hiral and Tia decorate Gehna’s hands with mehandi. Gehna questions Baa about why they are applying mehandi to her like a bride. Baa claims to be a bride. Everyone warns her. She claims to be referring to a shagun mehandi. Radhika joins them on stage. Anant enters and combs through Gehna’s drooping hair tresses. In the background, a romantic song is playing. Krishna summons drummers. On music, the family dances. Gehna, engrossed in her happiness, continues to dance, while her family comes to a halt and gazes at her. Radhika is envious of Anant’s attention being drawn to Gehna. Tia alerts Anant and inquires about Gehna’s dancing ability. Anant is embarrassed because everyone is smiling at him.

Krishna asks that the drummers play music once more. Radhika, who is jealous, pushes Hema and forces her to ruin Gehna’s mehandi. Gehna apologizes to Hema for ruining her mehandi. Gehna asks if she’s okay and says she’ll apply mehandi again. Bapuji disperses the family to prepare for the upcoming function. Hema confronts Radhika for purposefully pushing her. Radhika inquires if she, too, wished to spoil Gehna’s mehandi. Hema becomes enraged. The family prepares for the wedding. Gehna dresses up as a bride and avoids looking in the mirror. Anant walks in. She inquires as to when he arrived. He says that when she was feeling shy, she looked in the mirror and said she looked very beautiful like a bride; if it was her wedding, what would she wish from her husband? She claims that it is not her wedding. He is adamant. She expresses her desire for her groom to arrive on a stylish motorcycle and whisk her away. He says he has some work and then departs. Hiral walks in and asks Gehna if she is ready yet. Gehna claims that all that is left are bangles. Hiral lifts, slips, and drops bangles. Gehna has her in her grip. Hiral says it’s an abshagun; I’m not sure what new problem awaits their family.

Precap: Anant refuses to marry Gehna. Paresh and others wonder why, if it was his wish to marry Gehna, he is now denying it. Anant claims he said no previously and continues to do so.

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